Livin’ after midnight

Remember Judas Priest?

They were probably talking about partying loudly and having sex after midnight, whereas when I say “living after midnight,” I mean “reading news stories after midnight.”

None of the following are necessarily earth-shattering, which is just as well, because I don’t really want the earth to get shattered. I live on earth, although you might not be able to guess, given my music posts.

And now the stories:

White Privilege – Guilty As Charged

/r/darkenlightenment survives another reddit ban wave, for now

From BlackListedNews:

From AmRen:

When Loyalty to Your People is Treason to the State

Why the ‘Romance’ of Plantation Estates is More Dangerous Than Confederate Statues

The Activists Are Now Stalking the Hard Scientists

Trump Retweets Video of Supporter Shouting ‘White Power’

If You’re White, You’re Racist. Period.

From VDare:

From OccDiss:

Today’s Cancellations

Mississippi Hoists Republican Battle Flag

Catholics Clean Up Jewish Vandalism In St. Louis

Douglas Murray: Far Left Ideology Is Based on a Lie

Southern History Series: George Fitzhugh on Atheism and Mob Violence

Curb Your Anti-Capitalism

* Danny Silva regarding UFOs

* The Associated Press worked with Nazis

* face recognition surveillance is happening in Australia

* Portland Autonomous Zone has been destroyed

* Live babies killed for organ harvesting

* DailySabah regarding adoption

* Some NYPD want a police strike on July 4

NYPD Cops May ‘Strike’ on July 4 to ‘Let the City Have Their Independence Without Cops’

* Protesters stage “sleep in”/officers walk out/auto”Code 12” in Atlanta

UPDATE: Atlanta Dispatcher Spends 14 Minutes Giving Long List of Calls “Code 12” Where No Report Taken Because They Had No One to Send


* demographic statistics on murder in the USA

* Tucker Carlson and the problem of meritocracy (unequal outcomes)





11 Reasons Why China’s Economy is Failing and in Terrible Shape – NEVER Trust Data Coming Out of China!










A Critique of Joseph Atwill’s “Caesar’s Messiah”




Noahides seen as useful allies for Zionists



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