Boy, those Americans sure love their helicopters; perhaps one day we will look back and understand why

American civilians have been commenting on the unusually high number of military helicopters that have suddenly taken to the air.

This, and dozens of other stories, below the fold:

The Internet is big, but still vulnerable to censorship:

An upcoming film you won’t hear about in MSM/Hollywood.

The true story of Tim Ballard (Jim Caviezel) who quit his job at The Department of Homeland Security to help save the lives of thousands of children from human trafficking.



The story of Tim Ballard (Jim Caviezel), a former US government agent, who quits his job in order to devote his life to rescuing children from global sex traffickers. Tim Ballard in front of the Senate.

Biden plans to issue a new anti-domestic terrorism law as a possible way to target American citizens

Lin Wood, [24.02.21 20:46]

Let me warn you: to understand what has happened you will have to face some hard truth – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Most people avoid that painful exercise about themselves and the world around them. They would prefer to stick their head in the sand and ignore the truth, deny it, distort it, or attempt to explain it away.

Unless we as individuals and as a collective society face the whole TRUTH, we will not be able to save ourselves or our country. You cannot fix something that you refuse to believe badly needs fixing.

Lin Wood, [24.02.21 20:53]

Let’s face this truth. Over at least the last two decades if not longer, we got complacent. We were focused on enjoying the benefits of freedom, technological advances, and what felt like an ever increasing standard of living. In short, we got lazy and took our eye of the ball. We took our freedom for granted. And what inevitably happens when you take something for granted? You stop working to keep and protect it. Until it is too late and you realize you are about to lose that which you took for granted.

If I have your interest, keep going. If I do not, feel free to go on Facebook and Instagram and write a personal diary about your daily activities replete with photos. The CIA loves information. Makes it easier for them to manipulate and brainwash you.

Do you think I have done a good job of selecting links and headlines? I certainly am not happy with my performance. Here’s a sample of recent headlines that I have not yet combed through. If you think some of them should have been featured, leave a comment.


>>13039117 1 in 6 Americans under 23 say they’re LGBTQ, as more people in the US than ever identify as non-heterosexual

>>13039123 New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office Wants to Take Custody of Windham Voting Machines – Take Them Away for Audit

>>13039130 The Israeli medical authorities have been leaking some of the data on Covid vaccination based upon figures kept in tabular form

>>13039155 Tell Congress to help America, Not Itself link

>>13039175 Opponents attack wife of Clarence Thomas over his dissent bashing decision to not hear critical election case

>>13039184 Global airline industry body to launch Covid ‘travel pass’ by March PAPERS PLEASE

>>13039197 New York Democrats Hold Outdoor Presser Calling for Charges Against Governor Cuomo

>>13039211 ‘Flat Lie’: Federal Prosecutors In New York Admitted To Lying About Evidence In Sanctions Case

>>13039215 Biden’s CIA Nominee Has Close Ties to Communist China

>>13039223 White House reporter covering Kamala Harris tests positive for COVID-19

>>13039253 China Assails Five Eyes Intelligence Network ‘Axis of White Supremacy’

>>13039292 What if the “Conspiracy” is Real?

>>13039296 Maine Congregations Faced With ‘Stay Away From Church or Go to Jail’

>>13039303 Wear Two Masks Until June, De Blasio Tells New Yorkers

>>13039374 Why a Durham Report Is Becoming Highly Unlikely

>>13039420, >>13039531 Putin says Russia thwarted the activity of hundreds of foreign agents nationwide

>>13039427 Trudeau Officially Unveils Ludicrous COVID Travelling Protocols, Complete with “Detention Centers”

>>13039453 Israeli cyber firm: Chinese hacking tool was modeled on NSA spyware

>>13039463 Electronic bracelets to be put on people entering Israel

>>13039467 Ex-bank president in Texas gets 8 years for fake loans, arson to try to cover up fraud

>>13039509 Twitter is now adding a controversial ‘hacked materials’ warning label to tweets

>>13039550 Biden WH and EU face humiliation for Navalny support after racist video surfaces

>>13039565 Judge dismisses drunk driving charge against Bruce Springsteen

>>13039577 Twitter has deleted dozens of account for the crime of “undermining faith in the NATO alliance”

>>13039672 Military Situation In Syria On February 24, 2021 (Map Update)

>>13039716 California Stimulus Check: Illegal Immigrants Will Also Receive $600 Payments


>>13039728 Illinois Becomes First State to End Cash Bail for Most Crimes

>>13039768 Europe records its biggest ever cocaine bust 46 mt

>>13040830 #16607



>>13039996 The US Federal Reserve announced Wednesday it is investigating a disruption to services including Fedwire

>>13040003 Hunter really keeping the fam tight.

