Petersons here, grabbing pills – (da da my darling da da da – this used to be a nice neighborhood)

Even if you have never played any Left for Dead games – and I haven’t – you have got to recognize the “pills here” meme:

Generally I support individual autonomy when it comes to taking medicines … but perhaps when Big Pharma is involved, I ought to be more skeptical

Jordan Peterson may have trusted Big Pharma a little too much.


So, I wonder how the Israelis really feel about President Trump?

When immigrants undermine ethnic nations, who benefits? Starts with a “b” and rhymes with “wankers.”


Open Source Technology is not just a good idea, it is necessary for security.


Damn those whites and their (shuffles complaint deck) … patriotism.


Starts with a “b” and rhymes with “clankers.”



ADL Heads to Capitol Hill, Testifies on International White Supremacy and Cyberhate
Iceland fined for Eurovision pro-Palestinian protest
New Revelations About Giuliani’s Contact With Ukrainian Officials Blows Up Media’s Narrative

New Revelations About Giuliani’s Contact With Ukrainian Officials Blows Up Media’s Narrative


Homeless men called Democratic donor Ed Buck ‘Dr. Kevorkian.’ Why did his arrest take so long?


British unions vote ‘unanimously’ to boycott Israel


Swedish court fines man for not deleting hate speech on Facebook


Even Saudis don’t believe fiction of Iranian attacks on oil plants – Zarif

Saudi Arabia oil attacks: US to send troops to Saudi Arabia

Nearly half of the U.S.’s homeless people live in one state: California


Chick-fil-A Has More Than Doubled Sales Since LGBTQ Advocates First Began Calling for Boycotts

Chick-fil-A Has More Than Doubled Sales Since LGBTQ Advocates First Began Calling for Boycotts


Former US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has revealed that President Donald Trump was “played” by Machiavellian Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on several occasions.

Tillerson, who served in the Trump administration as the Secretary of State from February 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018, recounted on Tuesday during a panel interview with Harvard professors how Netanyahu would use “misinformation” to trick Trump, whom Tillerson had on one occasion allegedly called a moron.

“They did that with the president on a couple of occasions, to persuade him that ‘We’re the good guys, they’re the bad guys,” Tillerson noted.

“We later exposed it to the president so he understood, ‘You’ve been played,’” explained Tillerson.

He added, “It bothers me that an ally that’s that close and important to us would do that to us.”

Tillerson warned that exercising skepticism was necessary when dealing with Netanyahu,

Netanyahu is “a bit Machiavellian,” he told the panel. “In dealing with Bibi, it’s always useful to carry a healthy amount of skepticism in your discussions with him.”

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3 Responses to Petersons here, grabbing pills – (da da my darling da da da – this used to be a nice neighborhood)

  1. BMan says:

    What kind of “genius” takes an anti-depressant with the knowledge available? Klonopin is an anti-seizure medication that morphed into an anxiety med (with FDA approval) that CAUSES anxiety (I know two very close people that took it and it failed miserably).

    After yesterday (and is my normal activity) the only fast food restaurant I eat at is ChikFilA. But not necessarily because of this (even tho I am thankful), but because it has the best food and best, most polite workers (which is obviously a corporate dictate derived from their Christian roots).

    Yesterday, I was traveling and hungry (no ChikFilA nearby), so I tried the Burger King because I wanted to try the ham and egg croissant. I ordered drive thru and after quite a wait, I received the food and took off. I unwrapped the sandwich and found that it was cold in the center, so I turned around and went in the store.

    The meth toothed manager was nowhere to be seen, but I could see the cook (a young white man) and he said he would be with me momentarily. After a few minutes he walked over and asked what was wrong. I told him and he asked if I wanted him to warm it or fix another. I immediately said I want a new one (so I could watch him make it). He assembled the sandwich from drawers containing, meat, eggs, etc (I didn’t want cheese) and threw it in the microwave (for what I assumed was longer than normal), because when he returned with it (I was acutely watching for spit flavoring) the sandwich was so hot he could barely hold it (and offered it to me before putting t in the bag, asking for my approval).

    Suddenly, the meth head came from the back (hitting her pipe, I can imagine) and was clearly agitated, asking what he was doing. He told her and she said, well you could have just warmed it up.

    I added (out loud) or give me my money back, because right now I don’t care one way or another.

    As the lad handed me my bag of hot ham and egg croisandwich, I could tell they were both peeved.

    Instead of walking out I turned to them and said, “I have lived in this town for 12 years and it has come down to a once a year trial phase for your restaurant. About once a year I come in to see how shitty your food and service has gotten from the previous year and I must say that you have not let me down again this year. Congratulations!”

    And walked out.

    But that bitch got the last laugh, because as I ate my sandwich, I reached for the drink I got (ordered a coke) and took a long swallow of… Dr Pepper.

    I hate Dr Pepper.

  2. dnarby says:

    The downside of no 8ch is no 8ch.

    The upside is autists like Le Vulture are bored and more active on the webs.

    Taking down 8ch was the dumbest thing they’ve done since kicking the schizos out into the streets like the 80’s. Previously mostly contained, now they are free and run riot, planting viral memeage in cortexes worldwide.

    These people are stupid.

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