I had expected to see him convicted of treason and hanged by the neck – and my imaginings may be evidence that I have been too optimistic.

Comey has been humiliated, but I am not satisfied. I had expected to see him convicted of treason and hanged by the neck – and my imaginings may be evidence that I have been too optimistic.

Former FBI Director James Comey violated FBI policies in his handling of memos documenting private conversations with President Donald Trump, the Justice Department’s inspector general said Thursday.

The watchdog office said Comey broke bureau rules by giving one memo containing unclassified information to a friend with instructions to share the contents with a reporter. Comey also failed to return his memos to the FBI after he was dismissed in May 2017, retaining copies of some of them in a safe at home, and shared them with his personal lawyers without permission from the FBI, the report said.

“By not safeguarding sensitive information obtained during the course of his FBI employment, and by using it to create public pressure for official action, Comey set a dangerous example for the over 35,000 current FBI employees — and the many thousands more former FBI employees — who similarly have access to or knowledge of non-public information,” the report said.



The Justice Department inspector general has determined all four Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrants against onetime Trump campaign aide Carter Page were illegally obtained, attorney Joe diGenova said this week.

In an investigation that began last year, Inspector General Michael Horowitz examined the DOJ’s and FBI’s compliance with legal requirements, as well as policies and procedures in applications filed with the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court related to Page as part of a larger counterintelligence inquiry into President Trump’s campaign.

Back in May, diGenova, a former U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, said the three FISA warrant extensions against Page were illegally obtained, adding, “The only question now is whether or not the first FISA was illegally obtained.”

Now diGenova says Horowitz made the same determination about the warrant that started it all.

“I can report categorically that the inspector general has found that all four FISA warrants were illegal. They were based on false information supplied to the FISA Court. And Michael Horowitz has concluded that all four FISA warrants were illegal,” he told WMAL on Monday.

The announcement comes days after the Hill’s John Solomon reported Horowitz had completed his investigation and, after a declassification period, the report could be released sometime between mid-September to early October.

A federal judge on Thursday formally dismissed the criminal sex trafficking case against Jeffrey Epstein, a move that was expected following the financier’s death in jail earlier this month.

U.S. District Judge Richard Berman had said at a hearing on Tuesday that he was legally bound to dismiss the case. Prosecutors said at that hearing that an investigation into Epstein’s alleged crimes would continue, and that the dismissal would not prevent them from charging possible co-conspirators in the future.



It has been reported that China is also forcibly sterilising women held in its vast network of “re-education” camps which house political and religious prisoners, survivors have claimed.

One woman, who was held for more than a year, has told French television that she was repeatedly injected with a substance by doctors in a prison in the far-west region of Xinjiang.

“We had to stick our arms out through a small opening in the door,” Gulbahar Jalilova, a 54-year-old former detainee, told France 24.

“We soon realised that after our injections that we didn’t get our periods any more.”

In July, the Chinese government released a white paper on Xinjiang which claimed that Uyghurs are not Turkic people. The white paper defends the internment camps system.

Why is World Bank Investing $50M In China’s Uyghur Concentration Camps?


Trump’s New Trade War Tool Might Just Be Antique China Debt

Collectors of pre-Communist debt are lobbying the White House to force Beijing to make good


American Legion calls for full investigation into Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty

In a historic move, the American Legion, at its national convention in Reno on Thursday, August 24, 2017, approved Resolution 40 (text provided below) calling for the first full U.S. government investigation of Israel’s 1967 attack on the USS Liberty.

American Legion calls for full investigation into Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty


Israel’s Infamous USS Liberty Attack
Civil liberties groups and privacy advocates raised alarm Thursday after the Trump administration called on Congress to reauthorize an NSA mass surveillance program that was exposed by whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The New York Times, which obtained the Trump administration’s request to Congress, reported that “the administration urged lawmakers to make permanent the legal authority for the National Security Agency to gain access to logs of Americans’ domestic communications, the USA Freedom Act.”

“The law, enacted after the intelligence contractor Edward J. Snowden revealed the existence of the program in 2013, is set to expire in December, but the Trump administration wants it made permanent,” according to the Times.

Has Rep. Ilhan Omar Committed a Stoning Offense?
She is publicly Sharia-compliant. Will she ask to be stoned?



The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday the U.S. Justice Department (DOJ) is attempting to block the construction of an undersea cable linking Los Angeles to Hong Kong due to national security concerns.

The 8,000-mile, $300 million undersea cable would be a joint project between Google, Facebook, and a Chinese investor called Dr. Peng Telecom & Media Group. The goal of the project, formally known as the Pacific Light Network, is to establish high-speed Internet connectivity between the U.S., Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines, improving traffic speed for all participants.


Yesterday UK PM Boris Johnson announced he is going to prorogue–or close–Parliament, meaning that when MPs come back to sit next week they will only do so briefly, and will then not return until 14 October, when there will be a new Queen’s Speech to launch BoJo’s slate of legislation as the new PM. So far, so technical. Yet what this effectively means is that there will be a very narrow window next week, and then a slightly larger one in the final two weeks of October, for Parliament to act to prevent Hard Brexit on Halloween.

This is explosive and unprecedented stuff, politically. The British constitution is largely unwritten and so allows wiggle room, and the government insists they have checked the legality of all they are proposing; nonetheless, as the press and opposition note, it smells awful.


Q followers are very excited that President Trump mentioned a storm:


The exact wording does not mention the wording predicted by Q, so this is probably a false alarm insofar as Q goes.

However, a relevant story suggests that VP Pence is visiting Poland to secure cooperation on tech:

The Polish government said that it plans to sign an agreement with the United States over cooperation and security in the sphere of 5G telecommunication technology when the two countries leaders meet this coming weekend, a senior government official told Reuters.

