“biblaridion” means “little book,” and a link has reminded me of theology

A “biblaridion” is a “little book.”


This blog was originally intended to discuss various aspects of religion with learned commentary from highly educated experts. Instead this blog has fallen into the hands of a semi-literate channer, that is to say, into my hands. Thus I was out of my league when I noticed that this blog was cited by an apparently serious religious blog, namely the “biblaridion” blog.

Some of the very old posts on this blog tried to strike a balance between humor and spiritual sensitivity:


Other posts tried to correct misconceptions regarding translation:



A very small number of posts attempted to address the difficulties of personal mystical experience:



An entire section of permanent pages was assembled in an attempt to criticize religious ideas:






However, few visitors have linked to this blog in an attempt to open up discussions of religion.

Recently this blog was linked at:

Holocaust Commiserations

And I have yet to digest the theological arguments at that blog. I note that it has an introduction at:


Unfortunately, the present blogger is not the author of the more profound theological musings on this site, so I might be under-equipped to take on major theological analyses. Some of the analyses on that blog seem to use “stylometrics,” which apparently requires about as much math as rocket surgery or brain science.


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