Putting Pizzagate in Perspective, 30 Aug 2020

30 Aug 2020

Over the past several years, most viewers have ignored the majority of this blog’s posts and have instead looked for documentation regarding Pizzagate.

Now, anons claim that Breitbart has delivered an excellent summary of the evidence. Additionally, several news stories appear to be quite pertinent to the popular political movement against the pizza merchants.

Many anons have accused the Clinton Crime Family of human trafficking and sex crimes against children. If you are willing to watch a very unexciting video about the Clintons, such as video has been posted to YouTube. You may wish to archive it before it is censored.


Fully Sourced Executive Summary of Pizzagate Evidence


Big resignation.

The CEO of the accounting firm BKD, which “did” (hint: not so much) the audits of the Clinton Foundation.

For much, much more, listen to some of Charles Ortel’s hundreds of podcasts.

He’s already BEEN through the publicly-available data.

Has them nailed to the wall even without the dirtier stuff that could have/would have been obtained through discovery or subpoena.

Anyone heard from Eric Braverman lately? I wonder if John Durham has.



Japan and US defense chiefs agree to keep China in check

Japan’s Defense Minister Taro Kono and his U.S. counterpart agreed in Guam on Saturday that they will keep China’s maritime assertiveness in the South and East China seas in check. “As for the South and East China seas, we confirmed that Japan and the United States will strongly oppose countries unilaterally changing the status quo by force,” Kono said after meeting with Mark Esper at Andersen Air Force Base. Beijing is involved in territorial disputes with Tokyo and a number of other Asian neighbors in the waters. Pentagon officials said China fired four ballistic missiles into the South China Sea on Wednesday in an apparent warning to U.S. reconnaissance planes flying near areas where Beijing has been conducting naval drills.

Kono told Esper the launch could help destabilize the region and that he will monitor the situation with concern, according to a Japanese Defense Ministry official. At the outset of the talks, Esper condemned China’s behavior in the waters, saying, “We are steadfast in our opposition to Beijing’s destabilizing activities in the region.” Kono said in response, “I think the world has been changing drastically. Not just because of COVID-19, but because there are some attempts to change the status quo by force and coercion.” The Japanese defense chief said he and Esper reaffirmed that Article 5 of the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty applies to the Senkaku Islands, a group of East China Sea islets controlled by Japan but claimed by China, which calls them Diaoyu. Article 5 stipulates Washington’s commitment to defend Tokyo. Tensions over the islands have been growing, with Chinese vessels spotted near them for 111 consecutive days through this month, the longest streak since Japan bought the islets from a private owner and put them under state control in 2012. Kono said he and Esper also agreed during their first direct talks since January to cooperate toward the establishment of a new missile defense system after Tokyo decided in June to halt plans to deploy the U.S.-developed Aegis Ashore missile defense system. “We agreed on how Japan and the U.S. could enhance our cooperation on integrated air and missile defense, as well as ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) capability,” Kono said.

The planned deployment of the Aegis Ashore system, originally intended to beef up Japan’s deterrence against North Korea’s missile threats, was scrapped as Tokyo found it potentially costly and time-consuming upgrades would become necessary to ensure the safety of nearby residents during a missile interception. Kono said he explained to Esper about the ongoing talks at Japan’s National Security Council on alternative options. Tokyo is set to indicate a policy on the new missile defense system in September. In a related move, the ruling Liberal Democratic Party submitted a proposal this month for Japan to consider “possession of the ability to intercept ballistic missiles and others even in the territory of an opponent,” a controversial suggestion in light of Japan’s war-renouncing Constitution.

The two defense chiefs also affirmed that North Korea’s repeated launch of ballistic missiles is a violation of the U.N. Security Council resolutions and a challenge to the international society. Moreover, they agreed to keep working to ensure complete implementation of the U.N. resolutions by the North so its weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles programs will be abolished in a “complete, verifiable and irreversible manner.” Kono and Esper also discussed enhanced cooperation between the two allies in fields such as outer space, cyberspace and electronic warfare, the Defense Ministry official said. In Tokyo, Kono met U.S. Chief of Space Operations Gen. John Raymond on Wednesday when the latter was making his first visit to Japan since the creation of the Space Force and his appointment in December last year.

Kono is on his first overseas trip since February, when he attended an international conference in Germany.




How The CIA Used The Media to Ensnare Michael Flynn


FDA Fires 2 After Blood Plasma PR Disaster Mars Agency

Just days after the Food and Drug Administration was criticized for giving emergency use authorization for blood plasma to treat COVID-19, two senior public relations experts that advise the agency have been fired, the New York Times reported.