Poland to sign 5G agreement with US to counter Huawei tech


Gunfire has erupted over southern Lebanon amid soaring tensions after Lebanon accused Israel of launching aggression tantamount to “a declaration of war” – in the words of President Michel Aoun, in reference to the twin Israeli drone attack on Hezbollah offices in south Beirut the past weekend.

Specifically on Wednesday the Lebanese army is reported to have opened fire on up to three “Israeli reconnaissance drones” for violating the country’s airspace, according to the official National News Agency.


Thu, Aug 29th 2019 3:11am — Tim Cushing

Another field drug test has managed to misidentify a common legal substance. This doesn’t matter to the government, which is only out ~$2. But it does matter to the non-criminals being treated like criminals because the ultra-faulty tests are even worse than K-9s at detecting actual drugs.

Field drug tests have determined everything from cotton candy to donut crumbs to drywall dust to bird poop (on the hood of a car no less!) to be illegal substances, resulting in a cascade of horrors on the innocent, starting with the arrest and criminal charges, and proceeding directly to indefinite pretrial detention and the loss of income, housing, etc. that comes with it.

Field drug tests are more “reliable” than drug dogs. I mean, to the extent that they’ll more reliably generate the “probable cause” needed to search a car or arrest a person. If you’re looking to boost your drug war stats, nothing’s more useful than a cheap kit that can’t tell the difference between narcotics and common household items.

Adding to the pathetic annals of cops upending people’s lives with unreliable tests is this new twist: they’re using these at ports-of-entry as well. A legal resident of the US spent three months in jail because the field test couldn’t differentiate between a product created by bees and a product created by amateur chemists in a trailer park bathtub. (h/t Jeff Bonner)

After landing at Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport on 29 December at around 10pm, US Customs and Border Protection detained [Leon] Haughton for more than two hours before Maryland Transportation Authority Police put him in handcuffs, according to charging documents.

The bottles with gold-coloured screw tops labelled “honey” in his bag, they told him, had tested positive in a drug field test for methamphetamine.

Mr Haughton fainted. Police took him to a hospital. Then they took him to jail.

Leon Haughton is a Jamaican man with a green card. He’s a legal permanent resident of the US. He often picks up honey from Jamaica during his frequent visits and brings some back for friends and family members. This time he was greeted by Customs and a drug dog. The drug dog was also unable to differentiate between honey and drugs. Having been wrong once, Customs agents decided to be wrong twice. Incapable of thinking for themselves, they let a dog and a packet of iffy chemicals declare Haughton to be a drug dealer carrying a large amount of liquid drugs.

The two erroneous results (dog, field test) were negated three weeks later when the drug lab determined the honey wasn’t actually methamphetamines. Unfortunately, the wheels of justice grind slowly. The felony charges were dropped a little less than a month after Haughton was arrested. All of that time Haughton spent behind bars.

Why? Because the wheels of justice go completely off the rails once ICE gets involved. Haughton was a green card holder and that fact led ICE to issue a detainer. This screwed everything up. The detainer prevented Haughton from being released, even though a judge had cleared Haughton to be freed until his trial date. When his second bail hearing came up, he again asked to be released. The judge wanted to but the detention order possibly meant nothing more than a change of jails for Haughton.

Mr Haughton asked to be released on 24 January at his second bail review, but Anne Arundel County District Court judge Laura Robinson worried he would not appear for trial.

“The problem is I can’t let him go to ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] because he would be deported potentially,” the judge said, according to a recording of the hearing. “Even if I released you, you still wouldn’t necessarily be released. You would go into federal detention.”

Haughton tried again to be released on February 5th. His lawyer pointed out the detainer was based on pending felony charges, all of which had been dropped by prosecutors. Again, the judge could do nothing. Due to the government shutdown, no one from ICE was fielding calls about dropping detainers. Since no one was available to pull the order, Haughton went back to jail.

The other hangup was the locals. Because a drug dog and field test had incorrectly determined Haughton’s honey to be meth, prosecutors were still hanging on to a single misdemeanor charge. This was despite the initial lab test showing the honey was just honey. It wasn’t until a second test came back with negative results that the state finally decided to drop the remaining charge. Once all the charges were gone, ICE finally decided to drop the detainer –one solely predicated on charges the state had dropped nearly two months earlier.

Sure, field drug tests do occasionally detect actual drugs. But the miss rate is too high to legitimately consider them to be the “probable” part of “probable cause.” They’ll never be abandoned because they’re too useful. They create easy arrests and easy prosecutions. Cops like drug busts and prosecutors love anything that might result in a quick plea deal. Given the choice between an indefinite stay in jail awaiting trial and a relatively painless deal with lesser charges, even innocent people will choose the option that gives them more immediate freedom. The government sees nothing but wins when it uses cheap, unreliable tests. All it sees is the occasional error that has zero effect on itself or its personnel.


Brazil’s chief prosecutor overseeing its sweeping anti-corruption probe, Deltan Dallagnol, lied to the public when he vehemently denied in a 2017 interview with BBC Brasil that his prosecutorial task force leaked secret information about investigations to achieve its ends.

In fact, in the months preceding his false claim, Dallagnol was a participant in secret chats exclusively obtained by The Intercept, in which prosecutors plotted to leak information to the media with the goal of manipulating suspects by making them believe that their indictment was imminent even when it was not, in order to intimidate them into signing confessions that implicated other targets of the investigation.





A black man made some jokes.

The 7 best jokes from the new Dave Chappelle special that is infuriating liberals

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