>>13040052, >>13040224 Letter to US President wanting him to relinquish control of nuclear codes to Kamala Harris & Nancy Pelosi, which is against the US Constitution.

>>13040106 NXIVM Sex Cult Slaves Speak Out: ‘It Was New, It Was Edgy, and It Was Good’

>>13040108 Key Biden aide said pandemic was ‘best thing that ever happened to him’, book says

>>13040109 [D]Party created fake postal problems to create chaos around 2020 election

>>13040115, >>13040132, >>13040138 Zionist George Webb – Mossad’s Agenda Supercut

>>13040165 Lebanese MPs Jump Vaccine Queue, Sparking Outrage

>>13040175 Liz Cheney Goes Rogue – Ends House GOP Leadership Presser Saying Trump “Should Not Play Role in the Party”

>>13040200 PF

>>13040203 Coumo sexual harassment

>>13040294 Seattle fire crews are responding to natural gas leak where flames are shooting through a sidewalk; nearby residents asked to evacuate

>>13040296 HBO Not Removing Woody Allen Films After Release of Docuseries About His Disputed Child Abuse

>>13040301 Rep. Steve Scalise Reminds Democrats of Attempted Assassination by Leftist

>>13040330 College student found hanged after telling friends she had been raped

>>13040346 DC Elitists Call Cops On Truck With ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ Plates, Fearing It May Be An ‘Insurrection Vehicle’

>>13040381 Facebook sucker-punch the Australian government. What it means for independent journalists and social media users

>>13040414 Reddit offline for many worldwide, the platform released an incident report.

>>13040418 AOC slams Biden for reopening Trump-era migrant children holding facility, calls for elimination of DHS and ICE

>>13040441 Democrat Equality Act ‘the most comprehensive assault on Christianity ever written into law’

>>13040468 Twitter has started to flag links to CPAC’s website as “unsafe” on the eve of the conference

>>13040477 Pennsylvania Youth Pastor Arrested On Child Porn Charges

>>13040524 Biden’s policies are bad for jobs, national security, and coastal restoration.

>>13040598 Saudi sovereign fund invests over $3 billion in major game publishers

>>13040647 Sydney Morning Herald accidentally publishes Prince Philip’s obituary

>>13040655 1.5 tonnes of heroin disguised as Himalayan rock salt seized in the Netherlands’ largest ever haul

>>13040953 #16608


#16609 (partial)

>>13041106 GameStop back in the news; Reddit crashes

>>13041066 The #USArmy plans to continue building its Integrated Tactical Network

>>13040818 Federal Reserve Behind Killing Gamestop Stock and Other Meme Stocks?

>>13040864 Report: FBI investigating Congress members as ‘suspects’ in riot

>>13040874 Twitter Bans Hundreds of Accounts for ‘Undermining NATO’

>>13041535 #16609



>>13040745 Iona College basketball announcer hit with federal child porn charges


>>13040818 Federal Reserve Behind Killing Gamestop Stock and Other Meme Stocks EXPOSED!!!

>>13040864 Report: FBI investigating Congress members as ‘suspects’ in riot

>>13040865 Reuters is documented MI5 and MI6 tool.

>>13040873 ‘Security threat’: House Republicans request FBI briefing on Swalwell’s ties to alleged Chinese spy

>>13040947 Rep. Elise Stefanik: Gov. Cuomo is a ‘criminal sexual predator’ and should resign

>>13040977 U.S. Spent $787 Million On ‘Gender Equality’ Projects In Afghanistan

>>13040982 FEDS: PA Man Had Tens of Thousands of Images and Movies of Child Sexual Exploitation

>>13041004 Hitman Pleads Guilty in Maltese Journalist’s Murder

>>13041014 guy refuses test and quarantine police confirm not needed under law!