Chief spokeswoman for the FDA, Emily Miller, was removed by the agency’s commissioner Dr. Stephen Hahn on Friday, just 11 days after she started the position, the Times noted. The FDA website says Miller worked as Communications Director for the re-election campaign of Sen. Ted Cruz and as a journalist for the right-leaning cable network One America News.

Also terminated was Wayne L. Pines, a public relations consultant for the Department of Health and Human Services, the parent agency of the FDA. According to reports, Pines advised Dr. Hahn to apologize for comments that were misleading about the benefits of using blood plasma to treat COVID-19.

Pines told the Times that he did recommend that Hahn “correct the record,” adding that “if a federal official doesn’t say something right, and chooses to clarify and say that the criticism is justified, that’s refreshing.”

Brian Harrison, HHS’ chief of staff told the Times that the termination of Pines’ contract was “100 percent coincidence. HHS has been reviewing and canceling similar contracts, so I had it sent to our lawyers, who recommended termination. This was routine.”

The FDA came under fire for approving blood plasma after concern was expressed by several medical experts on its effectiveness to treat COVID-19. Medical experts have said that more data is needed to understand blood plasma, and the study that the treatment was authorized under included only a small group of 100 participants.





“The Left actively encouraging military coup and sedition against @realDonaldTrump.” https://twitter.com/TomFitton/status/1299555502133833728


Stockholm (AP) — Far-right activists burned a Qur’an in the southern Swedish city of Malmo, sparking riots and unrest after more than 300 people gathered to protest, police said Saturday.

Rioters set fires and threw objects at police and rescue services Friday night, slightly injuring several police officers and leading to the detention of about 15 people.



160 Cartel-Connected Human Smuggling Stash Houses Busted in South Texas this Year

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials report the disruption of more than 160 human smuggling stash house operations this fiscal year just in South Texas. The data provides a rare glimpse into the level of Mexican cartel stash house operations occurring in this region alone.

On August 27th, CBP Acting Commissioner Mark Morgan retweeted a video from U.S. Border Patrol Deputy Chief Raul Ortiz showing a recent stash house raid in Laredo, Texas. The tweet also provides detailed stash house data.

Smugglers don’t provide a service, they endanger & exploit human lives for profit. pic.twitter.com/rsKx0ShAc8

— Deputy Chief Raul Ortiz (@USBPDeputyChief) August 27, 2020

In the tweet, CBP reported that in South Texas alone in Fiscal Year 2020, which still has two months left in the year, the agency has already dismantled an astounding 160 stash houses and rescued over 1,600 people.

Stash house data is considered a gold mine by law enforcement officials and is routinely requested and sought after by elected leaders, journalists, and citizens attempting to understand the breadth of scope of smuggling and trafficking by criminal networks along the southwest border. Gaining access to data is often difficult.

The data on stash house operations is important because it indicates the level of cartel logistics occurring inside the U.S. Human smuggling operations are the life blood of the Mexican cartels’ smuggling and trafficking networks at the border. Smugglers along the border use a vast network of halcones, also known as falcons or hawks (lookouts) which extend over twenty miles into the United States in south Texas.

The scouts utilize two-way handheld encrypted radios and encrypted apps on cell phones like Zello. The scouts communicate directly back to Mexican smuggling and trafficking cells that work directly in collaboration with the Mexican cartels.

This network is how hundreds of thousands of pounds of illegal drugs and hundreds of thousands of people are smuggled across the border into the United States every year as they attempt to evade apprehension by law enforcement.

The goal for these criminal networks is to get the product (drugs or humans) across the border and into a stash house as quickly and rapidly as possible in order to evade law enforcement. Stash houses are an important component in smuggling as they provide a blanket that masks criminal activity along the border.

Human smuggling networks routinely treat migrants as a commodity. As seen in this video posted on August 12th, 2020 by Commissioner Morgan where you get to see a video recorded by a smuggler having no concern for human beings in terrible conditions.

Listen as a smuggler callously talks about needing additional space to hold more migrants as if they were merchandise.

COVID-19 only adds to the dangers of this situation. It only takes one person with the virus to spread it to many in these conditions. pic.twitter.com/tjrdHeNdKP

— CBP Mark Morgan (@CBPMarkMorgan) August 12, 2020



U.S. Marshals Find DOZENS of Missing Children in Georgia





Greek Antiquity & Early Vedanta Philosophy


Anti-Communist map by the Constitutional Education League

Liberal Folly Will Have Unintended Consequences

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