Try to love the sinner, try to hate the sin, and trust the chans more than takimag!

A bunch of people have remembered that Ferdinand Bardamu/Matt Forney still exists. I had not heard that name in a long time, but it turns out that his website is way more famous than this website.

Here are the stats for the site with folks hating on Ferd:

Here are the stats for Ferd’s site:

Here are the stats for this site:

So there’s a moment of humility for me. The website I take care of is actually LESS popular than Ferdinand Bardamu. Everybody is saying he’s a loser and a horrible person. But here’s my take: I am also a horrible person, and it’s not my fault. You are also a horrible person, and it’s not your fault. Every person on planet Earth is a horrible person, and that’s just how humans are. Try to make yourself a little less horrible today than you were yesterday, and then at the end of the day, forgive yourself for screwing everything up, because human lives get screwed up an awful lot.

The “Two Minutes’ Hate” thread is up at:

Matt Forney: I Will Destroy You All!

Perhaps the most reasonable comment was at the top of the thread:


Take the time, honestly and earnestly face your own issues, and do what you need to DO. You are still young. You have time to HELP YOUR SELF.

Help your SELF.

However, I was not acquainted with the politics mentioned later:

Yeah, better to get down and dirty on the smearing rather than address the actual problem.

> TRS compromised by some shady lying felon
> TRS associating with Cantwell snitch
> TRS has history deceiving fans (re: jew wife)
> TRS deletes comments dealing with this

Instead of answering this stuff, let’s talk about Anglin’s sex life and height, let’s talk about Forney’s sex life and weight, let’s talk about incels, losers, weev being a jew, Anglin saying mean things about Aryan princesses, and Forney bring “frustrated” lmfao.

Even if these characters were the biggest defective incel clowns on the internet, absolutely none of that has anything whatsoever to do with the significance of the above facts. Your desperate avoidance of these things speaks far more about you than anything you have to say on Anglin, Weev, or Forney.

And btw isn’t it interesting to say the least how both Forney and Anglin’s sites both go down at a time when both are digging up dirt on this fiasco?

Matt Forney: I Will Destroy You All!

There are a ton of formerly anon guys caught up in this thing that have had thier lives ruined for it. Hunter has been posting articles about them, the fed posty ones. Others, have done remarkable damage in their personal lives by alienating their families and friends, or getting doxxed from a piblic event etc.

These are guys I genuinely feel bad for. Many of them genuinely lacked the life experience even that I have, that gave me enough sense to stay out of piblic view and to only donate through anonymous accounts using crypyo etc. Or even just the general sense to know this thing was becoming an albatross and that it was time to come out loud and clear against these guys for my own protection against legal liability.

My “normal” life in clownworld is infinitely more valuable to any real movement than being doxxed and disowned by my family, unable to work a job and facing trumped up charges from the DOJ for shit I didnt do. Why should I risk that? For whom?

TRS? Run by a guy with jewish kids.

Anglin? Lol, dude isn’t even real. Has anybody even seen him IRL? The CIA probably invented the guy to fuck with us.


Cantwell? Dude is less stable than anybody I would even trust to repair my vehicle. I sure as hell wouldn’t trust him to inform my worldview.

Who else is an aspiring “leader” in this wild runaway hayride?

I honor Hunter because he is honest and without pretense. He’s never begged for money or asked people to foot the bill for his bad judgment like the rest of these goofs have. He has actually done a good job from what I can tell, keeping a safe distance on this stuff so he can protect his family. This is an honorable guy. I wouldn’t follow him into battle, and he would never ask.

Is there something i am missing? What has come from this that was worth any of us losing what we have?

Matt Forney: I Will Destroy You All!

However, the comment that I trusted the least was from an apparent shill named Aleksey:

A story that doesn’t get nearly enough attention:

Forney started flipping out and nipping at the ankles of all his superiors about a year ago when it was revealed that—get this—he actually conspired to get Antifa to disrupt an Ann Coulter event.

Why? As far as anyone can tell, it’s because the event’s host, Jewish Holocaust revisionist David Cole, didn’t respond to Forney’s invitation to hang out with him in LA.

It’s all documented here:

He’s a buffoon, but of the school shooter type. A desperate and completely fraudulent individual.

Matt Forney: I Will Destroy You All!

That post links to takimag. That article reads in part as follows:

Another handicap: The Trump grassroots activist base is too top-heavy with the gullible. When you already have so many trolls, adding morons to the mix is a recipe for disaster. Rather than sticking with real-world issues, Trump activists quickly became lost in “QAnon” and Pizzagate-style hoaxes, almost all of which originated from their own side. A bunch of easily fleeceable dolts comprising one half of a movement, and a bunch of “some men just want to watch the world burn” Joker cosplayers comprising the other. The base ate itself.

…Here’s the best example I can give of this pathology. Last October, I hosted Ann Coulter in L.A. for a book-signing event. I’ve written about this before, but I’m bringing it up one final time to make a point. I was tipped off a week in advance that a disgruntled incel former friend with a personal grudge was planning to sabotage the proceedings by rallying Antifa to bust up the venue and harass attendees. Old story, who cares. But what I also found out was that his accomplice in trying to get Coulter and 240 local conservatives assaulted by Antifa was an alt-rightish fellow named Matt Forney. Forney is an American expat living in Eastern Europe. I interviewed him for my column in August 2016. There’d never been any bad blood between us. We’d never even met in person. And yet here he was trying to bring Antifa down on 240 people (plus one of the most important voices the Trump agenda ever had). And why? No reason. Literally no reason. The guy just likes sowing discord for the sake of it.

The sneering dismissal of Pizzagate is slightly weasel-worded. The author seems to be assuming or heavily implying that Pizzagate is a hoax, but oddly he doesn’t come out and claim “I, David Cole, have proof that Pizzagate is a hoax.” But he is writing for Takimag, which loves sucking up to rich people, so perhaps it is assumed that anyone who reads it must believe that rich people could never do something unthinkable like blackmail.

8ch is down – whether forever or temporarily, no one knows. But regardless of whether the channers can access their favorite chans, the channers are gonna meme. A whole lot of channers are still investigating Pizzagate, and I don’t necessarily trust any channer much, but I trust some channers much more than I trust David Cole.

The moral of the story is that you don’t have time to hate Matt Forney if you have shills pushing David Cole’s propaganda.

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3 Responses to Try to love the sinner, try to hate the sin, and trust the chans more than takimag!

  1. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I have been mad at Matt Forney ever since he doxxed Sunshine Mary back in 2014. It’s my guess that he has made a lot of enemies by doing similar things. It would be better to make friends.

    • I had not been aware of his doxxing. Doxxing is definitely harmful for an online community that wants to build bridges. Also, I had never been a regular reader of Sunshine Mary, so I didn’t notice until just now that her blog has been made private.

      • fuzziewuzziebear says:

        She had outstanding comment threads. She has two blogs, but hasn’t written anything in a year and half. Forney may have been jealous of her success.

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