>>13041018 Georgia GOP Senate Passes Bill Requiring ID for Absentee Voting

>>13041024 Warning for America: The Four Steps of Marxist Takeover Were Activated in 2020

>>13041063 Netanyahu has reportedly urged US President Joe Biden to maintain his predecessor’s sanctions against the International Criminal Court

>>13041076 Fight erupts over Defence moves to sack special forces whistleblowers

>>13041081, >>13041098 Iranian refugee slams John Kerry’s ‘anti-American’ backdoor meetings with Iran during Trump admin

>>13041149 House Republicans held secret climate summit in Utah

>>13041167 bidan’s CIA Nominee’s wife, Lisa Carty, works for these people….CISA

>>13041176 Democratic spending package would cost each household a decent yearly salary

>>13041245 How is blackmail used?

>>13041344 Claims Hunter Biden was in relationship with brother Beau’s widow while ‘sending SEXTS to her married sister’


>>13041424 16607 Notables

>>13041426 16608 Notables

>>13041476 Earlier today the NYSE temporarily halted trading of $GME as a result of the SEC’s Limit Up-Limit Down rule

>>13041535 Partial notes from 16609

>>13041551 Did anyone dig on RILEY WILLIAMS?

>>13041552 , >>13041560 Bongino whines about Paler’s lot in the world

>>13041569 Twitter Blocks Links to CPAC Website

>>13041573 Hunter Biden porking both brother’s widow and married sister

>>13041575 New York Governor Cuomo Harassed a Woman In His Office, Had an Affair with a Married Woman for Months As Well

>>13041596 , >>13041634 81 Helicopters up – Vast majority are Blackhawks -troop transports.

>>13041621 Family Guy predicted China Virus Aired Jan 17th, 2020

>>13041622 Final Defendant Sentenced in $7 Billion Investment Fraud Scheme

>>13041631 New York Governor Cuomo Harassed a Woman In His Office, Had an Affair with a Married Woman for Months As Well

>>13041658 Similar distribution of C130’s – a lot up for a Weds Night but not as extraordinary as the Helos.

>>13041667 FBI Files – Cold War Era

>>13041683 Woman finds kilo of cocaine in crochet kit bought at Seattle store

>>13041699 A Bill to Ban Body Armor?

>>13041740 Cult of LGBTQ says trans “female” MMA fighter who destroyed female competitor is “bravest athlete in history”

>>13041745 Electronic surveillance ships making a showing tonight too. No E4-B .Yet.

>>13041766 Helo numbers reducing (No Persist filter or the number would be waaay up) I never saw 5 H47s up simultaneously over the ConUS either.

>>13041790 Online Child Exploitation at All-Time High

>>13041795 Capitol riots? First was a dude who stole laptop.. Then suicide himself over a 1000$ fine?

>>13041810 US deploys 780 service members to vaccination centers in Florida, Pennsylvania NORTHCOM

>>13041833 Renton, Washington – Young girl, 5, found after car she was in was stolen from Renton Safeway parking lot

>>13041868 96% saying Biden Cabal doing a ‘bad job’. 49% said ‘worse than expected’.

>>13041880 Washington State Patrol employee arrested for two counts of attempted child rape

>>13041962 Parents find 5,000 fentanyl pills in child’s toy from thrift store – PHOENIX AZ

>>13041977 How badly has our money been devalued?

>>13041982 Last 40 Minutes 110 Military Helos Up This is not not not normal.

>>13042002 ‘The war continues’: Small investors up in arms after GameStop stock trades halted amid price surge & reports of Reddit outages

>>13042005 China Wants Your Data — And May Already Have It

>>13042020 WAR: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Decorates Hall Outside Her Office After Dem Rep. Puts Up Trans Flag

>>13042028 Ohio Public School Orders Teachers and Students to Lobby for LGBT Legislation

>>13042029 All the H60s are Squawking 1200 4 of the EC45s are Squawking 1200

>>13042077 Security attacks man because of no mask.

>>13042079 Couple gets surprised by President Trump while they were taking engagement photos at Mar-A-Lago. (video)

>>13042082 BRAINWASHING ACHIEVED! Democrat Voters Overwhelmingly Believe “Trump Supporters” Are The #1 Problem In The Country

>>13042101 ISIS Claims 65 Nigerian Troops Killed Or Injured In New Borno Attacks

>>13042113 ISIS Still Holds Mozambique’s Northeast In Its Grip (Biden Cabal is active 30 days and already ISIS is killing again)

>>13042120 And we have an E4B Nightwatch joining the party

>>13042155 16 KC135 Tankers – they are gassing something up!

