A Hawaiian Rosetta Stone and fifteen current events

HL wrote:

Never forget, WTC-7 is the Rosetta Stone for exposing the truth of the Government’s and mass media’s lies.

Thousands of lives were sacrificed 12 18 years ago so that the former land of the free and home of the brave could be transformed into our current fascist surveillance police state. Never forget, as we watch it metastasize and expand it’s scope of power and control over all our lives.

The Huxley-Orwellian Dystopia is here, and 9/11/01 was the day our shadow government decided to step out from behind the curtain and assert their power in plain view of those who chose to open their eyes and see the truth of what and who they are.



Justice Department Rejects McCabe’s Appeal to Avoid Indictment
By Chris Strohm
September 13, 2019, 1:06 AM GMT+8 Updated on September 13, 2019, 1:27 AM GMT+8

Move comes about a month after McCabe sued department and Barr
Former FBI deputy director has long been target of Trump ire

The Justice Department on Thursday notified lawyers for former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe that they have rejected his appeal to avoid being criminally charged, according to a person close to his legal team. The move likely clears the way for him to be indicted for lying to federal agents.

The developments come about a month after McCabe sued the Justice Department and U.S. Attorney General William Barr, claiming his firing was unlawful. McCabe was ousted by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions last year after an internal investigation into his role in disclosing a Clinton Foundation probe to the media.

The U.S. attorney’s office for the District of Columbia informed McCabe’s legal team last month that charges against McCabe were being recommended, according to a person familiar with the matter.

McCabe and his legal team met with Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and the U.S. attorney, Jessie Liu, on Aug. 21 to appeal the recommendation, according to the person.

McCabe’s lawyers still have the right to request a meeting with Barr over the matter, the person said.



Israel accused of planting mysterious spy devices near the White House

The likely Israeli spying efforts were uncovered during the Trump presidency, several former top U.S. officials said.

The U.S. government concluded within the past two years that Israel was most likely behind the placement of cellphone surveillance devices that were found near the White House and other sensitive locations around Washington, according to three former senior U.S. officials with knowledge of the matter.

But unlike most other occasions when flagrant incidents of foreign spying have been discovered on American soil, the Trump administration did not rebuke the Israeli government, and there were no consequences for Israel’s behavior, one of the former officials said.

The miniature surveillance devices, colloquially known as “StingRays,” mimic regular cell towers to fool cellphones into giving them their locations and identity information. Formally called international mobile subscriber identity-catchers or IMSI-catchers, they also can capture the contents of calls and data use.

The devices were likely intended to spy on President Donald Trump, one of the former officials said, as well as his top aides and closest associates — though it’s not clear whether the Israeli efforts were successful.

Trump is reputed to be lax in observing White House security protocols. POLITICO reported in May 2018 that the president often used an insufficiently secured cellphone to communicate with friends and confidants. The New York Times subsequently reported in October 2018 that “Chinese spies are often listening” to Trump’s cellphone calls, prompting the president to slam the story as “so incorrect I do not have time here to correct it.” (A former official said Trump has had his cellphone hardened against intrusion.)



“My goal is to explain to you and the American public how the system failed and make sure it never happens again,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham on ‘Hannity’ show on Wednesday night.

“We’re going to pursue this in a transparent fashion,” Graham said. “We’re going to declassify as much as we can, including the FISA warrant applications.”

Graham said he will seek to release to the public as much information possible about former British spy Christopher Steele.

“I’m going to give you all the information that was in the system about how suspicious people were of Christopher Steele, how biased he was, [and] let you read it for yourself. Transparency and accountability is my goal,” he said.

“The system had a lot of notice about [Christopher Steele] bias,” Graham said.

“Mr. Durham will make a decision as to who to prosecute, if anyone,” he added, referencing John Durham, the federal prosecutor tasked by Attorney General William Barr with investigating the origins of the Russia probe.

Lindsey Graham: My Goal is to Declassify FISA Warrant Applications



On April 22 and 23, President Truman told Soviet foreign minister Vyacheslav Molotov to “Carry out his agreement” and establish a new, free, independent government in Poland as promised at Yalta. Molotov was stunned. He was stunned because it was not he that was breaking the agreement because that was not what Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin had agreed to at Yalta. The final wording of the Yalta agreement never mentioned replacing Soviet control of Poland.

The agreement that Roosevelt revealed to congress and shared with the world – the one that still dominates the textbook accounts and the media stories – is not the one he secretly shook on with Stalin. Roosevelt lied to congress and the American people. Then he lied to Stalin.

In exchange for Soviet support for the creation of the United Nations, Roosevelt secretly agreed to Soviet predominance in Poland and Eastern Europe. The cold war story that the Soviet Union marched into Eastern Europe and stole it for itself is a lie: Roosevelt handed it to them.

So did Churchill. If Roosevelt’s motivation was getting the UN, Churchill’s was getting Greece. Fearing that the Soviet Union would invade India and the oil fields of Iran, Churchill saw Greece as the geographical roadblock and determined to hold on to it at all cost. The cost, it turned out, was Romania. Churchill would give Stalin Romania to protect his borders; Stalin would give Churchill Greece to protect his empire’s borders. The deal was sealed on October 9, 1944.

