Coca-Cola wants everyone to be less white, even Latinos!

Interestingly, the whistleblowing employee who revealed this story is a Latino! He’s not a grumpy old stale pale male — he’s a Person Of Color, and even HE can’t stand this nonsense.

Remember, Coca-Cola wants everyone to be less white, even Latinos!

This story is just the top story of several relevant stories.


PLEASE HELP US Identify Who Is Running These Websites that Keep Stealing Our Content for Profit: TheTrueDefender, TheMAGAPatriots, ConservativesArmy …Update: Thank You!



A Democrat Lost By Six Votes, Now The U.S. House May Throw Out Election Results To Let Her Win

“Never Mistake My Quiet for Inaction” – Sidney Powell Speaks Out After SCOTUS Meetings Friday on Election Fraud — Expects Orders and Opinions Next Week

Rand Paul reports on government waste.

Click to access 2020FestivusReport.pdf

The following was posted under “OPINION.” Several self-proclaimed legal experts have disputed the details of the regulations.

Images: Texans Froze To Death Because Biden Admin Ordered ERCOT To Throttle Energy Output By Forcing It To Comply With Environmental Green Energy Standards

After His Second Acquittal The Democrats Push Plan To Ban Trump From Running For Office Again – This Can Be Done With A Simple Majority Vote

Second Amendment Patriots Stop Mass Shooting, Take Out Gunman at Louisiana Gun Range

DISCLAIMER: I was not able to verify some claims made by Robert Horton; caveat lector!


Has anyone else noticed that Democrats don’t want signature verification or ID for electing one of them, but demand very restrictive signature verification and ID to recall one of them?


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