>>13042171 #16610



>>13038410 Washington Post lobbies for more abortions

>>13038439 U.S. District Judge Drew Tipton has indefinitely banned enforcement of Pres. Biden’s 100 day deportation pause

>>13038445 16604 Notables FINAL

>>13038460 Chrissy Teigen Asks President Joe Biden To Unfollow Her On Twitter – Pedos have to have privacy you know, freaks

>>13038483 FL Gove DeSantis – RIP Rush

>>13038497 ‘Very Frightening’: Dr. Scott Atlas Explains How Public Health Officials Have Damaged the American Psyche

>>13038500 Georgia has PASSED their voter ID Bill!

>>13038514 Why 28 Republicans Are Calling for an Investigation Into the National Institutes of Health

>>13038529 Foil-capped TikTokers are spreading conspiracy theories claiming that historic snowfall in Texas was actually planted by the government

>>13038595 More Media narrative pushing blood drinking

>>13038620 Rome, Italy Police Defend Protesters in Solidarity

>>13038628 First look at BLM finances, details finally come to light – to the tune of $90 million

>>13038685 Ever notice how protecting people from dangerous misinformation looks exactly the same as censoring true information you’re scared of?

>>13038450 US MARSHALLS do not want anyone to think that yesterdays message concerning Lincoln sneaking into DC for his March 04 Inauguration, has any hidden meanings.

>>13038698 Anon opines on Q Posts – Biden being controlled by foreign government

>>13038727 WATCH LIVE: Fed Chair Jerome Powell testifies before Congress — 2/24/21

>>13038669 Suffolk University “Qanon” Poll (Bannon Warroom video)

>>13038818 Now Ted Cruz may be buying his own books through a mystery company (Salon is as Deep State friendly as you can get)

>>13038840 , >>13038860 Planefag: Q4 Northrop Grumman MQ-4C Triton Unmanned Aerial Vehicle circling off the coast near Washington DC

>>13038919 A financial snapshot shared exclusively with The Associated Press shows the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation took in just over $90 million last year

>>13038921 , >>13038796 SOUND OF FREEDOM -The story of Tim Ballard, who quits his Government job in order to devote his life to rescuing children from global sex traffickers

>>13039001 , >>13039040 Twitter’s discrediting of leaked docs that show UK’s covert activities against Russia is a shocking case of media manipulation

>>13039014 Anti-Trump Lincoln Project received $32mn in free media coverage since sexual harassment scandal broke – report

>>13039049 Baarack, the Australian sheep

>>13039065 #16606


>>13037339 President Trump appeals Facebook / Instagram suspension

>>13037469 Vatican supports waiving patent protections for Covid-19 vaccine?

>>13037533 Residents in Schuylkill County borough told not to drink water after water tower vandalized

>>13037611 Daily Beast tries to cover up evidence of Child Sex Abuse

>>13037620 Olympian McKayla Maroney Ensnared in Mystery ‘Cult’ the Church of the Master Angels

>>13037635 , >>13037760 Liz Cheney Wants Republicans to Announce They ‘Aren’t The Party of White Supremacy’

>>13037638 Capitol Police Head Claims FBI Never Warned Cops About January 6 ‘War’ Threat

>>13037655 Former Clinton Adviser: America Becoming ‘Totalitarian State’ Under Biden

>>13037660 Utah business sign with American flag covering explicit word draws criticism

>>13037673 Big Update: ‘Be Less White’ Training Seminar Coke Employees Took Gets ‘Canceled’

>>13037679 Families of 3 sailors killed in NAS Pensacola attack suing Saudi Arabia

>>13037733 No Pentagon nominees from Biden Cabal?

>>13037739 CPAC readies for Florida gathering

>>13037767 In California you can’t leave your home after 10pm but you can still give someone HIV legally anytime

>>13037781 Protecting people from ‘disinformation’ looks exactly like ‘censorship’

>>13037794 Pray for President Trump, family and country

>>13037834 Democrats Don’t Want Biden To Have Full Control Of Nuclear Weapons

>>13037897 , >>13037831 , >>13037911 Dovile Paris= Lithuanian art models

>>13037904 UK Courts uphold right to remain silent under Police China Virus overreach regulations

>>13037910 A federal judge late Tuesday indefinitely banned President Joe Biden’s administration from enforcing a 100-day moratorium on most deportations.

>>13037952 NEW – Not a single case of influenza has been detected by public health officials in England for the past seven weeks

>>13037979 DJT Jr – My take on the media’s sudden silence about kids in cages… What happened guys?

