Glowing Boys Instigated the 6 January Incident (plus Notes on Digital Civil Rights)

Glowing Feds instigate terror, and other stories:

In a House hearing on Thursday, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) questioned AG Merrick Garland about a mysterious man, Ray Epps, instructing protesters to enter the US Capitol building on January 5, and who later shepherded crowds towards the Capitol on January 6.

McMURRAY EXCLUSIVE: Likely Fed Operative Ray Epps Filmed Hurling Massive Trump Sign at Capitol Police — Likely Set Up Jan. 6 Protester Ryan Samsel Who Rots in Prison to This Day [VIDEO]

Sudan’s army seizes power in coup and detains prime minister, thousands flood the streets in opposition


Fight the Power!



Some Cops are NOT Bastards:

HISTORIC PROTEST AGAINST BIDEN VAX MANDATES — Thousands of NYC Municipal Workers March Across Brooklyn Bridge Shocking Elites (VIDEO)


McDonald’s Employees Set To Strike Tuesday Over Sexual Harassment With Goal Of Unionizing

WAYNE ROOT: We Can Take Back the USA by Modeling the Hero Southwest Airline Pilots!


‘Identifiable Harm’: Biden Kills JFK File Release, Issues Baffling Statement

Rand Paul: Fauci Will Never Stop Lying; Fire Him Now

WATCH: MAGA Rapper Bryson Gray Performs “LET’S GO BRANDON” – LIVE In Scottsdale, Arizona At Free Political Prisoners Rally

VIDEO: Chants Break Out of “Let’s Go Brandon!” at Massive Municipal Workers March and Rally in New York City

Update: NBA Player Enes Kanter Cuts Another Video: “Dear Brutal Dictator Xi Jinping and the Chinese Government – Free Tibet!” – Releases Free Tibet Freedom Shoes


Dark Times: Even Sabrosky (an admirable man) seems to be admitting defeat:



This requires BLUE FLAME:


Not just capitalism, but the extra-evil capitalism:
Public Health Or Private Wealth? How Digital Vaccine Passports Pave Way For Unprecedented Surveillance Capitalism

PLUS – Notes on Digital Civil Rights:


>>14858806 Follow the Data with Dr Frank: Supreme Court pleading is going to be released the Tuesday before Thanksgiving

>>14858782, >>14858791, >>14858790, >>14858873 (NIH) has spent millions in taxpayer dollars conducting psychological torture experiments

>>14858959, >>14858784 The 24 year old armorer… was alledgedly trained by her dad… the best in the business…

>>14858654, >>14858696 FJB @DISNEY? muh deepfakes!!

>>14858709 [24 hours] left to make a submission to Digital Identity Act https://

>>14858720 Samsung boss convicted and fined for illegally using the anaesthetic drug propofol: Yonhap

>>14858733 Report on the DNS fuckery which has been ongoing since the beginning of May

>>14858771 We’re not gonna take it

>>14858787 The ‘Mystery Man’ AG Garland Won’t Deny Was a Fed Inciting Jan. 6 Rioters Was Scrubbed from FBI ‘Most Wanted’ List

>>14858803 RE: Mclean Virginia, 95 Pedo supporters

>>14858820 Black feather on Bezos back – now what’s that supposed to mean?

>>14858819 Obama tweeted at 1:26, Hillary seems to respond at 1:45. Shared keywords, plus her “RSVP here”

>>14858837, >>14858866, >>14859074 Echoes of certain high profile vips planning to resign 11/1.

>>14858868 According to her Twat profile, today is HRC’s birthday.

>>14858881 (VID) Yall got any more of that DWAC?

>>14858886 New Jersey Democrats threaten James O’Keefe with legal action for publishing spoken quotes from the NJ Governor’s campaign office

>>14858902 Project Veritas Promises “Explosive” Hidden Camera Footage Within Phil Murphy’s Political Campaign

>>14859070 Ukrainian Embassy in DC trafficking children with the CIA you say?

