We can’t generalize and say that ALL BLM leaders are human traffickers, but …

We can’t generalize and say that ALL BLM leaders are human traffickers, but … some of them have been accused of it. It’s not clear to me whether the accused trafficker was actually convicted.


Charles Wade Arrested: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know






Developing: China Admits Three Gorges Dam Has “Deformed Slightly” – Video Shows If It Breaks It Will Be Catastrophic

WATCH: Black Right-Wing Journalist Stabbed at Black Lives Matter Riot in Portland… UPDATE… Antifa Perp is Convicted Pedophile

All-Black Armed “Not F**king Around Coalition” Holds Rally in Louisville — Member Gets Shot When Other Members Start F**king Around #NFAC

Supreme Court Gives Nevada Casinos More Rights than Churches; Roberts Sides with Liberals Again

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