October Surprises are dropping before October even starts: O’Keefe catches Omar buying ballots and Q offers cryptic hints

Thank God the ordinary people of the world seem to be waking up.

And thank God for Tom Fitton and everybody at Judicial Watch, but that is discussed below the fold.

Thank God for James O’Keefe and everybody at Project Veritas.




Q wrote:


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“Trump Swift Boat Project.” – Clinton OP


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Podcast yesterday.
Intentional or careless?


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Those who scream the loudest…



And in the news:

The CIA in 2016 asked the FBI to investigate whether the Clinton campaign had approved a plan to distract from Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s email troubles by “stirring up a scandal” claiming Russian interference, according to new information declassified Tuesday.

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, in a letter to Congress, said the referral went to then-FBI Director James Comey and Deputy Assistant Director of Counterintelligence Peter Strzok.

The referral was based on information American intelligence gleaned from Russian intelligence alleging that Mrs. Clinton “had approved a campaign plan to stir up a scandal against U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump by tying him to Putin and the Russians’ hacking of the Democratic National Committee.”

The intelligence community did not take a position on the accuracy of the claims about Mrs. Clinton, but Mr. Ratcliffe said former CIA Director John Brennan briefed President Obama on the claims in late July 2016.

According to Mr. Brennan’s handwritten notes, Mr. Ratcliffe said, the former director talked about the “alleged approval by Hillary Clinton on July 26, 2016 of a proposal from one of her foreign policy advisors to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by Russian security services.”

Democrats’ presidential convention was taking place in Philadelphia, with the party riven by revelations from the hack of the DNC’s emails showing how much officials had put their thumb on the scale in favoring Mrs. Clinton over chief rival Sen. Bernard Sanders.

Mr. Comey is slated to testify to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, and Chairman Lindsey Graham said the fired FBI chief will have to answer questions about the revelation.

“Whether these allegations are accurate is not the question. The question is did the FBI investigate the allegations against Clinton like they did Trump? If not, why not? If so, what was the scope of the investigation? If none, why was that?” Mr. Graham said.



In a Feb. 26, 2016, exchange involving Democratic strategist Joel Johnson, as well as Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri and chairman John Podesta, assembling a group to destroy Trump was discussed.

“I know you can’t look past Bernie and March primaries — but who is in charge of the Trump swift boat project?” Johnson asked in an email to Palmieri, according to the hacked emails.

“Needs to be ready, funded and unleashed when we decide — but not a half assed scramble,” Johnson added.

“Gee. Thanks, Joel,” Palmieri responded a minute later.

“We thought we could half-ass it. Let’s discuss,” she added.

Johnson responded, “Sorry. I’ve been behind too many curtains in my day…”


DECLASSIFIED BREAKING — October Surprise comes early… Hillary Clinton implicated in Spygate collusion plot…

DOJ “Collusion”: How Hillary Clinton Is Avoiding Her Testimony

UPDATE: Latest Document Dump by DNI Ratcliffe Shows Hillary Camp Likely Hatched Plot on Russia TWO WEEKS AFTER SETH RICH MURDER AND 4 DAYS AFTER WIKILEAKS RELEASE



Trump Observers Are Being Blocked Entry to All Satellite Voting Locations in Philly #StopTheSteal


Bill Barr Meets With The President After Trump Ballots Found In Dumpster: Report

NEW DECLASSIFIED: @ODNIgov releases material which appears to suggest Hillary #Clinton campaign crafted the #Russia/Trump story and the #Obama/Biden White House was briefed on it.

Kevin Corke

#new statement from @DNI_Ratcliffe



The affidavit of former Houston police captain Mark Aguirre claims to have “video-taped interviews of witnesses attesting” to “widespread” fraudulent practices, including not just improperly taking advantage of nursing-home residents and forging the names of homeless people but also voting in the name of people who are dead. The affidavit of former FBI agent Charles Marler is similar, alleging that one of the fraudsters boasted that he could harvest up to 700,000 illegal ballots.

Vote fraud is very real, and it becomes significantly easier with widespread mail-in voting. This year’s near-national embrace of that practice seriously endangers this fall’s electoral validity.

Click to access AFFIDAVIT-OF-MARK-A.-AGUIRRE.pdf

Click to access 2020-09-27_Charles-F.-Marler-Affidavit.pdf


Michelle Malkin: Minnesota Rep. Seeing Ilhan Omar Voter Fraud Went to FBI But Due to Languid Response Contacted Project Veritas (VIDEO)

Slum Lord Linked to Ilhan Omar Also Owned the Club Where George Floyd and Derek Chauvin Worked that Later Burnt Down During Riots

WATCH: Tulsi Gabbard Addresses Ballot Harvesting After Alleged Ilhan Omar Scandal (VIDEO)


BREAKING: Newly Declassified Intel Assessment Reveals Hillary Clinton May Have Hatched Russia Hoax to Pin DNC ‘Hacking’ Onto Trump

UPDATE: Latest Document Dump by DNI Ratcliffe Shows Hillary Camp Likely Hatched Plot on Russia TWO WEEKS AFTER SETH RICH MURDER AND 4 DAYS AFTER WIKILEAKS RELEASE

Cernovich Retweeted

Greg Price


Just so we’re clear: Brennan briefed Obama on Russian intelligence that Hillary was allegedly planning the Russia hoax, it was referred to Comey and Strzok for investigation, and the FBI still proceeded to go after Michael Flynn and fabricate evidence to the FISA courts



1:02 PM · Sep 29, 2020


The Truth About Hunter Biden’s China Entanglements Is Even More Sinister Than Previously Thought

A report revealing that Hunter Biden received a 3.5 million dollar wire transfer from a politically connected Russian billionaire has managed to overshadow his extensively documented financial entanglements with China. Revolver News has obtained access to a carefully researched report offering important and disturbing information about Hunter’s business dealings and relationships in China, and we believe that these deserve renewed focus, particularly in light of a potentially compromising situation that has come to our attention.

