Anons or Clown shills? Somebody is mentioning Steinbart

Q had repeatedly said “No outside comms” on 8ch, back when 8ch was a going concern, to stress that 8ch was the only place Q would ever reveal himself/themselves. Most anons believe that 8kun is still the only authorized source of Q utterances.

On youtube (which is definitely not the same as 8ch), Austin Steinbart recently claimed that he would become Q in the future, and would use quantum tech to send information back to the past and present. He claimed that we were all stuck with him for at least 40 years. (Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence; this is the guy who issued a 30-day deadline and a death threat recently. If Queen Margarite dies, or if Greenland becomes USA territory, I will have been posting about the future head of Space Force. Otherwise, I will have been posting about a waste of time, but space on this blog is not so valuable I can’t waste time on a clown shill.)

Meanwhile, on 8kun:

An anon, 667ece, wrote:

Ok, Austin Steinbart.

You seem open to trying to prove you are Q.

So, let’s see what you have access to.

Should be trivial for you to access the files of Maj Steven Wold, recently deceased, whose full resume is shown on this post. Maj Wold had TS clearance at every major agency, so whichever one(s) you have access to should do the job.

The reasons for 3 of his Presidential medals are not listed in his resume.

What actions were they granted for?

His father was declared a national strategic war asset in WWII, and grounded from flying because his death would have been disastrous for the war effort.

Why, and what event precipitated this?

I could ask many other questions, but you could only answer them with classified information… so sticking to things not available online, yet unclassified.

Oh, and I happen to live right next door to Chandler AZ… so happy to meet in person anytime and verify anything you’d care to share.

For that matter… you should know who I am and I give you permission to share the middle two digits of my SSN xxx-??-xxxx.

Another anon reacted by calling him a shill:


^ ^This is a shill^ ^

They will work this slide in a team

watch for the anon that joins him

To which 667ece replied:

The shill is Austin, who will not be able to answer the questions.

It was noted that Austin had posted the following recently:


Q explicitly claimed to be the future leader of Space Force here:

His notes were:

[QPROOF] Adtran Router Configuration Script – Luke Air Force Base :…

New House:…

**All adjustments to the schedule reflect the dynamic, “live-action” nature of this operation.**

Various people have claimed to be time travelers in the past. I have not believed any of them, and I am inclined to be highly skeptical of Steinbart. Still, we should know the answer in less than 30 days. The fact that Steinbart is insanely cocky does not prove that he is NOT Q; indeed, I could believe that Q team could be led by a man like Steinbart.

One particular point of difference is that Q posts extremely respectable Christian sentiments and Steinbart does not flaunt his religion on his sleeve.

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