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Gen. Thomas McInerney: Hammer & Scoreboard Will Soon Be Expected as Biggest Scandal in US History

November ’17’, 2020

PA Election Observer Drops BOMBSHELL – Says DOJ Showed Up at Her Door to Question Her After She Testified

Leah Hoopes, a Republican poll watcher from Chester, Pennsylvania, testified before the GOP Pennsylvania Senate hearing last week Gettysburg. Leah described what she witnessed while doing her duties on election night as votes were being counted for President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Hoopes said she was kept in what she described as a “play pen” as an observer and no Republicans were allowed close to where the counting was taking place.

Leah spoke with Rob Schmidt from Newsmax TV last week.

On Saturday Leah spoke with Steve Bannon and the War Room on Saturday and dropped this bombshell!

Leah Hoopes said the DOJ made a visit to her home to question her after she testified last week in Gettysburg.

Via The War Room:

WOW! PA Election Observer Drops BOMBSHELL – Says DOJ Showed Up at Her Door to Question Her After She Testified (VIDEO)

Re Dominion:

The truth of deep state1:Staple Street Capital who owns Dominion Voting, involves a huge political background

2 CFR 200 is where WE THE PEOPLE have the power over Dominion…NEVER CONTRACT WITH THE ENEMY!

Never Contract with the Enemy.

OMB is adding part 183 to 2 C.F.R. to implement Never Contract with the Enemy, a law included in the NDAA for FY 2015 and extended in the NDAA for FY 2020 that prohibits providing funds to a person or entity that is actively opposing the United States. The new regulations will apply only to “grants and cooperative agreements that exceed $50,000, are performed outside the United States, including U.S. territories, to a person or entity that is actively opposing United States or coalition forces involved in a contingency operation in which members of the Armed Forces are actively engaged in hostilities.”



“Officials Had Something to Hide” – There is Enough “Preponderance of Evidence” to “Doubt the Result” — Democrat Elections Observer Weighs in On Corrupt Georgia Vote




1. Learn how color revolution works.

2. Learn about George Soros “reset” & “new world order.”

3. Learn about Bill Gates “depopulation” goal.

4. Learn about Abraham Lincoln’s exercise of power in 1861 to save our country.


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1. ‘’’Learn how color revolution works.’’’

“Color Revolution” refers to technique for promoting “regime change” in target nations. Eisen/Soros playbook activated against us:

Click to access The-Democracy-Playbook_Preventing-and-Reversing-Democratic-Backsliding.pdf

POTUS/US MIL/patriots/anons make up a counterinsurgency to give power back to We, the People

Click to access 119629.pdf

2. ‘’’Learn about George Soros “reset” & “new world order.”’’’


3. ‘’’Learn about Bill Gates “depopulation” goal.’’’


4. ‘’’Learn about Abraham Lincoln’s exercise of power in 1861 to save our country.’’’

Lincoln invented POTUS War Powers in 1861 to “take any measure which may best subdue the enemy.” Defying Chief Justice, he suspended habeas corpus, declared martial law, authorized trial of civilians by military, and proclaimed emancipation of slaves. All on the grounds that “I may in an emergency do things on military grounds which cannot be done constitutionally by Congress.” In so doing, Lincoln vastly expanded presidential war powers and established precedents invoked by later presidents.




Air Force General Exposes CIA Vote Hacking

Re Carlyle Group:

Images: The Owner Of Dominion Voting Systems Deleted All Their Board & Team Member Info And Scrubbed Their Site Last Month – Here’s Why

Who counted the votes? Who are the stakeholders in Dominion Voting Systems?





§ 200.339 Remedies for noncompliance.

If a non-Federal entity fails to comply with the U.S. Constitution, Federal statutes, regulations or the terms and conditions of a Federal award, the Federal awarding agency or pass-through entity may impose additional conditions, as described in § 200.208. If the Federal awarding agency or pass-through entity determines that noncompliance cannot be remedied by imposing additional conditions, the Federal awarding agency or pass-through entity may take one or more of the following actions, as appropriate in the circumstances:

(a) Temporarily withhold cash payments pending correction of the deficiency by the non-Federal entity or more severe enforcement action by the Federal awarding agency or pass-through entity.

(b) Disallow (that is, deny both use of funds and any applicable matching credit for) all or part of the cost of the activity or action not in compliance.

(c) Wholly or partly suspend or terminate the Federal award.

(d) Initiate suspension or debarment proceedings as authorized under 2 CFR part 180 and Federal awarding agency regulations (or in the case of a pass-through entity, recommend such a proceeding be initiated by a Federal awarding agency).

(e) Withhold further Federal awards for the project or program.

(f) Take other remedies that may be legally available.



Now or Never: A Call to White Resistance

Game Changer! The Anti-Trump Green Party Candidate Jill Stein Won the Right to Inspect the Source Code of the Voting Machine!

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