Looking back at Voat in the context of today’s 36 infosnacks

Voat is gone now, but it was the kind of place where you could post:

Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the president from ninjas?

And people might reply with:

Let us consider the challenge … in the ontext of 36 current stories. If I can come up with 36 intelligent comments, I will consider myself a bad enough dude.

1 Comment:
Trump’s media presence is a powerful political tool. Let us pray it gets used for the good of America.

2 Comment:
To reiterate: Trump’s media presence is a powerful political tool. Let us pray it gets used for the good of America.

3 Comment:


4 Comment:
The Biden family is a crime family.

5 Comment:
What is up with Lin Wood anyway?

6 Comment:
Abortion is a fascinating topic.

7 Comment:
Dass raciss

8 Comment:
The Biden crime family is also interconnected with other criminals.

9 Comment:
1984 is being used as an instruction manual. Actually, wait, I have the perfect sci-fi story to show that Indian people are fully aware of how bad things are.


10 Comment:


11 Comment:


12 Comment:
Another 1984 surveillance story.

13 Comment:


14 Comment:


15 Comment:


16 Comment:


17 Comment:


18 Comment:


19 Comment:


20 Comment:
Degenerates like them belong on a … ah, never mind, just go play New Vegas to get the reference.

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22 Comment:

23 Comment:


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26 Comment:


27 Comment:

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29 Comment:
Abuse of power comes as no surprise.

30 Comment:


31 Comment:
As mentioned above, Trump still has media power. Will he use it properly? Does anyone know what “properly” would look like in this context?

32 Comment:


33 Comment:
I do not endorse the people who are afraid of graphene oxide but I think they deserve attention because there might be a real health risk of some kind – probably not deserving of any hype, but possibly big enough to raise your health insurance premium.

34 Comment:
The concept of anti-interest is itself interesting.

35 Comment:


36 Comment:


So are you a bad enough dude?

  So now that the 36 infosnacks have been greeted with fewer than 36 intelligent comments, let us get back to the topic of Voat.
You probably don’t remember Voat. It was a free speech site that functioned briefly, was mis-managed, and then alienated some of its users. Its remaining users were apparently quite disappointed when the owner decided it was a money sink. It is gone now. But I found a little tidbit from Voat that might be worth reading for people who care about freedom of speech.

from voat:

The Jews Attacking Your Right To Free Speech Under The First Amendment.

U.S. Lawmakers Seek to Criminally Outlaw Boycotts Of Israel, Israeli Goods.

45 Senators support bill that makes boycotting Israel a crime

Free Speech being intentionally violated in at least 24 States

ACLU sues over Kansas law that targets Israel boycotts

Texas – Elementary School Speech Pathologist Refused to Sign a Pro-Israel Oath, Now Mandatory in Many States… So She Lost Her Job.

ACLU sues Arizona over law barring boycotts of Israel

((( Sen. Ben Cardin ))) Proposes Changes To Controversial Bill On Israel Boycotts – Changes Are Still Unconstitutional

AIPAC Bars Press from Panel on Press Freedom

World Jewish Congress CEO Wants Internet Censorship – Jews Worldwide Conspiring To Shutdown Free Speech !!! HookTube

Youtube Calls on ((( ADL ))) to Censor Video Content

Youtube removes video tribute to Yaser Murtaja and other Gaza victims as ‘sensational’ incitement

((( Facebook ))) Takes Down Event Page for Anti-Caravan Protest

Philadelphia Jewish groups try to stop publication of article critical of Israel, insist on BDS training for Inquirer editors

South Carolina Senate Passes Bill That Makes Criticism Of Israel A Criminal Act.

‘Al Jazeera’ has ‘canned’ undercover investigation of Israel lobby — ((( leading pro-Israel operative )))

Supreme Court Justice ((( Elena Kagan ))) Accuses Supreme Court Majority Of “Weaponizing The First Amendment”.

Trump administration adopts new definition of anti-Semitism in schools in attempt to stifle Free Speech on U.S. Campuses.

