Killary versus Trump

Today’s infosnacks are all about the Clinton/Trump/election fraud stories. Expect an open thread later in the week.

WordPress informs me that my Top Searches are:

порно фильмы про войну немцев скачать

that translates to ‘porn based on WW2’, I think. I’m not sure what kind of games these readers are playing, but I suspect that they might be fans of some of those Japanese games:

I’m not sure whether that indicates a lot of Russian speakers have an interest in this blog. Some years ago, a scholar wrote:

“[In Asia], the use of Nazi chic has appeared with greater frequency since at least the late 1980s,” says Kidd. “Two popular styles of Asian Nazi chic are swastikawaii, or ‘cute swastika,’ which uses the swastika as the main design motif, and the other is referred to as ‘führer chic,’ which uses soft, cuddly, and cute caricatures of the image of Adolf Hitler.”

I don’t plan to search for any “swastikawaii” any time soon, but remember, Ukrainian girls with the “black sun” are NOT Nazis. We have doctrine straight from Victoria Nuland herself.

So this girl is NOT a Nazi.

Source re “swastikawaii” :

Also, on the topic of Russia:


spygate 5400 by 6600

This image is 5400 by 6600 pixels so you will probably need to open it up in a separate tab to make sense of it.

BREAKING: Clinton herself ‘agreed’ to leak Trump-Russia allegations to press

REPORT: Hillary Clinton Became PHYSICALLY VIOLENT on Election Night and Tore Into Robby Mook and John Podesta via

NOW WE KNOW: Sen. Roy Blunt’s Son Andy and His Shadowy Consulting Firm Was Paying Michigan GOP Canvassers TO SINK Voter ID Expansion

Hunter Biden’s Finances And Orgiastic Binges Worse Than Imagined, New NBC Report Shows

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