The real way to lose is to grow addicted to fear – and other thoughts from the manosphere – part 1 of 2

Originally published 2014 Feb 05:

In the context of alternative media sources such as Alex Jones, EK wrote:

By telling these people ‘econ collapse! obama is a muslim! etc etc’ you get caught up on these sideline stories, all to distract you and make you ADDICTED TO FEAR. … The real way we ‘lose’ though is to be endlessly concerned, that is where they want you.  When you are scared you can be controlled.


That thought formed an interesting frame for some other comments and plans for action from the manosphere.

First off, getting addicted to or some other doomsaying site has good and bad aspects. It’s great that you’re broadening your horizons, but you have better things to do with your life than to check for updates every five minutes, then immerse yourself in whatever fringe website links to.

So perhaps citizen journalism (with a free blog, or perhaps with your own web domain, if you’re rolling in renmimbi) is that answer?

Dampier argues that it isn’t, and he suggests making gangs of men:


  • Prevents us from becoming overly intellectual.

  • Gives noneggheads something to do besides hang out on Twitter and blogging

  • Generates social capital (™)

  • Enforces minimum standards of intellect and character.


  • Rebuild the evil patriarchy

  • Create an entity that can raise funds, show traction, growth, etc.

  • Makes local political takeovers far easier. Small trusted networks can perform quiet, slow-motion subversions at a far lower cost with less reliance on public relations.


  • But I just wanna blog a lot.

    • Then you’re attempting to compete with your enemy in the same domain in which they have overpowering advantages.

    • Then you will lead by example to get more people to write and tweet. While nice, this has limitations. The marginal benefit of one more part time blogger is low.

  • I’m too fat to pass a fitness test.

    • Go fix that.

  • None of us live close enough together to start a club.

    • Start online or partially online. Keep splitting and sorting until it’s possible.

  • What do you do when a cell or sect becomes overly heretical?

    • Then we’ll have to create an Inquisition.

  • He writes well, and it’s a snappy idea, but it doesn’t fit my needs, for numerous reasons. I wish him the best of luck with his Carlyle Club. I had considered a similar idea back in 2012, when Freedom Twenty-Five wrote about it:

    Getting the Gang Back Together

    It’s very easy rattle off a list of requirements, such as “physical fitness test” and set up potential complaints (“I’m too fat”) and proposed answers (“Go fix that.”). It’s considerably harder to look your half-dozen potential participants in the eye and tell them that they have to pay dues, and they have to follow your orders. And then, at the next meeting, when you accept dues from the one participant who’s willing to pay and a half-hearted excuse from the other participant, who isn’t willing to pay, you begin to wonder whether you would have kept the other four if you had been more welcoming.

    So far as I can tell, neoreaction doesn’t have a groundswell of volunteers who need to be managed. It’s hard to motivate a body of enthusiasts for any cause.

    Forming a gang sounds great. Making it happen takes a lot of willpower, a lot of commitment, and a lot of pain. We’ll have to reserve judgement and wait and see how many gangs actually get formed.

    In this context, note that I use “gang” to mean “a group of men anywhere in size from fire team to platoon” and “tribe” to mean “a community of males and females that can survive and breed children.” My usage of these terms does not match that of “Runs on magic.”

    I disagree with “Runs on magic” on just about every topic, but it’s worthwhile to note his opinion in this connection.

    Assemble a crew. Get a physical space. Collect dues. Develop a culture. Be excellent at something. Don’t think about it too much. Take action.

    Based on his plan, tribe doesn’t have to look like his does (though his looks pretty awesome). A church, martial arts dojo, niche restaurant, or startup company, all have tribal elements.

    If ROK writers had a physical meeting space, we’d qualify as a tribe. We pay dues in words, make money in pageviews, and have a domain and culture.

    I think his terminology is very loose. It’s relatively easy to get an online team of writers who are willing to commit blogging labor. That’s very different from assembling a group of people who are willing to meet in person and work toward common goals in meatspace.

    You should read all of what Doctor Phi wrote at

    But to give you an outline:

    I have come to believe, late in life, that the reason for having a Decalogue is that, while the obligation to uphold it falls on the individual, the benefits of doing so are realized by the group. Murder and theft are suboptimum relational constructs for society at large, but I wouldn’t deny, independent of society’s willingness and ability to punish them, that individuals within a society can’t improve their relative position by participating in theft and murder. That, in my mind, is why we need the commandments.