>>14858993 Jamaican Pastor Accused of Human Sacrifices Dies in Car Crash En Route to Court

>>14858999 RE: The Rumble-Google lawsuit

>>14859085, >>14859079 (wholesome story) The Dog Who Stopped The War

>>14859134 REVEALED: Fauci’s Record-High Salary for ‘Vaccine Development’ and Bio-Terror ‘Research’

>>14859177 Fauci’s “Guinea Pig Kids” in New York City, in which Foster Care children were used to test experimental HIV / AIDS drugs.

>>14859237 Pfizer was involved too! Experimenting on homeless, motherless BABIES!

>>14859258 Activity soars: more lava, new vents and landslides as earthquakes rise

>>14859263 Is it a legit site? Or disinformation?

>>14858973, >>14858986, >>14859148, >>14859162, >>14859280 Halyna Digs

>>14859338 #18795


>>14858356 What are the chances?

>>14857903, >>14858077, >>14858105 DWAC???

>>14857915, >>14857944, >>14857986, >>14858049, >>14858313, >>14858342 The clockfags are here

>>14857925 We got fireballs (17 to be exact)

>>14857939, >>14858364 Guess who made it a Federal Felony to abuse animals back in 2019?

>>14857940, >>14858046 Meet Ray Epps: The Fed-Protected Provocateur Who Led The First 1/6 “Attack”

>>14857954 PETA was killing animals this whole time?

>>14857971 Senior Advisor Reveals NJ Governor Murphy to Impose State-Wide Covid Vaccine Mandate AFTER Re-Election

>>14857983 Judge to hear Trump’s case against Jan. 6 committee in November (4)

>>14857991 Meet these 95 High-Profile individuals who support pedophilia

>>14857992 Fulton County Georgia Ordered More Than One Million Absentee Ballots from Printer Days Before the 2020 Election

>>14857999 Reminder: 4 year Qniversary is in 3 days!

>>14858005 Following Fauci’s Psychological torture experiments

>>14858010, >>14858054, >>14858264 (VIDS) RE: The Vatican

>>14858015 About to see a lot of discussion about pain? Trump holding a beagle named miss P? Pain coming?

>>14858081 Vaccinated pregnant women no longer allowed to get monoclonal antibodies in King County WA.

>>14858172 RE: Military Coup in Sudan

>>14858531, >>14858161, >>14858186, >>14858193 LA PALMA PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING

>>14858202 JFK nephews call for assassination records’ release

>>14858215 (VID) Bezos Upgrades Disaster Plan, La Palma, Ionospheric Disturbances

>>14858251 Behind High Walls: Clinton Charity Moves Moroccan Party Out of View

>>14858252 “wins of the day” is a useful thread to check out from time to time

>>14858298, >>14858287 chip shortage just got worse

>>14858302 Throwback To Adam Carolla Roasting Alec Baldwin For Being Pedo Buddies w/ Epstein

>>14858367 Add Cats to the List of Test Subjects Harmed in Taxpayer Funded Programs

>>14858391, >>14858415 The Apprentice (American season 13) RE: MISPELLINGS MATTER/BALDWIN

>>14858456 Essay/Joel Freedman: Dr. Fauci’s egregious cruelty to ‘man’s best friend’

>>14858513 Muh Whistleblower

>>14858530 Check this out. UV street lights to end Covid?

>>14858541 Flynn r/r AZ AG re JUSTICE

>>14858546 Sure got the other guy’s name off the front page, [Dave Halls] of The Crow infamy

>>14858577 #18794

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof – text, media, or otherwise – do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.


Anonymous  eee8fb (10)  No.14859363


>>14857201, >>14857234, >>14857262 PB discussion: Q 4949

>>14857273 Brittany about to spill it?


