Don’t ever say “The Goyim Know,” because you’re not allowed to say that – in fact don’t even look at that, look at these other stories

Don’t watch this video at bitchute. It’s too upsetting. I can’t even stand to watch it.

Instead, let’s look at eleven other stories.



Russia Collusion 2.0? Whistleblower Was Reportedly CIA


Missouri: Muslim US Army vet targeted military bases, federal buildings, Wall Street for jihad massacres


‘Why is it that I can’t say something against the Jews?’ Malaysia’s leader asks at Columbia


Erdogan: “Those who give other countries lessons on human rights are blind, deaf and dumb when it comes to Muslims”




Godfather Of Vaccines Under Oath: Human Fetal Cells Used & Vaccines Tested On Mentally Insane, Orphans & Children Whose Parents Were In Prison (Video)



Giuliani Claims He Kept Texts From State Dept. To ‘Protect’ Himself


Constitution Day 2019: The Hidden Domestic Surveillance Crisis

Bonus story:

Yeah, yeah, I know that the big story is that Jim is promising to get 8ch back up real soon now.

I fear that Jim is being vague and optimistic. I am not expecting to see 8ch back this week, but I will keep checking each day for surprises.

Jim Watkins says 8chan should be up within a week Monday or Tusday

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