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We have 42 infosnacks today. I am humbled to say that the snacks from “hellbound and down” might be better than everything on this blog.

1This youtube link should be embedding automatically but it didn’t work in the test. In case you can’t see it, it’s a black prepper from Kentucky.


Sounds like an ordinary American who thinks prices are too high and shelves are empty.
He also posted:



Same guy was doing prepper videos last year. He also linked to a tweet from someone else:

3 Sexual Harassment Rampant in U.S. Reform Rabbinical School, Says Report

Six employees of Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, including the school’s president and chancellor, were named in an independent probe into decades-long sexual abuse Sexual harassers led the Reform movement’s rabbinical school for more than three decades, according to an explosive new report commissioned by the school. Rabbi Alfred Gottschalk,

the president and then chancellor of Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion from 1971 to 1996, and his successor, Rabbi Sheldon Zimmerman, who served until 2000, both harassed and assaulted women at the seminary, according to the report. While the allegations that led to Zimmerman’s suspension in 2000 had broken into public view earlier this year, Gottschalk had never before been named in public allegations. In addition to leading the institution and teaching students, the men were also responsible for ordaining generations of Reform rabbis. Gottschalk and Zimmerman are among six prominent former male employees of the seminary to be named in the report, the outcome of an independent investigation into the school’s past handling of sexual abuse allegations. Because they heard so many allegations — about discrimination on the basis of gender, race and LGBTQ+ status; sexual harassment; and bullying — the investigators could not verify all of them, according to the report. Instead, they focused on a small number of men against whom “repeated and credible allegations” were made. Of the six men named in the report, four are dead. They are Gottschalk; Rabbi Michael Cook, a New Testament scholar whose death in April elicited allegations on social media that became one trigger for the investigation, according to the report; Stephen Passamaneck, a professor of rabbinic literature who retired in 2013 and whose misdeeds, the report says, included filling his HUC computer with pornography; and Bonia Shur, a liturgy professor in Cincinnati who was widely known to have touched female students forcibly. The two who are living — Zimmerman and Steven Cohen, a prominent sociologist who resigned in 2018 after an investigation found that he was guilty of sexual misconduct — have previously been the subjects of public allegations. … people who were sanctioned repeatedly for inappropriate behavior were still allowed to teach courses. Among the allegations the investigators heard consistently was that Gottschalk was widely understood to be a “womanizer” who routinely pressured female HUC students to come to his apartment, where he would proposition them — or worse. One former student recalled Gottschalk placing her hand on his penis, and another told the investigators that he had pinned her against a wall and forcibly kissed her. Until this summer, Gottschalk’s behavior was the subject only of a whisper network of female rabbis who recounted uncomfortable and inappropriate experiences with him. Then, in June, Mary Zamore, a leader of the Women’s Rabbinic Network, a group of Reform rabbis who pressed for accountability around sexual abuse, named him during a presentation at a conference about repairing moral injury. Zamore recalled that she was only a few weeks into her rabbinical training, studying at the HUC campus in Jerusalem, when a classmate told her that Gottschalk had pressured her twice for a date. “Refusing him, she feared for her academic position and future in the rabbinate,” Zamore recalled in her conference presentation. This behavior turned out to be not a singular instance but a pattern made known through private conversations among students. “I was warned by other female students not to go to his office and to avoid being alone with him, whether it was a hallway or elevator,” Zamore said. Six years went by, and the day of Zamore’s ordination arrived. The ceremony required Gottschalk to lay his hand on her head. She dreaded being touched by him and felt it was a “travesty” that classmates who had been harassed by him would have to be ordained this way. What should have been a sacred moment was instead a “torturous” experience, she said. At least one student was ordained privately to avoid having Gottschalk lay his hands on her, according to the report. With many of his former students in the rabbinate today, Gottschalk left behind a legacy of moral injury, a type of trauma that can be born of betrayal by a trusted authority, Zamore said. “Survivors have shared their ambivalence about becoming a rabbi after a rabbi has hurt them,” Zamore said in her presentation. “Many of their narratives include outrage over being ordained by their harasser.” The investigation report urges the seminary to hold an optional “reordination ceremony, or something similar” for rabbis who felt that their ordination had been tainted. It recommends a slew of other changes, including setting up new systems for reviewing allegations and exploring the possibility of revoking the ordination of rabbis found to have committed abuse. It also encourages the school to engage in a process of “teshuva, or repentance.”

trusting the experts is like Russian roulette.

5 Catbox should embed automatically.



Malpractice is still malpractice even when the quack has a fancy government job.



Taiwan halts 2nd-dose BioNTech vaccinations for ages 12-17 amid concerns of myocarditis


Another American sacrificed.





This graphic of a woman symbolizes the Baltic states.


This graphic of a woman is an apt symbol for a liberal think tank.







I think I ought to add this guy to my list of recommended links. Basically he’s doing what I’ve been trying to do, but he’s more competent, more diligent, and he has a working MP3 player in the margin so you can crank punk rock while you read.














The wall was too high, as you can see. No matter how he tried, he was not quite free. And the worms ate into his brain.

33 The Igor Danchenko Indictment Reveals How the DOJ and FBI Used a Known Liar to Target Political Enemies


This is going to get very serious.

Nov 2015: FBI gave GPS unauthorized & unsupervised access to 702 data.

Nov 2015: GPS hires Nelli Ohr, former CIA contractor.

Apr 2016: NSA becomes aware of GPS and shuts them down.

May 2016: HRC & DNC hire GPS and GPS hires Steele.

12:24 AM · Mar 14, 2019·Twitter for Android

Jul 2016: Steele leaks Dossier to State Dept.

Jul 30 2016: Steele meets with Ohr

Jul 31 2016: Stzrok opens crossfire hurricane. State Dept OKs FBI travel to London.

Oct 2016: NSA shuts down DOJ & FBI access to 702 data.

12:30 AM · Mar 14, 2019·Twitter for Android

Nov & Dec 2016: Obam admin begins mass frantic unmaskings after NSA shuts down DOJ & FBI.

Believe we will find the conspiracy against DJT began in 2015. GPS drafted Dossier, not Steele, but used Steele for credibility.

I still have not studied Bill Cooper’s books.

Hmm … didn’t Q have some comments about this husband-wife couple?





How Peter Thiel became the most feared man in Silicon Valley

41 Biden causes cringe on YouTube


42 The resignation of the officials was said to be directly linked to organizational decisions made by Barnea to divide up responsibilities in the spy agency and split existing branches.

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