>>14857403 (Image) Donald Trump holds Miss P at the Trump Tower in New York shortly after the beagle won best in show (2015)

>>14857446, >>14856621 #FauciLiedDogsDied trends at #1 on Twitter in the United States.

>>14857466, >>14857538 Fauci funded “maximum pain” experimentation on Beagles.

>>14857730, >>14857762 Experiments on —> dogs—> children next??

>>14857618, >>14857661, >>14857709 LET’S GO BRANDON by BRYSON GRAY REACHED #1 ON ITUNES CHART TODAY

>>14857630 “I think everybody who heads an NIH agency right now should resign,” said @peta


>>14857712 United Airlines pilot leads COVID revolt, files medical freedom lawsuit with 2,000 fellow workers

>>14857724 Scott Morrison unveils details of 2050 net zero plan

>>14857745 Texas SUES Twitter & Others Successfully!

>>14857778 #18793


>>14856365 Pure Marxism: McAuliffe Supporters Are Posting Signs Promising to “Keep Parents Out of Classrooms” as Campaign Winds Down

>>14856373 Amid soaring inflation, alarms sounded about central banks’ focus on climate change, racial justice

>>14856383 Border Patrol to fire up to 5K agents over vaccine mandate – 10/23/21

>>14856393 Trump says Maricopa County ‘officials LIED and then tried to cover it up’

>>14856406, >>14856902 Wisconsin audit results are IN: Dozens of discrepancies discovered

>>14856407 ‘Stop the Shot: Caught on Tape’ conference will expose doctors, hospitals that deny care to COVID patients

>>14856409 Fake Fact Checkers Smeared Rand Paul as Liar over ‘Gain of Function’

>>14856423, >>14856440 PF REPORT – C-17RCH3259from Wright Patterson heading into JBA.

>>14856437 ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NBC Refuse to Cover New Migrant Caravan Careening Toward U.S.


>>14856492 Juvenile court judge finds sufficient evidence that teen sexually assaulted fellow student in Loudoun County

>>14856507, >>14856524, >>14856534 Gowdy Slams ‘Partisan’ SCOTUS Coverage: ‘Try To At Least Fake Being Fair’

>>14856516 Tina Peters, Mesa County Clerk and Recorder gets her chanced to tell her side of the story.

>>14856564 I Don’t Back Down’: Banned ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Rapper Speaks Out

>>14856597 The FDA seems ready to approve the Pfizer vaccine for kids aged 5-11. But there’s a problem..

>>14856621 #FauciLiedDogsDied trends at #1 on Twitter in the United States.

>>14856639 RETRACTO 349: Daily Beast’s Will Sommer RETRACTS headline ‘Judge Rules Veritas is Political Spying’

>>14856654 Dr. Vladimir Zelenko drops the reddest of red pills, and names names.

>>14856662 Meet Ray Epps: The Fed-Protected Provocateur Who Appears To Have Led The Very First 1/6 Attack On

>>14856669, >>14856701 Scaramucci calls President Trump a domestic terrorist @ 1:46 / Scaramucci in Q drops

>>14856672 185 Employees Separate From Triad At Los Alamos National Lab Due To COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

>>14856680 First Responders, City Workers Protest Vaccine Mandate In New York, Loud Chants Of ‘Let’s Go Brandon’, ‘F*ck De Blasio’ Erupt

>>14856736 Diplomatic Security Service’s Office of Special Investigations Seek Information Regarding Serial Sexual Offender and Former CIA Employee Brian Jeffrey Raymond

>>14856740 PERMANENT State of Emergency Legislation for Dan Andrews

>>14856789 Caught On Hot Mic, Pelosi Says ‘Americans Are The Stupidest People On Earth’

>>14856804 Ron Watkins [CodeMonkeyZ] – Maricopa County Audit Call to Action – For all who participated in the audit

>>14856917 Special Report – John Durham’s Salad Shooter

>>14856953 Halyna was doing a documentary on the pedo rings in Hollywood.

