Random scholarship links while we wait for real news

We all want to know the latest developments in the struggle against pizza merchants.  I have seen numerous posts of unconfirmed hearsay this weekend. I do not want to run such rumors as if they were news; RUMINT is not HUMINT.


Wintery Knight considers W. L. Craig:
William Lane Craig lectures on failure in the Christian life







Lind answers a critic of his books:

The View From Olympus: A Response to a Critique of MCDP 1, Warfighting



I don’t much like the WSJ, but the economics of office space should be considered while fools panic about propagandized pseudo-crises:

History reminds us that the early days of the Industrial Revolution began with people doing commercial work from home. Since then, we have been remarkably, some might say stubbornly, committed to the idea that work should be centered at the office, even when it could have been done remotely. We invested huge amounts of money in office real estate equipped to help us be efficient. We also asked employees to spend lots of time and money traveling to those offices.


I really don’t like the BBC (which is still tainted by Jimmy Saville), and I especially don’t like their website, but some of their claims are mildly interesting to people interested in the psychology of empathy :





Health benefits of kindness:


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