The report is the result of months of work by a group called “Typhoon Investigations,” which styles itself as an “activist research firm protecting companies from foreign influence and threats.” While Revolver News cannot confirm the accuracy of every item in the report, we have been in contact with individuals involved in the creation of the report and can confirm the subject matter expertise. We note that much of the information represented in the report can be publicly verified.

The major findings of the report suggest that the sole reason the Hunter Biden would have been allowed a stake in the Chinese state backed private equity firm BHR is for the purpose of political influence via his father:

There is no apparent reason for HUNTER’s participation in the BHR partnership other than political payoff and influence. Virtually all financial investors or partners are state policy entities, state owned entities, or only nominally private. The investments flow primarily to Chinese state backed projects or firms. The financial terms, where we have been able to locate specific deal terms, engage in non-normal business practices designed to funnel fees and assets to benefit a specific party.

There is clear intent by Chinese state officials acting to influence US individuals either in official positions or with close relationships to them. This facilitated use of Chinese state offices and officials to meet HUNTER and arrange for public money via the social security, local state-owned enterprises, and policy bank to fund the investment partnership. Though the investment partnership was not official until late 2013, the key relationships and visits with companies and individuals who would become investors and partners began significantly earlier.

China invests large amounts of financial and political capital in influencing foreign individuals and institutions. Given the personal connection with senior individuals within the Chinese government, there is absolutely no chance this investment partnership was undertaken as a normal market transaction or that political influence by Chinese was ignored. Notably, key individuals have strong links to Chinese influence organizations.

BHR is a state managed operation. Leading shareholder Bohai is a Bank of China subsidiary, and BHR’s partners are Chinese State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) that funnel revenue/assets to BHR. [Typhoon]

The Truth About Hunter Biden’s China Entanglements Is Even More Sinister Than Previously Thought


Westpac Bank fined $400 million for aiding and abetting paedophiles and another $900 million for money laundering

The Nxivm-5 Go on CBS Morning to Defend Raniere; Vicente Responds to Clyne on Twitter


Trump Swift Boat Scam Creator

Joel Johnson is a Managing Director with The Glover Park Group with over two decades of legislative and communications experience. Joel heads a team of professionals who specialize in crafting and implementing legislative strategy, working in tandem with The Glover Park Group’s Public Affairs Division, advertising and crisis management teams.

Joel joined GPG in 2005. Prior to joining GPG, Joel founded The Harbour Group in 2001 and built an impressive portfolio of private and public clients worldwide. A veteran of both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue, Joel’s distinguished career extends to the corridors of Capitol Hill and the White House. Prior to founding The Harbour Group, Joel completed his appointment as President Clinton’s Senior Advisor for Policy and Communications. In this capacity, he was charged with coordinating the message and communications strategies designed to promote the Administration’s legislative and policy goals. As a member of the President’s team of core advisors, his responsibilities required an intensive working knowledge of the machinery of government and media at the highest levels.

Joel has extensive experience in public policy and strategic communications on Capitol Hill. When Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle was elected Democratic Leader in 1994, Joel was appointed Staff Director for the Senate Democratic Leadership, serving as Daschle’s chief legislative and communications advisor for five years. Previously, he served the House Democratic Leadership as Executive Director of the Democratic Study Group, held senior staff positions on the Senate Labor and Human Resources and Judiciary Committees, and was Chief of Staff to Senator Howard M. Metzenbaum of Ohio.



This Joel Johnson has quite the history. Little fingerprints everywhere.

Leaked email: “Bernie needs to be ground to a pulp,” Clinton adviser and lobbyist wrote to John Podesta

“No mercy,” longtime Democratic operative Joel Johnson wrote about Bernie Sanders. “Crush him as hard as you can”

November 3, 2016 1:04PM


Joel Johnson is an influential political operative with a long history in Democratic circles.

From 1999 to 2001, he served as a senior adviser for policy and communications under former president Bill Clinton. In 2004, Johnson became part of the communications team for John Kerry’s presidential campaign.

He also previously worked for former Democratic senators Tom Daschle and Howard Metzenbaum. Daschle is a Podesta ally who, since leaving office, has himself become a prominent lobbyist.

The Clinton campaign sought crucial advice from Johnson. In February 2015, two months before Hillary Clinton officially declared her run for president, Clinton campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri wrote that she had asked “Joel Johnson to do some thinking about how HRC and campaign should engage the press in early stages of the campaign.”

The leaked messages also show that Johnson and Podesta are close. In a January email, Johnson reminisced about a 2000 limo ride with Clinton, and Podesta replied by calling Johnson “brother.” In a 2014 message, Johnson said he would donate $500 for Podesta’s daughter Megan Rouse, who was running for school board in Dublin, California.

A 2004 Washington Post story “Lobbyists Take Leave to Advise Kerry Campaign” listed Joel Johnson as part of a group of “Democratic insiders” and “lobbyists with close ties to a wide array of businesses, including drug companies and Microsoft Corp.”





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