AOPCANS: international banker edition

If you happen to be interested in Taiwan, you might have noticed that Japan is interested also. Armed encroachment on Taiwan would be an emergency for Japan. The PRC regime does not keep their agreements.

Abuse of Power Comes As No Surprise could be a subtitle for most of the stories of government misconduct on this blog. For a while during the Trump years I emphasized “current events” rather than “government misconduct on the theory that Trump’s government might do some good. Possibly I should just label everything as “Abuse of Power Comes As No Surprise.”


Threatening To Kill Others’: Democrat Exposes Nancy Pelosi

Georgia Governor Releases Explosive Memo — Confirms Citizen Group’s Findings in Fulton County Rendering Results of 2020 Hand Recount Worthless

“It is My Duty as a Citizen of This Country to “Throw Off” a Corrupt and Tyrannical Government” – J6 Detainee Sends Out Heartbreaking Letter to the American Public — PLEASE DONATE HERE

BREAKING UPDATE: Parents of Michigan Shooter Flee After Being Charged with Involuntary Manslaughter

Two More Kamala Harris Aides Leaving Administration Amid Reports of Biden-Harris Turmoil

Obama Judge Orders Sidney Powell and Fellow Attorneys to Pay $175,000 for Daring to Challenge Michigan’s 2020 Election Results


CIA Covered Up Child Sex Crimes for at Least 10 Employees Over the Past 14 Years



Space Force shuns the idea of war in space.



EXCLUSIVE: DOJ Arrested Members of the Oathkeepers for Conspiring to Commit Crimes on Jan 6 Yet Had Evidence This Wasn’t True

WOW! Dirty CIA Publishes Hit Piece on Trump – Intel Community Describes Him as Challenging and Embittered After They Launched Their Coup Against His Administration for 4 Years



Serious claims:

Political Commentary:

Silly trivialities:

Holmes’ notes show a daily morning schedule that includes “thanking God than most things are not logical”, “praying” and notes on what Holmes would order for lunch.

“I do not react. I am not impulsive. I know the outcome of every encounter,” Holmes wrote to herself. “My hands are always in my pockets or gesturing. I am fully present.”

Notes from Balwani entitled “Non-Negotiables” lay out his morning routine, as well.

“Every morning, I will force myself out of bed and spend 30 minutes (never a minute less) to write what I want from my day,” he writes. “I will never meet with anyone for more than 5 minutes unless I have written down why I am meeting with them.”

Balwani continues: “I will always give crisp, clean goals and feedback to my subordinates, even if they don’t like it – especially if they don’t like it. I will first write this down (goal & action) and help them focus on their actions and results, not politics.”

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