Churchill says that in their secret meeting, he asked Stalin, “how would it do for you to have ninety percent predominance in Romania, for us to have ninety percent predominance in Greece? . . .” He then went on to offer a fifty-fifty power split in in Yugoslavia and Hungary and to offer the Soviets seventy-five percent control of Bulgaria. The exact conversation may never have happened, according to the political record, but Churchill’s account captures the spirit and certainly captures the secret agreement.

Contrary to the official narrative, Stalin never betrayed the west and stole Eastern Europe: Poland, Romania and the rest were given to him in secret. Then Roosevelt lied to congress and to the world.

That American lie raised the curtain on the cold war.

Demythologizing the Roots of the New Cold War


More Americans Questioning Official 9/11 Story As New Evidence Contradicts Official Narrative

Evidence continues to mount that the official narrative itself is the irrational narrative of September 11, and it becomes ever more clear that the media remains committed to preventing legitimate questions about that day from receiving the scrutiny they deserve.

More Americans Questioning Official 9/11 Story As New Evidence Contradicts Official Narrative


[Political Economy]

American policymakers in the 1990s lost the ability to recognize the value of production capacity. Today, many of the problems highlighted here are still seen in isolation, perhaps as instances of corruption or reduced capacity. But the problems—diminished innovation, marginal quality, higher prices, less redundancy, dependence on overseas supply chains, a lack of defense industry competition, and reduced investment in research and development—are not independent. They are the result of the financialization of industry and of monopoly. It’s time for a new strategic posture, one that puts a premium not just on spending the right amount on military budgets, but also on ensuring that financial actors don’t capture what we do spend. We must begin once again to recognize that private industrial capacity is a vital national security asset that we can no longer allow Wall Street to pillage. By seeing the problem in its totality, we can attack the power of finance within the commercial and defense base and restore our national security capacity once again.

There are many levers we can use to reorder our national priorities. The Defense Department, along with its new higher budgets, should have more authority to promote competition, break up defense conglomerates, restrict excess defense contractor profits, empower contracting officers to get cost information, and block private equity takeovers of suppliers. Congress could reinstate the authority of the Defense Department to simply take ownership of specialized tooling rights to create competition in monopolistic markets with specialized spare part needs, a power it once had.

In the commercial sector, rebuilding the industrial base will require an aggressive national mobilization strategy. This means aggressive investment by government to rebuild manufacturing capacity, selective tariffs to protect against Chinese or foreign predation, regulation to stop financial predation by Wall Street, and anti-monopoly enforcement to block the exploitation of market power.

Policymakers must recognize that industrial capacity is a public good and short-term actors on Wall Street have become a serious national security vulnerability. While private businesses are essential to our common defense, the public sector must once again structure how we organize our national defense and protect our defense industrial base from predatory finance. For several decades, Wall Street has been organizing not just the financing of defense contractors, but the capabilities of our very defense posture. That experiment has been a failure. It is time to wake up, before it’s too late.

America’s Monopoly Crisis Hits the Military



Schumer inspires links to Mintpress:





Meet American Empire’s ‘Doctor Death’
Stephen Kinzer’s new book shows how Greatest Generation spooks justified their horrific experiments on unwitting Americans.

Kinzer shows that sometimes paranoia comes from a very real place—that Big Brother was not only watching, but for nearly 20 years he was drugging and testing germs and other toxins on unsuspecting Americans like they were laboratory animals. And Gottlieb, Dulles, and Helms were no fictional spawn of an over-active imagination. They were highly respected and powerful men with a combined 105 years of government service. They were the system.

So how do we digest this today? We can start by acknowledging that the ends will always justify the means because the government always gets away with it. And we are still living with the effects. The torture techniques set into motion in the 1950’s, for example, later surfaced in the dark corners of the Phoenix Program in Vietnam, and more recently in the dirty cells of Abu Ghraib detention center.

Indeed, with a head full of Red Menace and lord knows what else, these so-called stalwart men of the “Greatest Generation” pounded the earth as though America owned the world. Perhaps it did. American Empire had many faces during the Cold War, and thanks to Kinzer, Sidney Gottlieb is one you shouldn’t forget.

Meet American Empire’s ‘Doctor Death’


Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Fixer’ Who Had Information on Epstein Case Mysteriously Disappears





Police in the US Kill Citizens at Over 70 Times the Rate of Other First-World Nations



Adam Schiff’s New Law Expands Definition of ‘Domestic Terrorism’, Promotes FBI Entrapment


Never Surrender Your Guns by Jim Davidson



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1 Response to A Hawaiian Rosetta Stone and fifteen current events

  1. I understand your frustration. I appreciate your capacity for independent criticism. I think I can sum up your objections by saying that America’s Founding Fathers wanted America to be a nation of the People, not a nation of Officers.

    We all recall the objection:

    He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people and eat out their substance.

    If you want to start community organizing, you have my attention.

    Guys like you, B’Man, are at that awkward stage where you’re too politically conscious to be an ordinary pundit and not publicly active enough to run for office. From what you have said in the past, it seems like you are enjoying your retirement and that you don’t plan on running for office any time soon. Maybe you never will run for office, but maybe you need to start teaching some young people in your community to run for office.

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