Gangs, Militias, satirists, and PDF books

Bad-guy gangs are in the news:

Good-guy militias are also in the news:

I’m feeling pretty miffed by the disappearance of Mifsud:

Italian prosecutors believe that Joseph Mifsud the man who started RussiaGate, ‘is Dead’

Cops gonna cop:

FYROM PM Zaev makes reference to “Aegean Macedonians” in Greece, FYROM media report

Fraudsters gonna vote fraudulently:

ELECTORAL FRAUD: Lawsuit Claims City of Detroit Has Thousands of Dead People on Voter Rolls

Sham impeachments are shams:

Was Trump Actually Impeached? Legal Expert Called By Dems In Hearing Says No

Report: Senate Could Now Charge Nancy Pelosi with ‘Obstruction of Congress’

Groomers gonna groom:

‘A Piece of Meat’ — How Muslim Men See White Women

Spooks gonna spook:

Alleged Christians are not pleasing to OccDiss:

Christianity Today: Trump Should Be Removed from Office

Alleged Christians might in fact be pedos who fear exposure.

Gay pride flags are more strictly defended than USA flags.

Man Sentenced to 17 Years in Prison for Burning a Gay Pride Flag

and similarly:

President Trump Bungles Again

Clowns to the Left of Politics, Jokers to the Right, Here I am:

Presiding FISA Judge Rosemary Collyer to Step Down Days After Rare Public Rebuke of FBI – Will be Replaced by Obama-Appointed Judge

Quid Pro Joe: Biden’s Brother’s Firm Was Handed $1.5bn Iraq Contract

FISC Releases Previously Classified Judge Collyer Order – What Other FISA Cases Was Kevin Clinesmith Involved In?…

The Jewish role in the German communist revolution of 1919, The Treaty of Versailles and The Munich agreement.

What Jews Think of Jesus and of Christians: A Warning to Christian Zionists

Polish Supreme Court says the country might have to leave the EU

Polish Supreme Court says the country might have to leave the EU

Actually, Poland might be seceding from the EU just by failing to genuflect before gays:

The Mediterranean might have to leave Europe:

Greek authorities clash with rioting migrants on Samos Island

White people might have to leave Scotland:

UK: “It’s Okay to be White” flyers spark outrage in Scotland

White people seem to be losing Sweden:

Banksters gonna bank:

Report Finds Global Banks Poured $1.9 Trillion into Fossil Fuel Financing Since the Paris Agreement was Adopted, with Financing on the Rise Each Year

Blacklists gonna blacklist:

Regarding the PDF books mentioned in the post title, I found a chapter of a book online – but it links to the full PDF version:

Click to access jriit.pdf

thread reader historian talks about how Germany was attacked:

Lew Rockwell re COINTELPRO:

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