>>14857074 #18792

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof – text, media, or otherwise – do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.


Anonymous  eee8fb (10)  No.14859366


>>14854953, >>14855082 Military Coup in Sudan

>>14854970 Former Navy Commander Sentenced to Life in Federal Prison for Coercing a Minor, Child Pornography Charges

>>14854978 Israel Launches Missiles On Southern Syria Amid Reports Hezbollah Entrenched Along Golan Border

>>14854985 Fauci slams Rand Paul’s claims US-funded bat virus research led to Covid-19 after senator demands his firing amid longstanding row

>>14854992 Biden Delivers Remarks on the Build Back Better Agenda & Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal

>>14855003 ADL Publishes Ridiculous Halloween Costume Guide Urging Parents to Avoid ‘Costumes That Perpetuate Gender Norms’

>>14855009 Facebook tells staff to expect ‘more bad headlines’ amid DAMNING reports based on whistleblower leaks – media

>>14855038 ‘Ample Scientific Data’: Congresswoman Introduces ‘Natural Immunity Is Real Act’

>>14855054 New Evidence Reveals Facebook Censoring Conservative Content; Breitbart Traffic Hobbled

>>14855092 ‘Flat-Out Disgusting’: DeSantis Tears Into Fauci Over Experiments On Dogs

>>14855163 Facebook ‘whistleblower’ Frances Haugen represented by US intelligence insiders

>>14855400 UV Light Fixtures Would END COVID TYRANNY, They’re Available NOW / TRUMP KNEW and [they] all made fun of him.

>>14855414 Putin compares woke culture to Bolshevik propaganda, calls gender ideology ‘crime against humanity’

>>14855446 Protestors in Brooklyn city showing with “F Joe Biden” playcards are marching towards City Hall.

>>14855479 IT’S A HIT! Anti-Biden Rap Song ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Reaches #1 on the Charts, Beats Adele

>>14855500 Anthony Fauci’s Freakshow: NIH Conducted Psychological Torture Experiments on Monkeys

>>14855519 PF REPORT – Couple of C-32A VIP planes both using n/a callsigns.

>>14855544, >>14855615 A Fayette County priest pleaded no contest Monday to charges of repeatedly assaulting an altar boy over three years

>>14855740 WA State Vax Verification ‘Toolkit’ Published: Never Go Full Retard

>>14855746 Pope Francis appoints population control activist Jeffrey Sachs to Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences

>>14855816 NIH Removes Language on ‘Gain-of-Function’ From Website Amid Criticism Over Funding Chinese Research

>>14855909 Checkmate: Jim Jordan Tricks A.G. Garland Into Making Damaging Confession

>>14856002, >>14856034, >>14856081 MI5 and MI6 strike intelligence deal with Amazon: US company to host top secret UK data

>>14856010 Tom Cotton on Suppression of Breitbart: Facebook Acts Like a ‘Wing of the Democratic Party’

>>14856018, >>14856040, >>14856040 Sotomayor Calls Supreme Court’s Refusal To Block Texas Abortion Call ‘Catastrophic’

>>14856105 Jan. 6 ‘Insurrection’ Was A Failed Intelligence Operation

>>14856106 #18791

Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof – text, media, or otherwise – do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.


Anonymous  eee8fb (10)  No.14859368


>>14854888, >>14854889, >>14854895 The FDA is meeting on 10/26 to discuss mandating vaccines for kids ages 5-12.

>>14855056 Biden Delivers Remarks on the Build Back Better Agenda & Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal

>>14855116, >>14855199 Anon Optics Bun

>>14855209 SMOKING GUN: Shocking New Info About Gun Used By Baldwin

>>14855239 REVEALED: Fauci’s Record-High Salary for ‘Vaccine Development’ and Bio-Terror ‘Research’.

