Adultery in Japan (with notes on the middle class and “lying flat”)

Some married adulteresses blame their sexual behavior on their husbands.

One interviewee left a loveless marriage and is now living with her paramour.

Analyst notes:
1. Some women have too much pride to stay faithful.
2. Sexual curiosity.
3. Women who feel they give love but don’t receive it from the husband.
4. Women who had “bad” childhoods or unfaithful parents.
5. Women who imitate the adultery of their friends.

Other factors:
A. Workaholic husbands.
B. Easy access to love hotels and infidelity apps.

Adulteress analysis: When men cheat, it is bad, because men don’t appreciate their wives and men feel excessive desire for “hot” girls. But when women cheat, it is justice, because women have been wronged, and have a “void in the heart” which excuses any behavior and indeed seems to remove any kind of moral agency.



Work tensions:

A few current infosnacks:

Cultural degeneracy:

my daughter immersed herself into anime art and cosplaying, the hobby of dressing like fantastical characters. I supported her creative side.

I didn’t know that anime and cosplaying can overwhelm a young mind. I didn’t know that anime and cosplaying involved gender-bending themes and that the community crosses into pedophilic and sexual themes.

I also didn’t know that the older cosplay community groomed the younger cohorts.

During that same time period, my daughter went through Teen Talk—a Manitoba, Canada-based program that says it provides “youth with accurate, [nonjudgmental] information” on “sexuality, reproductive health, body image, substance use awareness, mental health, issues of diversity, and anti-violence issues”—at her public school.

She came home with a whole new language. She and all her girlfriends discussed their labels—polyamorous, lesbian, pansexual. None of the five girls chose “basic,” their term for a straight girl.

Now, I was worried.

What I’ve Learned Rescuing My Daughter From Her Transgender Fantasy

Indirectly relevant:

Different observers have different opinions about the “lying flat” lifestyle. Some people think it is a counterculture; others think it is a temporary behavior.

Bear in mind that some famous “lying flat” advocates are middle-class real-estate owners; few Chinese are so prosperous. It is easier to lie flat when you already own real estate. Workers who gamble on hard work often live in very expensive areas and own no assets, thus they cannot easily start to “lie flat” because they cannot cut costs.

Relevant as background:

Porno was and is a high priority mob/CIA social subversion project.

In the 1950s the US Post office employed hundreds of agents to police the mails. Pornography was seized regularly.

Freedom of speech arguments prevailed in our courts and allowed the cult/mob to take us from no-sexual- material-goes-through -the-US mail in the 1950s to Deep Throat opens in regular theaters and drive-ins in 1972.

Masturbation was declared by ‘experts’ to be harmless and pornography was said to be wholesome and natural sexual expression of delight in the beauty of the opposite sex and to offer a safe outlet to perverts who might otherwise rape children. Porn was marketed and promoted professionally.

US porn was a NY based Gambino family business, run by Robert DiBernadino partnered with the Cleveland porno distributor and dildo manufacturer Reuben Sturman. The two men controlled almost all the print and film/video porno produced and distributed in the US and worldwide – with exception of honeypots like Playboy magazine which was C_A cult controlled from Langley. The idea that the 50s were staid and uptight is myth. This was a planned psychological attack, it created a hyper sexualized culture where media is perfused with overt and subliminal imagery and people count orgasms and leave the driving to the pros.

Pop culture is an entirely artificial medium. It was and is engineered to control purchasing habits, regulate our mental capacity and guide our choices for the future by controlling the range of possibilities we are aware of.

Information Operations use our powerful innate drives or instincts against us.

Our reproductive drive is among our most powerful. When we are sexually aroused we do not think clearly and are more vulnerable to hypnotic induction techniques which alter our belief systems, slowly, over time, in ways we are not consciously aware of.

Pornography, promoted as naturally healthy, harmless and a safe outlet, is not. It is part of the comprehensive social subversion and social control operation intended to weaken and distract our attention from the looting of the US treasury, the infiltration of financial, judicial, legislative, and regulatory systems.

The pedovore cult controls all media content and distribution infrastructure, including porno.

Our civilization rests on the integrity of an information distribution system architecture controlled by entirely corrupt individuals uniformly devoted to the enslavement and/or destruction of human beings.

Porn is good for you

11 unexpected benefits of watching porn

6 reasons why your porn habit might actually be good for you

Some may recall that Gambino wiseguy Robert (DiB) DiBernardo—the Gambino family’s czar of pornography, including, disturbingly, child pornography—who was made to disappear on Gambino boss John Gotti’s orders—played a role in the 1984 presidential election.

Ex-Model Incarcerated for Exposing Illuminati Child Sacrifice

Nathalie Augustina, left, was a Dutch-based supermodel in the 1980’s.

She was confined to a mental hospital for revealing Illuminati depravity in her book,

Nathalie-The Dark Side of the Fashion Industry: Monarch Mind Control,

Slavery and Sexual Abuse reviewed below. Today, at age 59, she is living in hiding but vows:

“One thing, is that I hope is that  I will be able to confront Keanu Reeves in public. He is my enemy and I will let everybody know what he did and who he is for real. If there is a god this will happen. If not I will get him as of 2-2-2022 the moment the portals open. Nobody Rapes me.”

Nathalie Augustina was a MK-Ultra mind-controlled fashion model and sex slave who serviced politicians as a reward for their services to the super-rich Satanists that control the world. Her mind was compartmentalized by trauma as a young child and her sexual services were performed by another “alter.” She had no recollection of them, yet it was obvious that she had been used. She became pregnant twice without recollecting intercourse.  She was offered millions of dollars for a baby but chose to abort them instead. She also had other psychic powers and functions in the netherworld of the CIA and Satanist elite.


The Illuminati depravity she exposes is consistent with Dutch banker Ronald Bernard’s revelations. The super-rich and royalty belong to a Satanist cult and engage in pedophilia, child and baby torture and murder, and cannibalism on a routine basis. Police and military intelligence enable these crimes and cover them up. Whistleblowers are murdered or confined to a mental hospital, in Nathalie’s case, Amsterdam’s Mentrum Psychiatric Hospital, left.

In the past, she was confined for two months in an isolation cell by “Dutch counterintelligence.” They tied her naked to a chair and quizzed her about “codes” which her normal personality cannot access. Then they took her to Mentrum where she was stripped naked and medicated.

Her book was mid-wived by Robin de Ruiter, author of The 13 Satanic Bloodlines: Paving the Road to Hell.  His Introduction provides an explanation of MK-Ultra brainwashing and how top modelling agencies are basically brothels. Bookers are pimps. Models who resist are disappeared. Here is a recent case.

Nathalie says that most 1980’s top models traded sex for fame and fortune.  She claims she was drugged and raped by the actor Keanu Reeves. “Most movie stars are not only Monarch slaves, many are also slave-handlers; all live a double life.” (205)

Book Nathalie – Confessions of a Fashion Model Description/Summary:

Many think that fashion models lead a glamorous life. In this book you will learn that not everything is about “glamour” and “fame.” In the Fashion industry there are countless dangers. After Nathalie became the darling of high ranking politicians, moguls, powerful business executives, famous actors, Royalties and members of some of the richest families of this world, she was drugged for elite sex parties and raped by many of them. Most modeling agencies are nothing less than whorehouses, and bookers are their pimps. Models are beaten, get their faces cut up or will be killed if they dare to tell the truth. Many of them died falling from a balcony or in other mysterious ways. Other models did disappear before they got the chance to reveal what is going on behind the scenes. They have never been found.

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