The MAGA Comeback: Judicial Watch, Wendy Rogers, Rebel Scientists, Rebel Cops, and more


So … the FBI did actions that Tom Fitton is calling a “coup” as in “coup d’etat” — that seems pretty serious.

Two generals talking about “removing” a president — that sounds like a coup d’etat.

Keep reading Judicial Watch:


The tide seems to be turning in favor of Wendy Rogers and the MAGA folks:

WATCH: Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers: “WE WANT ARRESTS MADE” – UPDATE: 146 Legislators Sign “Audit 50 States Letter”


The tide seems to be turning, part 2:

Dozens Of Top Nuclear Scientists With “Highest Security Clearances” Being Fired From Los Alamos Lab After Vax Mandate

A last Friday deadline for Los Alamos National Lab employees to get vaccinated has come and gone, with a judge on the same day denying a request by 114 employees there to block the nuclear lab’s vaccine mandate from taking effect.

In the last days the employees, including top nuclear engineers and scientists, have literally taken to the streets outside the lab, protesting the mandate which orders them to get their first dose of the Covid vaccine or face termination.

Concerning the lawsuit filed by the employees, The Hill wrote earlier that “Workers at the New Mexico laboratory, which created the atomic bomb, filed a lawsuit claiming that exemptions to the mandate have been denied without proper justification.”

Specifically the workers, among them dozens of scientists, are pushing back against federal contractor Triad National Security LLC, which runs the lab under contract of the US Department of Energy.

It’s unclear if any have been fired at this point after the deadline has passed, or if any level of negotiations or understandings are in the process of being reached. The reality is that these employees are seen as immensely valuable to both the advanced nuclear lab and national security, given their government-issued clearance levels.

Local media detailed Monday protests along the main road leading to the lab and outside the entrance as follows:

Some 55 protestors, many of them carrying U.S. flags or signs, gathered on State Route 4 in White Rock at 6 a.m. to get the attention of Los Alamos National Laboratory commuters and others, They were protesting LANL’s policy mandating COVID-19 vaccinations for all employees and the termination or placement in leave without pay status of an undisclosed number of employees by LANL last Friday.

As of Friday LANL officials said 96 percent of employees are fully-vaccinated and an additional 1 percent have had their first dose. Additional protests are being planned in other locations.

Importantly, it appears the bulk of those who face termination are not low-level staffers or new hires, but in many cases scientists and nuclear engineers who have worked at one of America’s most sensitive and advanced defense facilities for decades.

The Associated Press had detailed that “The plaintiffs include scientists, nuclear engineers, project managers, research technicians and others who have some of the highest security clearances in the nation for the work they do.”

Further the report underscored they would be “difficult to replace” in the short term. “Some of the employees who are part of the lawsuit have worked for Los Alamos lab for decades, while others are newer hires who have relocated to New Mexico from other states and countries,” the report added. “Thirty-four of them are named in the lawsuit and 80 have opted to remain anonymous, citing fears of retaliation.”


The tide seems to be turning with rebel cops:


Cops grab some good PR to remind the peep that cops want to be public servants.

Seattle Police Fired Over the Vaccine Mandate Are Out Feeding the Homeless and Poor (VIDEO)

some cops know enough not to trust untested gene therapy:

3000 Chicago Police Officers Defy Illegal Vaccine Mandate

If any of you have been reading this blog for several years, you may recall that the “government misconduct” section used to be “police misconduct.” I still am having trouble with the fact that I am voluntarily praising police officers, but politics makes strange bedfellows. Many American cops are MAGA people. If the antifa tribe wins, there will be nothing survivable; if the MAGA folks win, it won’t be utopia, but survival will be possible.


Video has emerged of a teacher at a high school in Ohio talking about books and themes closely associated with so called ‘critical race theory’, despite previous promises to parents from officials that it wasn’t happening in the district’s schools.


Joel Everett was astounded when a lightly used 2009 John Deere tractor sold at his last auction in Strawberry Point, for tens of thousands of dollars more than it had cost fresh off the production line more than a decade ago.


Bought new for $109,000, the tractor sold for $143,000 at auction, he said. It’s not an isolated incident, said Everett, who has run Joel’s Tractor and Auction since 1992. A lot of farm equipment, particularly used tractors, is selling for 30 percent to 50 percent more than it was two years ago at his auction house.

