Conspiracy theories and commentary

Top story — The NYT called election fraud a crazy conspiracy theory and then had to change its tune in 24 hours.

See also:


The following link is controversial and I don’t present it because I agree with all of it — I present it because it might provoke useful thought and criticism.

Impossible Red Meat: The Unraveling of Jewish Power in American Politics


The memory hole of Carlos Maza. He sounds like a bad guy, but we don’t have a lot of evidence. The accusation:



From ZH:


Akron Biased Journal – How Lies, Gaslighting, and Victim Blaming is Okay if The Target is White

Americans Need Not Apply: New York Governor Announces Grant to Israeli Tech Company


Hellbound and Down wrote:


Bloomberg wrote:


Not so shocking:

Shocking Email: Feds Purposefully Made Kids Miserable During Covid Pandemic to Coerce Them Into Getting Vaxxed



• 76 International organizations and banks enjoy immunities, privileges, and tax exemptions

• GAVI, Big Pharma, and CERN enjoy similar immunities

• The Bank for International Settlements has sovereign immunity and some of these immunities extend to its members, being 63 central banks and the Federal Reserve System, while other immunities extend to “systemically important institutions”

• Trillions of taxpayer dollars and printed money has moved through these organizations and banks with no transparency or accountability as they continue to build a global enslavement system

• Hundreds, if not thousands, of NGOs and corporations work with and through these organizations and banks, some of whom have agreements, NDAs, and/or immunity by extension

They do not operate above the law, they operate entirely outside of the law.

Laundering with Immunity: The Control Framework – Part 1


Climate Change: The Doxa Of The Green Faith


Should you volunteer for this database?

Consider what centralized governments do with databases about power consumption:


Renewable Energy Fails Sweden, Braces For Winter Of Power Cuts



Do you trust EVERY vaccine company?

Peer-Reviewed Study Reveals mRNA ‘Vaccine’ More Harmful Than COVID


Gates also revealed that he’s been trying to come up with a solution for tackling “misinformation” and “conspiracy theories.”

“I have a group that tracks what’s on the web that’s talking about things that connect to me,” he said.

“Overwhelmingly during the pandemic, 95% was all the conspiracy theory stuff.”

“The polarization and lack of trust is a problem,” he said.

“One of the best-selling books last year was a book by Robert Kennedy, saying that I like to make money and kill millions of people with vaccines.

“It’s wild that [that] sells well.”

Gates said that he hopes to put an end to people asking questions about “crazy stuff.”

Bill Gates Warns ‘Civil War’ Is Coming, Will ‘Bring It All to an End’

In case you missed it:


How Bill Gates and partners used their clout to control the global Covid response — with little oversight

Four health organizations, working closely together, spent almost $10 billion on responding to Covid across the world. But they lacked the scrutiny of governments, and fell short of their own goals, a POLITICO and WELT investigation found.


from the comments:

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90% of The World Doesn’t Back The US Right Now

Lee Camp is not funny but he persists in calling himself a comedian. However some of his facts appear to be correct

Darren Beattie: The Next Stage of Populism

Interesting definition of based

Populism Reload: An Interview with Stephen K. Bannon

Steve Bannon sounds pretty confident.

What’s Wrong with Technocracy?

Rationality is like medicine — how do you check whether you are buying snake oil?

Degeneracy is tolerated in part because its excesses are not discussed


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