>>13037998 ‘Home Improvement’ star Zachery Ty Bryan convicted on two counts in domestic violence case

>>13038046 House Democrats targeting right wing news sources for censorship / deletion from public consumption

>>13038048 Tucker Carlson Can’t Find the Q Research Website. We’re Here to Help.

>>13038062 VA Senator Amanda Chase is all alone, fighting the Swamp at ground zero

>>13038112 At least 6,500 workers have died building Qatar’s World Cup failities

>>13038131 CHICO, Calif. – Former San Diego Mayor visited Chico on Tuesday to show his support for the recall of Gov. Gavin Newsom and campaign for governor.

>>13037993 , >>13038202 , >>13038195 How to replace a corrupt, failed government with one controlled by We, the People

>>13038218 Former Obama Staff Colluded With Iran to Undermine Trump

>>13038262 #16605


>>13036730 Mitch McConnell Will Vote to Confirm Merrick Garland as U.S. Attorney General

>>13036741 “Why CPAC disinvited me from their event!” (Video)

>>13036742 The Fascist Democrats & the Fake Insurrection Why Americans should be afraid. Very afraid.

>>13036770 In 2003, a white hat hacker used a network mapper to sketch a map of the entire internet. In 2021, he did it again—and showed just how quickly it’s expanded.

>>13036798 Immunologist Warns Pfizer and Moderna Coronavirus Vaccines May Cause Neurodegenerative Disorders Such as Alzheimer’s

>>13036810 Counterinsurgency Campaign’ Against ‘Right-Wing Extremists’ Could Backfire

>>13036824 16600 Notables


>>13036848 New ‘white supremacy’ narrative to attempt to slow the Great Awakening

>>13036894 VPN slowed heavily today. They’ve been slow this whole month. This guy picked up on it earlier this month. Possibly related? (video)

>>13036908 Drug executives: Big jump in vaccine supply is coming soon

>>13036923 top 10 1000% plus stock gains last 52 weeks?

>>13036940 , >>13036950 The predicted FAKE alien invasion (full-on FF event)

>>13037023 FCC response to call for Dem calls to deplatform OANN, FOX, NEWSMAX

>>13037028 Not a single case of influenza has been detected by public health officials in England for the past seven weeks. 685,243 samples that have been reviewed at PHE’s laboratories so far

>>13037032 The sporting world was ‘holding its breath’ following Tiger Woods’ serious crash

>>13037033 US Senate inquiry finds major security failures ahead of Capitol riots they failed to read an email

>>13037039 Two elderly Australians given four times recommended COVID vaccine dose

>>13037044 The west is ‘de-industrializing itself’ against a ‘big threat’ like China

>>13037046 DJT – “I will fight on, just as I have, for the last five years (even before I was successfully elected), despite all of the election crimes that were committed against me. We will win”

>>13037089 GeorgeNews Telegraph update

>>13037127 Democrats Don’t Want Biden To Have Full Control Of Nuclear Weapons

>>13037131 Trump Submits Formal Appeal to Be Reinstated on Facebook and Instagram

>>13037137 Another Democrat Narrative Goes up in Flames – Ex-Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund Says He Had Intel Antifa Was Part of the January 6 Attack

>>13037141 Debunking the False Insurrection Lie by the Democrats

>>13037144 Ex-Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund Says He Did Not Get FBI Report Warning of Violence on January 6

>>13037148 Ashli Babbitt Is Laid To Rest In Pacific Ocean by Family and Friends?

>>13037152 Boycott the Gaslight Media and Save America

>>13037160 WaPo During Trump: ‘Kids In Cages’; WaPo During Biden: ‘Migrant Facility For Children’

>>13037162 Clarence Thomas Dissent in Election Cases: ‘Our Fellow Citizens Deserve Better’

>>13037168 Buffalo public schools claim ‘all white people’ perpetuate systemic racism and force kindergarteners to watch video of dead black children to warn them about ‘racist police and state-sanctioned violence’

>>13037171 Why The Texas Blackout Has The Greens So Scared

>>13037178 156699 Notables

>>13037179 Democrats Move to Silence Non-Liberal Speech

>>13037190 The Blue States Are Now the Beggar States

>>13037195 Capitol Police Witnesses Struggle to Explain How Rioters Breached the Capitol on January 6

>>13037239 Biden is creating ‘a totalitarian state before our eyes’