H.R.1911 – 115th Congress (2017-2018): Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism Act (passes House of Representatives)

((( Sheldon Adelson ))) Backed ((( College Activist Group ))) To Double Presence To 80 Campuses To Subvert Free Speech.

WikiLeaks – Global Jewish NKVD “Command Center” Monitors ALL Twitter-FaceBook Post For “Antisemitism”, Then Orders European Police Departments To Censor-Silence Israel’s Opposition.

((( Facebook ))) Silences Jair Bolsonaro’s ‘Main Network’ of Supporters Days Before Brazil Runoff Election

Europe’s Jews Set “Red Lines” Ahead of 2019 Euro-Elections – Demand Exclusion Of Anyone Supporting BDS, And All Who Make “Antisemitic” Remarks

((( SPLC ))) Leads Soros-Funded Groups in ‘Orwellian’ Attempt to Ban ‘Hate Speech’ on Social Media

FCC Falsely Claims Community Broadband an ‘Ominous Threat to The First Amendm

((( Breitbart Jerusalem ))) Report Exploits Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre To Attack Free Speech At Pro-BDS University of Michigan Event.

((( PayPal ))) Blacklists BitChute.com- A Free Speech Focused Alternative To JewTube.

“((( Vimeo ))) Admits They Erased My Account Because Criticizing Israel Is Anti-Semitic” – Ryan Dawson

Gab’s (((Andrew Torbastein))) Just Banned California Candidate Patrick Little.

Senator ((( Ben “Cardin” Kardonsky ))) Attempting To Slide “Israel Anti-Boycott Act” Into Lame Duck Session

Orbán sends letter to head of World Jewish Congress: “Orbán to ((( Lauder ))): “You’re Asking Me to Limit Press Freedom”

((( ADL ))) Leading The Way In Censorship

((( SPLC ))) Directly Conspired With Multiple U.S. Tech Companies To Suppress The Constitutional Rights Of U.S. Citizens.

“Change The Terms” – The ((( SPLC’s ))) Combined Effort To Guilt-Trip, Defame, And Blackmail Internet Companies To Rob White Americans Of Free Speech.

U.S. Senate’s First Bill, In Middle Of Shutdown, Is A Bipartisan, Unconstitutional Defense Of The Israeli Government From U.S. Citizen Boycotts.

U.S. Senate Could Debate If American’s Get To Keep Right To Free Speech… To Protect Israel From Boycotts.

The ((( SPLC ))) Declares Real Free Speech “A Problem of Epik Proportions”

France’s Jewish Elites Demand Yellow Vest Protests Be Shut Down

((( Zachary Greenberg ))) Arrested For Punching White Conservative Activist On Berkley Campus.

((( SPLC ))) Advises Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and Google on Whom to Deplatform

((( YouTube ))) Freely Admits To Suppressing Conservatism.HookTube

Israel ((( Supporters ))) Try To Shut Down UMass Forum About Efforts By Israel ((( Supporters ))) To Shut Down Debate

Federal Court Rules In Favor Of Texas School Teacher’s Refusal To Sign Agreement Not To Boycott Israel, Striking Down Anti-BDS Law “On The Grounds That It Was “Likely Unconstitutional.”

Israeli envoy calls for criminalizing antisemitism after NYT cartoon

((( Facebook ))) Announces Development Of Features To Revoke Your Access to Banking, As Well As Stealing Your Right To Free Speech.

Congress, Laws Suppressing Boycotts of Israel Are Unconstitutional. Sincerely, Three Federal Courts.

((( Facebook ))) Censors Michelle Malkin For Opposing Censorship.

Facebook’s ((( Zuckerberg ))) Vows Facebook Will Work With Governments on “Hate Speech”

Florida Governor DeSantis Signed The “Antisemitism” Bill While On Israel Soil. – HB 471 Steals The First Amendment Right Of Florida College Students And Employees Statewide.

((( ADL ))) Admits Their Leading Role In Social Media Shutdown Of Free Speech.

Facebook Owned WhatsApp pledges to SUE users over off-platform misbehavior.


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