I claim that the destruction of human trafficking takes priority over ethnic nationalism (and I link to the full text of an important book)

I’m going to put some Don Quixote-themed tunes at the top, because this post is going to be quixotic (extremely idealistic; unrealistic and impractical) from start to finish.

In reply to BMan.

who wrote:

I wish my blog was still up

My response was:

So do I. However, I can barely summon the effort to post once a week here, thus I did not take the time to archive all your posts when they were still up.

B’Man further wrote:

he [President Trump] is totally owned by the jew

My initial response seemed inadequate, and so I felt obliged to expand on it as follows:

That is a reasonable line of research. Many forum users already agree with you.

If I thought that POTUS was just another politician, I would not be very hopeful, but I would still be happy that Hillary was not in office. However, I will put on a tinfoil hat and reiterate that I believe Pizzagate is a real revelation of human trafficking. For that matter, I believe Q team is working closely with POTUS. I can only imagine the human traffickers getting indicted, convicted, and punished if POTUS and Q prevail. I regard punishment of human traffickers as more important than ethnic nationalism, and thus I hope and pray that POTUS will capture and punish the traffickers.

I recognize that non-Jewish white people may suffer horribly if they fail to embrace ethnic nationalism. I recognize that non-Jewish white people may be driven to extinction. However, just as a warrior might walk into battle knowing that the odds are against his personal survival, the white race might prioritize the extirpation of human trafficking over racial survival.

Now, if you are a white person with legitimate grievances regarding what has happened to whites over the past several hundred years – well, I don’t have a message of hope for you. Q team has never written anything to suggest that they endorse any kind of racial separatism or ethnic nationalism. Even if Q and POTUS prevail, they want whites to embrace blacks, Hispanics, and every other non-white group.

The original Founders of the USA seem to have regarded Jews as white. Thus, when they endorsed citizenship for whites (whereas each Indian was considered three-fifths of a person) they endorsed full citizenship for Jews. The Founders apparently believed that Jews were compatible with their vision of civic nationalism.

Before proceeding further, let us recall that some Jews have made considerable sacrifices to speak out against the abuses of Judaism.

1. Seymour Hersh gave up on personal monetary gain to expose wrongdoing in high places.

2. Andrew Breitbart got killed for exposing the Podestas.

3. Seth Rich apparently got killed for trying to expose wrongdoing.

4. Benjamin Freedman stood against Zionism:

5. Norman Finkelstein sought to speak truth to power:

6. Israel Shahak wrote important books accusing Israel (and the international Jewish community) of wrongdoing.

7. Neturei Karta protest Zionism as a perversion of the Jewish religion.

8. Ron Unz runs a thought-provoking website, http://www.unz.com/, with comment sections dominated by criticisms of Jewish abuses.

Many Jews are currently in positions of power. It remains to be seen whether the Jews who are in power will use their positions to protest Zionism’s perversion of Judaism.

It remains to be seen which Jews will sacrifice their personal self-interest and their racial interests. Many key officials in the current USA Federal administration are Jewish. Apologists such as Jordan Peterson claim that Jews attain positions of wealth and influence because they are clever, diligent, and law-abiding. If the Jews in the Federal government fail to destroy human trafficking, it will be difficult for anyone to believe Jordan Peterson’s claim.

Even if Jordan Peterson is proven wrong, however, a few Jews have indisputably fought the good fight. Israel Shahak is the Jew that I admire the most. As of this writing, the full text of his most important work appears to be accessible at archive.org:


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1 Response to I claim that the destruction of human trafficking takes priority over ethnic nationalism (and I link to the full text of an important book)

  1. BMan says:

    I wonder if there have ever been jews that go along to get along? Have there ever been any that play the foil against the setup?

    I see a list of 8 names (some dead). I wonder how many others actively seek my destruction?

    I have no doubt that every aspect of Trump’s life is dominated by jews. To me, this means there is no way he is going to do anything EXCEPT cater to the jew.

    IF (a BIG if) anything positive comes for white people against the obvious genocide agenda by Trump’s actions, it will either be calculated for a short cool off or totally convenient to the jew goal. In the long run, whites rule.

    I don’t really think early Americans were as accepting of jews as whites as you elude. Was there a politician or two who sucked them off? Surely.

    Jordan Peterson is another who caters and covers for the jew. In my estimation, worthless.

    Anyone who embraces and/or caters to the jews’ desire is worthless. No. Worse than worthless. Worse because simultaneously they seem to belittle and undermine whites on the jews’ behalf.

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