>>13037245 Iran now demands $1 trillion in ‘reparations’ from Biden

>>13037255 , >>13037281 Texas Storm Aftermath: Several Electric Reliability (ERCOT) Board Members Resign

>>13037261 Biden HHS Nominee Defended Subjecting Kids to Chemical Castration

>>13037299 Former Florida congressman fined $456K for campaign scheme

>>13037304 Pentagon wades into political minefield in hunt for extremists

>>13037314 Anon 16604 notables

>>13037384 Biden Cabal Consulting South Korea on Releasing Frozen Iranian Funds

>>13038445 #16604


>>13036004 TUCKER: “We spent all day trying to locate the famous QAnon, which in the end, we learned is not even a website. If it’s out there, we could not find it

>>13036026 Yahoo: COVID In Colorado: Vaccines Can Cause Worrisome Side Effect For Women.. swollen lymph nodes show up in mammograms?

>>13036091 Breitbart: Feds Increase Migrant Releases amid Detention Space Shortages

>>13036110 ZH:Amnesty International Rescinds Navalny’s ‘Prisoner Of Conscience’ Status After Discovering His Past

>>13036132 JTN: Modern book burnings have begun at Amazon: Company quietly ends sales of books it labels ‘hate speech’

>>13036143 JTN: Banks, financial services firms next to bow to ‘woke left,’ ban conservatives, warns Rep. Ted Budd

>>13036163 MSN: Italian cemetery in Camogli collapses, causing hundreds of coffins to fall into the sea

>>13036166, >>13036256, >>13036572 Planefag reports

>>13036178 OANN: Senator Johnson outright called 1/6 a false flag. “Fake Trump Supporters” he called it.

>>13036180 China did ‘little’ to investigate COVID-19 origin, leaked WHO report claims

>>13036201 Jim Jordan on NewsMax ”The LEFT doesn’t want US to talk.”

>>13036220 Dan Scavino – Watch this video with @TigerWoods … follow it up by watching the final moments of the 2019 Masters

>>13036234 TheBlaze: DOJ withdraws from federal lawsuit claiming unfair competition from transgender athletes in high school track racing

>>13036247 Leaked docs reveal how news agency Reuters secretly serves as a tool for British influence across the world

>>13036261 RT: Chicago lawmaker calls to BAN Grand Theft Auto in new bill, blaming ‘violent video games’ for spike in carjackings

>>13036308, >>13036373 Virginia Giuffre ~ Definitely a good listen to those wanting to get their head around the Epstein saga.

>>13036313 Vid: President Biden just ordered a global effort to… decriminalize homosexuality.

>>13036332, >>13036292 Are you making fun of Chapo’s wife? Former Mexican President Vicente Fox says AMLO will ‘rescue’ Emma Coronel

>>13036364 Fox: Thomas Webster, 54, a 20-year NYPD veteran who also served in the Marine Corps, turned himself into the FBI Monday. Remember that when the narrative says it was “protesters”.

>>13036398 Breibart: Media Silent as Biden Illegally Holds Unaccompanied Migrant Children, Says Border Patrol Union

>>13036442 Rudy W. Giuliani ~ This is quite accurate and well written @Jillie_Alexis: True freedom cannot be limited by science.

>>13036453 Sputnik: US Capitol Police chief testifies FBI report warning danger of ‘war’ on January 6 never reached him

>>13036454 Looks like the AP is trying to run a counter-narrative…

>>13036518 Vid: Ex-FBI Agent Indicted for Felony Perjury in Soros-funded Case against GOP Gov. Eric Greitens

>>13036538 DonJr agrees with Tucker: Disinfo outlet CNN is far worse than the so-called “qanon” narrative

>>13036557 Pompeo reminder from 1/19: The United States of America is the greatest country in the history of civilization

>>13036564 Army Is Spending Half a Billion to Train Soldiers to Fight Underground.

>>13036615 Breitbart: Children trafficked by coyotes to the border, taken by border patrol, put in cages? Is that what this is?

>>13036642 Sputnik: Australian police tracking man with swastika on face who assaulted woman with ‘flamethrower’

>>13036673 #16603


With Ashli Babbitt Killing Shrouded in Mystery, Capitol Officer Who Shot Her Is in Hiding for His Own Safety

What Moderna isn’t telling us about their new mRNA COVID-19 vaccine

These civilians hunt child predators. Expert warns they’re ‘playing with fire.’

