I wonder whether “BannedHipster” used to be called “HipsterRacist”

I sometimes read blogs that remind me of 2013, of the old days of the “manosphere,” back when people were seriously listing the original version of this blog as “neoreactionary” and “manosphere.” I don’t know whether the original blogger had intended this to focus on men’s issues, but it has rarely addressed the feelings of men, aside from occasionally posting cheesecake shots such as these:

But I digress. I had been talking about 2013-style blogs. In a comment on one such blog, BannedHipster wrote:

“Liberalism” as such really is nothing more than the network of central banks that regulate societies via money. Money is how people cooperate. Whoever controls the money controls society. Whoever controls the central banks control the subsidiary banks who own the mass electronic media. Whoever controls the mass electronic media controls the masses.

It’s hilarious when right-wingers talk about their guns and “the coming civil war.” Ask them one question: who are you going to shoot? They can’t answer. The fact is they will shoot whoever the media tells them to shoot and whoever the bankers pay them to shoot.

This looks to be flatly wrong at first glance. When right-wingers are asked whom they will shoot, they usually say, “Them welfare-takin’ jobless city folks who are goin’ to try to riot in their cities when the EBT stops working, then come out here and try to steal from our farms.”

I don’t know what kind of argument BannedHipster is trying to make here. Does he think that the FBI could infiltrate the right wing and use them as paramilitaries? That would be somewhat plausible, given that the USA excels at doing the same sort of thing in South America. But his text is downright bizarre if taken literally. Redstate farmers are not stupid slaves to television. Many farmers are probably more intelligent than BannedHipster, even in terms of book-learning! Also, bankers tend to control through government intermediaries. If the bankers were to drive down to a trailer park personally and start handing out cash and orders, they might recruit prostitutes, but they would not recruit an effective army.

Bankers are good at white-collar crimes, especially bribing government officials. Bankers can set up a home base in a safe country and bribe the politicians, and then the government can oppress its people for the benefit of the bankers – but bankers themselves cannot rule directly.

High technology rules, whoever controls the high technology controls the world. In fact, old fashioned central banking itself is becoming somewhat obsolete. Now there’s bitcoin, or FaceBook currency, or just points in a video game (which can be transferred into “real” money.)

Okay, here he argues that electronic currencies have made banking illegal.

To continue his quote out of sequence:

What did they do when the “Alt Right” started communicating via high-tech? Simple: they banned everyone from social media. What do they do when pro-whites start raising money? Simple: they close down their bank accounts and ban them from Paypal.

Now he has contradicted himself on at least one issue. If central banking is somewhat obsolete, the pro-whites should be able to raise money without bank accounts and Paypal.

Right wingers always fight the last war. Conservative libertarians are fighting for classical liberalism against FDR globalism just as FDR globalism has given way to modern high-tech. Traditionalists are even more retrograde than right-wingers, they are fighting Lincoln still, which is hilarious. And neo-reactionaries are even more ludicrous than that, they are still fighting the Reformation and mass literacy.

I note that “hilarious” and “ludicrous” are statements of the speaker’s personal opinion and are not falsifiable.

It’s all, 100%, about social organization and technology. Everything else is a distraction.

That is abstract to the point of vagueness.

Classical Liberalism Today: Is Success the Cause of Its Decline?

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1 Response to I wonder whether “BannedHipster” used to be called “HipsterRacist”

  1. james says:

    Same guy. He started a new blog after Hipsterracist and Aryan Skynet got killed.

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