Lord COVID-Humungus promises an end to the horror

A limited number of infosnacks:
collected 23 Nov 2021 — Part A – COVID Tyranny



EXCLUSIVE | Nurse Sounds Alarm On Heinous Medical Malpractice: Immediate Intubation, Remdesivir Killed Covid Patients

Canada wants to collect an invasive amount of info on everyone:








Rumblings from the underclass:

@RealGenFlynn, [22.11.21 17:01]

[Forwarded from Tracy Beanz (Tracy Beanz)]

[ Photo ]

I am urging every one of my fellow South Carolinians to JOIN US on Saturday, 12/4 to let our representatives and our governor know that we demand an emergency session to put a STOP to these horrible and unconstitutional vaccine mandates ACROSS ALL OF our state, whether you are a government contractor, member of the military, healthcare worker or private sector employee. This is an issue that impacts ALL OF US and we need a unified front.

Please stand with me on Saturday, 12/4. It’s time our representatives actually represented us.





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