John Deere tractor prices spike… Latest on UAW strike…



A report released Tuesday by Public Citizen, a consumer rights advocacy group that gained access to a number of leaked, unredacted Pfizer contracts, sheds light on how the company uses that power to “shift risk and maximize profits,”


According to false and misleading media reports from Sina Finance — an official CCP state media mouthpiece — the host of War Room: Pandemic, Steven K. Bannon has already been arrested for his “participating in the planning of congressional disturbances on January 6 […]”


San Francisco’s Health Department Closes In-N-Out Burger, Chief Legal Counsel for Burger Chain Defiant: “We refuse to become the vaccination police for any government”



Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot – who appears to have violated both local and state mask mandates at the WNBA finals yesterday – said that the city’s Fraternal Order of Police is attempting to “induce an insurrection” using misinformation to oppose vaccine mandates.





Buttigieg was on a conference call — therefore Psaki believes he is “at work”

Emerald Robinson triggers Jen Psaki… Well Played…


An Indian guy told his wife to get the jab and she died.

“I Blame Myself For Vaccinating My Wife”



The American Left seems to prefer using deceit as its primary tactic. Sometimes they get caught.

Trump Releases Statement Following Deposition in Bogus Mexican KKK Protester Lawsuit – “A Baseless Claim for Injuries They Never Suffered – And Worthless Cardboard Sign”


Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto has tested positive for CCP Virus.

Vaccinated Neil Cavuto tests positive…


Pfizer sponsors the news, and the news stations have conflicts of interest

Pfizer sponsors everything…

Leaked Contracts Reveal Pfizer Used its Power to “Shift Risk and Maximize Profits” in Negotiations with Governments


Mindy Robinson, [19.10.21 14:59]

So let’s get this straight:

A) You’ve got this evil doctor on video here explaining how it’s going to be possible for the government and corporations to “hack” and control people as soon as they have a strong enough (5G) technology system.

B) You’ve got people finding graphene oxide in vaccine samples and Japan recalling 1.6 million doses for finding visible magnetic metal particles in the vials.

C) And you’ve got Bill Gates who thinks there are too many people in this world that’s stated multiple times on videos how “vaccines can cut down the human population.” How does that work unless the vaccines are actually sterilizing or killing people, Bub?

I think we all know why some weirdo software billionaire is working with the government and major corporations now, to jab everyone with a vaccine that doesn’t actually prevent the virus they’re taking it for that these same people also created.


Ron Watkins [CodeMonkeyZ], [19.10.21 22:30]

Election integrity is comprised of two main components.

1. The machines, systems, people, protocols, ballots, identification, software, monitoring, rules, and voter validation.

2. Freedom of speech and assembly to discuss and communicate the issues that are important to intelligently making a decision at the polls.

We have neither.

We don’t have fair elections because there is no accurate validation and verification of the voter or ballot.

Big tech has also collaborated with Congress to take away our digital free speech and assembly through classifying speech they don’t like as “disinformation” and banning people from assembling online.

Even when free speech is not banned, big tech hides information that goes against their narrative so you can’t even search or find it.


It looks like there is another news website run by anons, and I think they are doing a better job of reporting the chatter from the chans than I typically do:


Former Security Services Executives Plead Guilty to Rigging Bids for Department of Defense Security Contracts

On the other hand, a lot of weird stuff from the chans is probably nonsense. I think the following link is a red herring:

An anon wrote:

It’s ALL coming out.

Moar REAL Russia/Ukraine Connections

Long-Term [Sleepers]?

* (Vindmans) – Immigrated from Ukraine (by way of Italy)(Mifsud Malta Italy et al – connection?) They’re fluent Russian & Ukrainian

(note) – Nellie Ohr – trained in Russian at “The Farm”, ham radio oper.

– (Alex & Eugene) – Twins → Both US Army

– (Leonid) – older brother → Finance & Resources – Russia, Ukraine & Central Asia

* Tungsten Capital Advisors

→ Prior to founding Tungsten he was a Managing Director responsible for investment banking origination and client coverage activities for Russia and CIS region at UniCredit Group.


– (Maria Starkova-Vindman) → Russian, Art Expert/Advisor (perfect cover for travel & access)

* Art Research Advisors LLP – London → [SpyGate] Connection?

– She is a specialist in the fields of Italian 15th-century art and Russian 20th-century culture. (There’s Italy & Russia again)

→ Her company logo is an (Owl Image Coin).

* Russia + Ukraine + Italy + London + NY + DC


Surface digg. There’s much moar.

Reminds me of 2 movies:

“Spy Game” – Robert Redford is the [C_A] Recruiter/Handler & Brad Pitt is the asset. (Vindman ain’t no Redford, too much of a weasel)

“No Way Out” – Kevin Costner is the Navy Intel Investigative officer who winds up being the planted [Russian Sleeper Mole].



48-page document from Nebraska, apparently authorizing HCQ as a treatment for COVID in Nebraska

Click to access 21-017_0.pdf

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