Austin Steinbart: is he just a drug dealer LARPing as a DIA agent? Is he a Clown? Is he fake and gay?

So on 8kun people are talking about a guy with a YouTube channel. He says he is “Austin Steinbart” and he claims his ancestor ran a military contractor called Mercury Refueling Inc. He claims he is from Arizona and he got recruited to the DIA and that his escapades have been funded by drug dealing.

Typically I would not consider this newsworthy, but he claims that he understands the Q operation. Typically, an anon would not want to put his name in the public eye, and this guy claims he feels bad about breaking that protocol, but the DIA told him to expose his name and he doesn’t really have a choice.

Of course, the cries of “fake and gay” were not long in coming:

The relevant YouTube films are as follows:

One point of interest is that he offers a reasonable justification for why Q team is taking so damn long. He claims that they could prosecute a lot of traitors for treason, but that would cause stocks of corps like Intel to drop. Low stocks mean unhappy pensioners, and Q team wants to protect middle-class pensioners. However, so far as I can tell, Austin claims to understand Q team, but he doesn’t claim to be part of Q team.

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