INDIANAPOLIS — The confrontation begins at a side door of Lebanon Senior High School.

Viewers watched via Facebook Live as a woman approached the school, about 40 minutes northwest of downtown Indianapolis, and was greeted by Brian J. Boyer, a band teacher who, in that moment, was allegedly waiting for a 14-year-old girl to meet him for sex.

“Do you wanna come out and talk to me for a minute?” the woman asked.

“Basically, I brought you out here ‘cause we know who you are, I’m definitely not 14, you’ve definitely been talking to a decoy,” the woman said while walking with Boyer into the nearby parking lot.

The nearly 20-minute video is one of dozens posted to the PCI: Predator Catchers Indianapolis Facebook page. Their confrontation with Boyer was eventually interrupted by the school’s principal, who directed the decoy and Eric Schmutte, the group’s founder, to take their complaints to the district’s administration office.

Within hours of the encounter being streamed on Facebook, Lebanon Police announced Boyer’s arrest and the school district placed him on administrative leave. Boyer, whose job was terminated Jan. 29, is charged with one count of child solicitation.

Schmutte and the decoys working with PCI are part of a wider network of online sleuthing groups throughout the state.

‘Vigilantes’ just want to help. But there are risks.

Schmutte, 34, said he started his group after becoming outraged that child predators aren’t held fully accountable for their actions.

“The way I see it, the justice system is not doing what it needs to do as far as locking up these guys and giving them actual sentences,” he told IndyStar, part of the USA TODAY Network. “So, us exposing them is the next best thing so people can at least know that these guys are predators.”

As his audience has grown — the video of his confrontation with Boyer has over 250,000 views — Schmutte said he’s gotten pushback from some who say he’s posting videos for attention.

“It’s very insulting for people to tell us that we’re doing it for the views or the clout, just to be famous or whatever,” he said. “Because we put a lot of work into what we do and we take it very seriously.”

Yet, there’s another side to this picture: However noble their intentions, this kind of internet detective work carries significant legal and safety risks.

Online citizen groups hunting for potential predators is by no means a new phenomenon, but it’s often discouraged by law enforcement due to safety concerns for both the citizen investigator and their “catch.” In several instances across the country — including the case that contributed to the cancellation of Dateline NBC’s “To Catch a Predator” — subjects have died by suicide after being confronted by investigators.

And their work will not always be rewarded. While some law enforcement agencies will take their screenshots and videos as tips to investigate, others have outright said they will not accept any information from the groups.

One such prosecutor, Holly Hudelson of Orange County, told IndyStar in a written statement that her office is aware of Austin Spain, the one-man team behind the Bedford Predator Patrol, about 90 minutes south of Indianapolis, and said that unlike a police investigation, none of the information he presents can be used for prosecution.

“The vigilante’s actions in ambushing an individual in this way causes great risk to the parties and the public,” she said. “These actions make the community less safe, by allowing these alleged predators to avoid the possibility of a conviction by tainting a case from the start.”

Spain told IndyStar that although his page attracts thousands of followers, he’s not motivated by clicks.

“To me, it’s not about anybody knowing what I’m doing,” Spain said, “it’s about making the world safer for our kids.”

Victor Vieth, chief program officer of Zero Abuse Project and founder of the National Child Protection Training Center, told IndyStar that private citizens may not have a complete understanding of how a predator’s mind works — or the danger and gravity of the situation they’ve created.

“Even a lot of detectives are not well-trained on all of these nuances, and it’s hard for me to believe your average layperson is properly educated,” Vieth said. “They’re playing with fire.”


World Economic Forum and the Rockefeller Foundation Are Main Drivers for Digital Vaccines Passports

February 25, 2021

Klaus Schwab is becoming one of the most dangerous men perhaps in modern history. His World Economic Forum and the Rockefeller Foundation are the main drivers behind the adoption of digital health passes. Two years before the corona pandemic, the EU Commission had drawn up a “roadmap for vaccination”. They are trying to create an authoritarian world where they have lurking behind the curtain their agenda to reduce the population. I am warning that these people are ultimately looking to keep such restrictions upon the world travel also to reduce CO2 and then merge that with ultimately permits to even have children.

We simply have to make sure that ANY politician who is in league with Schwab is thrown out of office by 2022. The entire future of Western Society depends on the rejection of Schwab and his insane Agenda 2030. Moreover, ANY company that is in partnership with the World Economic Forum should be AVOIDED at all costs. CEOs who have been linked with Schwab should also be purged from office in any public corporation. They have abandoned their fiduciary responsibility to shareholders supporting Schwabs’ communist agenda he calls stakeholder economics – raise money for investment but then use it for political agendas.

