Q promises BRRRT and strategic drama



I still have not forgotten about human trafficking, but apparently the mainstream media doesn’t want to see it.


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Set condition 1 SQ for strategic missile launch.

Q has not dropped any hints that seem meaningful to me, even though some anons are trying to make sense of their tiniest details.

Q posted:


The prevailing theory is that the movie clip symbolizes Hunter Biden taking the initiative and attempting to destroy his father’s crime family.

And in the news:

Congress released a report re Biden:

Congress Just Released The Hunter Biden Report – It Accuses The Biden Family Of Trying To Enrich Themselves


Anon wrote more re Biden and the laptop repair shop:

Biden lives 4min from the repair shop.

Rebunk info found:




I found a biggie lads. Beaus foundation is also just down the street 5miles from the repair shop.

The narrative is collapsing

Some anons believe that the scandals will cause the election to be defaulted somehow. It is possible that Trump might run unopposed.

Anons have pointed out that Q has used “launch” before:

Man threatens suicide, gets captured, escapes police: he looks like an agent, not a civilian.







Doom porn from the typical doom porn addicts:


But possibly corroborated from another source?






This is Mr. Guo’s latest Chinese single song “A Wine Toast to Take Down the CCP.” Listen to the 4-minute song here


GOOG Search Algorithm Rigged to Pump QAnon Disinfo – PROOF

-Search “Q” in duckduck. Reason: goog populates 2ducks but 2ducks uses internal algo to rank, as can be seen in the next few examples.

1st result: QAnon – Wikipedia

2nd result: Q – Wikipedia

This is mostly normal throughout the alphabet where the wiki shows up early. Many letters have buried the wiki due to popularity of other same-letter searches. A few letters result in pop music songs/acts pumped/promoted which bury the single letter search result.

-Now search “Q” in GOOG (with or without quotes. I used quotes as it isolates the letter imo based on result comparisons)

1st result: QAnon article – Atlantic

2nd result: QAnon – Wikipedia

This would be plausible if hot news is in the algo, but should also yield the letter “Q – Wikipedia” at least a few pages in unless populated artificially to market a band/act or buried by a super-common search (see “C” below).

Continuing, next result…

NBC articl3e

ABC article

WSJ article

BBC article

NYT article

Guardian article

CBC article

Slate article

Pages 2-5 – moar articles. Pages 3-5 start to have non-Qanon articles but NOT “Q – Wikipedia”!

On pg 5, the first mention of the letter Q is “Q | Definition of Q by Merriam-Webster”

Guessing programmers wrote “Q=QAnon” into code. This would explain why “Q – Wikipedia” is buried so far down (I never reached it through 20 pgs).

Ads show up on pg 2. All QAnon-related.

Included is:

“The QAnon Conspiracy” from skeptoid.com

‘Evangelicals Denounce Q Cult” by thegospelcoalition.org

“QAnon Threat to Christianity” by dnyuz.com

Christians Say QAnon is Evil by dnyuz.com

These ads are on every page after pg 1. BUT ONLY FOR THE LETTER “Q” SEARCH. All other letters have no ads at bottom of page.

Stopped looking for “Q – Wikipedia at 20 pages”

– Goog searches for every letter in quotes:

Many pages start with vids but I skipped to first non-vid result.

What we’re seeing is the algo goes with the most popular searches (duh). Which explains why the letter wouldn’t have to be #1 (see Cardi B). But it should show up within a few pages, unless there’s too many searches that overwhelm the alogo to recognize a single “Q”.

Example: “C” yields pages and pages of C programming. Which is totally understandable given the damn internet birthed in a C womb.

A – “A – Wikipedia” No Ads on further pages.

B – “Cardi B” Wiki on pg 3. No Ads.

C – “C (programming language) – all C programming then Vitamin C for over 12 pages, No Wiki. No Ads.

D – “Vitamin D” D Wiki pg 4. No Ads.

E – “E!” (entertainment) dominates, gave up on E Wiki, No Ads.

F – “Ford” then Wiki, No Ads.

G – “edu.google.com” then Wiki, No Ads.

H – “H – Wiki”, No Ads.

I – Lauv song “I Like Me Better”

J – JCrew

K – Wiki

L – Wiki

M – Twice “What is Love”

N – List N for Coronavirus (kek)

O – “O” Bellagio

P – P!nk

Q – (See Above)

R – R project/programming

S – S Wiki

T – AT&T/Tmo

U – classroom.google.com

V – V (tv series)

W – W Hotels

X – X the band

Y – YouTube

Z – Z (2019) IMDb.

Now maybe these last 3+ years have escalated Q to the top nth pages, however those searches should yield actual Q discussion sites & personal pages that have been popular long before the QAnon article flood. We all know GOOG games the searches to show propaganda and the letter Q is a perfect example of both the rig job and also the advertisments pumping Anti-Christian QAnon ads to divide the religious base.

Also interesting is that Q is the only single-letter search that results in Ads on page bottoms. No other letter does this.

Conclusion: Q has been equated to Q=QAnon in their algo, not by search volume, but by programming given the MSM & anti-Q articles page after page after page. Given the popularity of Q and the misnomer QAnon, statistically there should be at least a handful of pro-Q sites.


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