>>14855245, >>14855262 Facebook failed to police abusive content globally, documents show

>>14855254 Sudanese Prime Minister, Senior Government Officials Detained In Likely Military Coup

>>14855264 US secretly sending Afghans flagged as security threat to base in Kosovo: report

>>14855281 Man Rams Car into Crowd Protesting Coronavirus Vaccine Mandates

>>14855303 Liberals Censor Republican Video In Congress to Further The Teaching of Liberal Agenda

>>14855306, >>14855325, >>14855374 Roberts confirmation hearing / Joe’s main speech (P16/1452)

>>14855308 Disgraced ex-Arkansas judge, 75, who let underage convicts off with light sentences in return for sexual favors now claims he has judicial immunity from victims’ civil claims against him

>>14855321, >>14855460, >>14855545 NIH Funds ‘Toxic Brain Injection’ Monkey Experiments, Holes Drilled Into Skulls, Devices Implanted Into Brains – REPORT

>>14855323 Pure Marxism: McAuliffe Supporters Are Posting Signs Promising to “Keep Parents Out of Classrooms” as Campaign Winds Down

>>14855368 Giuliani Associate Found Guilty Of Financial Crimes

>>14855387, >>14856033 Marine Corps Makes It Clear: Get The Vaccine or Get Out

>>14855394 British PM tells Putin Russia-UK relationship “is not the one” London wants

>>14855417 Turkey reveals photos of 15 alleged Mossad spies arrested

>>14855437 Leaflets Warning Of Cooperation With Hezbollah Dropped Over Syria’s Al-Quneitra Following Israeli Airstrikes

>>14855476 Obama says change may be coming ‘too rapidly’ for many

>>14855492 Dan Andrews to table legislation for new unprecedented emergency powers

>>14855529 Former Air War College Professor Pleads Guilty to Making False Statements About Relationship with Government Official in China

>>14855534 Tennessee State Senator and Nashville Social Club Owner Indicted for Alleged Campaign Finance Scheme

>>14855543 Chinese Tech Giant Huawei Had Secret Offshore Contracts With Men Linked to Serbian State Telecom Company

>>14855573 Manhattan Man Pleads Guilty To $6.9 Million Scheme To Defraud Loan Program Intended To Help Small Businesses During COVID-19 Pandemic

>>14855582 Gulf Cartel Member and Criminal Migrants Arrested at the Border

>>14855592 This is ER consultations in Germany by indication. Upper is respiratory, middle cardiovascular, bottom neurological.

>>14855599 Agents Arrest 17 People in Large-Scale Multi-State Drug Trafficking Ring Involving Fentanyl, Heroin, Crystal Methamphetamine and Firearms

>>14855642 Gov. DeSantis Calls For “Mad Scientist” Fauci to be Fired and Investigated for Funding Illegal Gain-of-Function Research and Beagle Torture

>>14855689 Betting for or Against Trump SPAC Is Expensive as Options Trade Begins

>>14855781 XVIII Airborne Corps – In this pic from 38 years ago today, troops from the 82nd Airborne wait at Bragg to board aircraft to invade Grenada

>>14855807 U.S. Navy – Failing to prepare is preparing to fail! Pilots assigned to Carrier Air Wing 2 participate in a brief aboard #USSCarlVinson

>>14856029 #BREAKING: Judiciary Republicans demand Attorney General Garland withdraw school board memo.

>>14856125 Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America

>>14856209 Ron Watkins [CodeMonkeyZ] – We are living through a new civil rights movement. A digital civil rights movement. / Maricopa County Audit Call to Action – For all who participated in the audit

>>14856270 Five Former Attorneys General Call on Mark Herring to Immediately Open an Investigation into the Loudoun County School Board

>>14856271 Meet Ray Epps: The Fed-Protected Provocateur Who Appears To Have Led The Very First 1/6 Attack On The U.S. Capitol

>>14856276 PF REPORT – EXEC1F heading towards JBA from South Carolina.

>>14856315 #18790

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