If we do not see these actions by 2022, we are in for a very nasty battle against this rising Tyranny. Both the World Economic Forum and the Rockefeller Foundation should be black-listed by any investment whatsoever. In this world where they are out to cancel anyone who speaks the truth about their agenda, it is time we cancel them from society in return.

World Economic Forum and the Rockefeller Foundation Are Main Drivers for Digital Vaccines Passports

Deputies say gangs exist within Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department

A CBS News investigation has uncovered allegations of gangs existing within the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, possibly for decades. Current deputies out of the East Los Angeles station say the existence of gangs within law enforcement has been a problem in the area.

The deputies, who do not want to be identified for fear of reprisal, claim the most prevalent are called the Banditos — comprised of mostly Latino deputies who serve predominantly African American and Latino neighborhoods.

“They operate as a gang. They commit crimes, they assault people,” one deputy told CBS News’ Maria Elena Salinas.

The deputy said the gang is based out of East L.A., and that members who have become Banditos there have been promoted and “they’ve spread all over the county.”

Members of the gang identify themselves with a tattoo, another deputy claimed.

They said the “initiation” process could involve “getting a shooting,” adding that potential members would “do anything for these guys.”

“If you get in a shooting that’s a definite brownie point,” the deputy said.

According to the deputies, members would plant weapons on suspects to justify those shootings.

“There’s been multiple occasions where … they say, ‘Hey, we got a guy that has a gun and he’s running from us.’ In reality that person never had a gun,” one deputy said. “And they would say, oh, it was a phantom gun. It was something that really wasn’t there.”

The same deputy said they had personally witnessed that occurring.

And despite the majority of deputies involved also being Latino, another deputy said the gangs “do racial profile.”

“It’s like Latino gangs. They target other young Latinos,” the deputy said.

That targeting is what grieving mother Lisa Vargas has contended happened to her 21-year-old son Anthony Vargas, who aspired to be a chef. He was shot 13 times by sheriff’s deputies while on his way home.

“We have videos with his voice, and his giggle. And we have to play that. You know? Because we don’t have his voice no more and we don’t have his smile,” she said.

Vargas claimed her son’s death was part of the gang’s “initiations.”

“In order for them to become a prospect, their thing is they have to kill somebody,” she said.

She filed a lawsuit against Los Angeles County and the deputies who shot her son. The suit alleges that the individuals who shot Anthony “were members of the Banditos gang or prospects, and that membership in the Banditos gang included using excessive force and shooting those who are unarmed.”

Sheriff Deputy Nikolis Perez and Deputy Jonathan Rojas, who shot Anthony Vargas, are “prospects” of the Banditos gang, two of the anonymous deputies alleged.

Asked how they knew, one deputy replied “just personal conversations with them, and them saying that was one of their main goals to be a part of this gang.”

However, if someone were to refuse to comply with the gang’s demands, the officer said, “They stop giving you backup, which is very dangerous. They ignore you.”

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva has publicly denied the existence of gangs within his department. On a video posted to the LASD website, Villanueva warns the department’s employees against joining such groups.

“Any employee who aligns with a clique or subgroup, which engages in any form of misconduct, will be held accountable. I do not want you joining these alleged cliques anymore. Period,” Villanueva said in the video.

One of the anonymous deputies who spoke with CBS News said, “The Banditos believe they can get away with anything and you know they’re not going to have any type of consequences for their actions,” they said.

Newly-elected Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón said his department takes the allegations “seriously,” and that he is committed to upholding the law.

“If in fact we believe that there is criminal activity within the sheriff’s department then we will deal with it accordingly,” he said.

As for Lisa Vargas, the California mom wants justice to go beyond her son’s killers.

“Justice for me is a whole long list,” Vargas said. “Because not only is it these officers being held accountable for homicide, for murder, it’s everybody else involved. I want the whole system cleaned out.”

A federal grand jury investigation has been convened. Sheriff Villanueva declined to comment.

An investigation into the killing of Anthony Vargas by the former district attorney’s office concluded that the deputies “acted in lawful self-defense and defense of others when they used deadly force against Anthony Vargas.”

Deputies Rojas and Perez deny being members or prospects of the Banditos.

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