Watering Holes on the Internet: Answering Reality Doug, albeit belatedly

8kun is a watering hole on the Internet. I will explain that in this post.

I have been distracted by non-Internet matters for the past few days and only just now did I notice that Reality Doug left a comment several days ago!

Reality Doug writes at:


In his comment, he wrote:

gaikokumaniakku, I’m in my 50s and have my mature perspectives. I don’t care about details so much anymore, I care about options. There aren’t many. Serenity prayer. I suppose you are much younger and have the energy to parse through data and look and look. We usually can’t have a complete picture when we need to decide or act in our lives.

I am indeed younger. I have been trying to use my efforts wisely, and of late I have been looking for activities outside the blogosphere. That is one reason why I didn’t check my comment section and did not see your comment – I apologize for taking so long to answer.

Logical people take longer to develop. It is important to use our time and vitality for ourselves, even if it is a little act. Can’t fight city hall. It did take me decades to get my bearings. Younger people have red pill online, so it’s a lot easier to figure things out. Nevertheless, the question remains on what to do. Public awareness is not a solution to anything. It is the problem (keep reading). However, I think communication can be valuable, but it depends upon whom.

I suspect many thousands of people agree with us, but each person will take action in an idiosyncratic way. We will probably have thousands of overlapping sets of “things to do” to make the world better.

You seem to be an aficionado with 8kun. I have a hard time appreciating it. Lots of noise or blather. Hard to navigate.

8kun is far from perfect. In fact, 8kun has many design features that I regard as bad design choices. I still quote it a lot because it is a convenient meeting location.

Freethinking anons are like the Mongols of a thousand years ago. Mongols would roam thither and yon, but periodically they would meet up at watering holes and talk while their horses drank water. Watering holes were not their homes – the steppe itself was their home. Even if a watering hole were destroyed, the Mongols would continue drifting and sometimes swarming.

Likewise, 4chan, then 8ch, then 8kun are not fortresses. They are merely watering holes. 8ch was actually DESTROYED but the community kept drifting and swarming.

I am interested in what you think the 8kun community is. If you have a reasonably developed opinion on it, it could be the subject of a post. I can’t tell if the people there are young social outcasts who have been screwed by a system they are trying to understand, freaks who deserve to be outcasts, trolls, or government operatives.

The old 8ch community was different before the Q posts. I was getting pretty sick of 8ch and there was no good reason to keep wasting time on its annoying features. 8ch/8kun is a horrible place to have a scholarly conversation.

The post-Q 8kun community is much more narrowly focused on American populism. Many users who would have abandoned the site in disgust stayed on because we happen to sympathize with populist causes. A huge number of new users had no interest in the old chan culture but fervent interest in America.

Apparently, the main point of the site is to be a clearinghouse of information. That’s what the site epigraph suggests.

Jim Watkins is a guy with a very weird notion of free speech, and 8kun exists to exemplify Jim Watkins’ idea of free speech. I do not think Jim Watkins has a perfect vision of free speech, but Q chose to post at Jim Watkins’ site, so that settled it — 8kun is useful for the duration of the crisis.

I am also under the impression there are some computer geniuses there. I would think that computer geniuses would be professionally successful, and that is very valuable these days. Outcasts are not financially successful. There is worse than being unpopular but gainfully employed.

Unfortunately, many computer geniuses are trained at skills that are not always useful, so there are plenty of unemployable computer geniuses. It is entirely possible to be skilled at computers but broke.

So my question is who do you think is there and why.

I think many of the good writers at 8kun are American ex-military folks. They show up –and try to help — just like they would show up and try to help if they saw a neighbor’s house was on fire.

Many folks on 8kun could be described as amateur journalists or citizen journalists or even ‘conspiracy theorists’. They hate listening to the fake news and they want to invent an alternative.

Many folks on 8kun were formerly apolitical, but the message of Q was persuasive enough to make them give a damn about politics.

I am an outcast myself, but I just don’t relate to 8kun. It has a reputation. You seem to think it’s great. I’d like to know what good it is. Social outlet? That’s why I blog. Maybe I am missing something. Do you find anything enlightening from 8kun? We know the powers that be are worse than crooks. We know there is a problem. It has been articulated by many people many times over the past decade and certain malcontents before then. We get the government we deserve, and this definition of we is out of my control and yours. What’s there to say? I am black pill but not on human progress forever, just now in the West.

Yeah, 8kun has a bad reputation for tasteless porn and obnoxious trolling. But it is an alternative to black-pilled forums. Many of the people who use it go there precisely because they demand an alternative to black pills, and they suspect that they can only find an alternative at 8kun.

It is an obnoxious watering hole, and I hope the crisis ends soon so I can stop going there. But it is just a watering hole. Even if it were destroyed, even if Jim Watkins were removed, the anonymous users would continue to drift and swarm across the Internet.

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1 Response to Watering Holes on the Internet: Answering Reality Doug, albeit belatedly

  1. Thank you, gaikokumaniakku. That was a great answer!

    I know unsolicited advice is often bad, but I think I’m right from logic and experience. What is right for you based on your capacity is another matter, and a mismatch means you should not do things my way.

    You need not apologize for being late. You are too nice. Who the hell am I? Maybe that’s good social skills, but don’t believe it’s proper. Don’t let it be your mental conditioning but only your social tool among normies. No one else can or would give me an answer. Emotional attachment (not mere connection) to others is your enemy inside. Emotional connection to all but yourself must be permanently tentative for good mental health. Primitive humans have evolved sophistication to exploit and joyously hurt loyal cooperators. That is how things got this bad.

    I would of course like to spread my view of this problem; hence, my blog. A problem is not understood adequately until its solution or solutions are known with clear boundaries of what can’t be the solution. I know that awakening or informing the American public is impossible or pointless. The people who count are a very tiny percentage of the American or Western populations. Can’t ally with parasitic or domesticated garbage and win. Nor is this decline process mere evolution or organic change. It is guided, superficially organic change. This is generational inside-out woarfair. Seek and ye shall find who does this.

    I must advocate for black pill as freedom to choose from very limited but real choices rather the freedom to choose escapism. If things are dire enough for a red pill man, he is black pill. If one is red pill and cannot get laid at a reasonable price, one must be black pill. There are two luminaries of the black pill that I think are true enlightened black pill men: Rookh Kshatriya and Renegade #1 a.k.a logitorian. The first name suggests an Indian man as far as I can tell, and the second is a young black man. I would expect competent black pillers to be white men, but there it is. I don’t think Western culture has a chance without white men being black pill or that this woar can be wun by pro-Western Westerners in my lifetime. Weeding is unavoidable now. Quality will come no other way. The organic source of strength will not be denied, IMO. Glad you are doing things in real life. That is what counts.

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