You probably know most of this already.

These stories will not shock you, so I will throw in enough spicy memes to keep you awake.

You don’t really need me to remind you how bad it is.

You know about the FBI already.

‘It’s time for the FBI to start preserving documents’…

There are a few websites that seem to be trying to offer some glimmers of hope.

Kash Patel seems to be one of the good guys.

Kash Patel Responds to Deep State Not Redacting His Name in FBI Affidavit – Then Drops a Hidden Bomb

The Q fans of 8kun seem to like Kash Patel, so take that as a point of relevant information.

Is Tommy Sotomayor one of the good guys? Here is Tommy:

Hmm. From the preview, it looks like Sotomayor’s video is not loading. Suffice it to say that he is a black conservative.

Possible good news:

MTG posts video from inside her home during Swatting visit from police…

NEVER BEFORE SEEN FOOTAGE Of Police Response To Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Swatting Incident – “100% They Wanted Me To Be MURDERED – Death By Cop” (VIDEO)

“This is Much Bigger Than President Trump. This Is Destructive to the Presidency and It’s Lawless” – Attorney Mike Davis on FBI’s Raid and Deep State’s Latest Attack of President Trump

Democrat Senator Warner Freaks Out Over Mar-a-Lago Raid Because His Actions May Be Included in Documents President Trump Declassified and Stolen by the FBI

FEE seems to be composed of “Mises Freaks” who want to be good guys. Their extreme capitalist idealism may remind you of Andrew Ryan.


You already know that Epstein is/was Mossad:

You already knew that the government of Israel doesn’t care how many of its own people it kills.

Death stats for Israel are not good… Check this chart…


I will link to just two stories from the free thought project because most of their stories are just depressing in all the ways you know already; most of their stories don’t provide any reasonable grounds to think that anything will ever get better.


You already know to distrust the Rockefeller crime family.


I will shout out to HB and D:

Israel Attacked Syria With Four Cruise Missiles, 16 Guided Bombs: Russian MoD


Western-imposed order provides for a racist division of world: Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov considered on Saturday that the Western-imposed “rules-based order” provides a racist division of the world.

In a video address to the fifth Global Young Diplomats Forum, the Russian Foreign Minister reiterated Russia’s adherence to the principles of the UN Charter and stressed that Moscow had consistently supported the cultural diversity of peoples and their right to determine their own path.

“We categorically reject the neocolonial `rules-based order’ being imposed by the US-led West,” Lavrov said, explaining that “This order provides for a racist division of the world into a privileged group of countries who a priori have the right of any action and the rest of the world, obliged to follow the tracks of this `golden billion’ and service their interests.”

Moderna Vaccine might cause fetal deformities…

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