    So why should adultery (by which I mean any extramarital sexual activity) be any different? Yes, it leave society much the worse, but can any individual illicitly accrue social benefit thereby? The answer, I believe, is sexually dimorphic: for men, the answer is clearly yes; for women, the answer is mixed, as a matter of biology and sociology. Absent any religious commitments, I can’t think of any reason to recommend to a man that he should do otherwise than calculate the cost-benefit ratios and proceed accordingly. As I have written before from my own bitter experience, there are few points for chaste males even within the church, and probably none in the larger society.

    Rex Patriarch wants us to be alert for smear campaigns against the dead.

    Any one of us in the Manosphere, a blogger or a reader, can end up dead at a crime scene with an AR15 or some other evil bad assault weapon forced into his hands. It will be said so and so was part of a hate movement and that is what motivated him. If only this crazy hater didn’t have a weapon, access to the internet… yadda, yadda, yadda.

    Our CIC has just come out and said he will whip out his pen to ban guns with or without Congress. All he needs now is another incident to make that happen. School shootings are getting a little obvious so they may try a new angle that would really get the media hens cackling.

    I have thought about this for a long time but didn’t want to bring up the subject because I didn’t want to give anyone involved in black ops any ideas. Oh well, they have probably thought of it already since some of your blogs have been blocked on certain tax funded servers, that’s all I’m going to say.

    Time to wake up guys.

    Every time I think something wont go that far it does and even farther. If my blog gets hijacked and some weird manifesto gets posted on it or on some other page of mine calling for the death of feminism or something along those lines please understand that it wasn’t me.

    You guys are smart enough to tell the difference anyway.

    I also need you to understand that I don’t have any inside information or have been contacted by anyone. This is just an insurance policy against any contingency based on my observations. If I point this out in advance it makes me less of a target of opportunity in the future.

    Masculine By Design wrote about the problem of passive-aggressive behavior and how misguided churchianity can aggravate it.

    Gaikokumaniakku wrote:

    I think the issue … is – “How easy would it be to sin in real life by imitating the fiction we see?”

    Ex-Army contributed still more wisdom from Karol Traven. Who the heck is Karol Traven?

    Marcus D has noted two trends:

    Firstly: I’ve noticed that virgin women (but not men) are inclined to call the opposite sex’s insistence on virginity a “creepy virginity fetish” (or something along those lines – including references to the Madonna/whore complex [though, in reality, almost entirely inapplicable to virgin men]) and to refuse to date such men (usually accompanied with personal attacks, and the like).

    Secondly: another trend I’ve noticed is the outright (or near outright) refusal to disclose any sexual history whatsoever (even if it does pose significant health risks, and even if it is exemplary [i.e. no sexual experience at all]), almost exclusively on the part of women (or, in advice directed towards them, by older men and women).

    Women under-report their sexual experience. If David Byrne were here, he would add, “Same as it ever was.”

    Mitch is jaded:

    So much so that given a cute girl that’s not fat, it still takes some effort on her part to get me to lay her. This manifested itself last night when a completely cute girl, having to work the next day wanted me to have sex with her on short notice. I jumped in the bed, took my clothes off and when she came into the room said, “I just figured you’d bend me over and take me, most guys pop up when a woman says she’s ready.”

    Really? I got myself out of there in a hurry.

    This got me to thinking about the average guy which I don’t do much considering that I refuse to surround myself with these type of people. But, after a day of thinking about it, there’s a bit of sense about what she said.

    Most guys have so little experience with women in a sexual way that when one presents themselves that way, a boner is inevitable and even if it doesn’t last long, at least he got his tumescence wet. Well, I’m not that type of guy.

    John Heckathorn provided an example of USA style.

    I respond with an example of Asian style.


    Also, on the same site, don’t miss a syndication of the latest from William S. Lind:

    The View From Olympus 22: His Majesty’s Birthday

    Robert Lindsay wrote:

    The gruesome facts: I live on about $11-12,000/yr. There is no need to go into details about why that is, but that’s the truth. It barely pays my bills. You, on the other hand, are rich and you read the blog for free. That’s why contributing is good for soul, body and even skin. And it will help build a strong body 12 different ways. And you are contributing to the research that powers this blog, probably the top Bigfoot reporting on Earth along with so many other brilliant and scintillating topics they will make your head spin. I mean, it’s not highbrow, it’s beyond highbrow. And so are you. So fork it over folks.

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