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This blog was once primarily a place where we commented on our favorite manosphere and alt-right blogs. During the Trump era and for the past two years, we have been preoccupied with Pizzagate-related issues. Now, we are making an effort to look back at the blogs that once made us great.


Rather than trawling news sites, the staff of this blog will make an effort to trawl substack columns and blogs. It is not clear whether every post here will be mirrored on the new substack at:

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The Night Wind commented on the recently stolen election:


DH wrote about the probable source of the missile that hit Poland:


HB&D had previously mentioned that same story:


Wombat-socho cleared out a mailbox:


But in the meantime, let me note a few stories:

joshua steinman wrote about how to corrupt Washington DC:



> Pick out a few key think tanks and start running regular programs there.

> You want “BROOKINGS LUNCH AND LEARN ON [your topic] [presented by ~company~]” events every quarter

> Target top hill staffers with free lunch

SBF was all ofer this

The “lunch and learn” should cover issues similar to those facing your company, not direct. Don’t make it too obvious.

Use attendee list to buidl a rolodex of folks your “GA” (government affairs) personnel will make regular point to point contact with, IRL.

These programs will grow. The Think Tank presidents will ask you to endow programs, chairs, etc.

Then you get to have a say in who gets those jobs.

All of a sudden, you have built yourself a small pipeline from the Hill to a Think Tank.

That’s one door.



Now that you’re running regular GA engagement in DC, time to hire a hotshot senior committee staffer to run your GA **shop**.

Nominally, these are “head of policy” title roles, and their job is to keep tabs on what’s happening in DC for you.

Be mindful of who you are hiring.

Party control of Congress is important, as is who controls the Executive Branch. But PROS balance D & R.

Usually your top candidates will have “Hill” experience AND “Executive” experience relevant to your company’s area.

Your head of GA should be doing things like:

> hiring the right lobbyist(s)
> tracking both AUTH bills and APPROPS bills
> keeping tabs on major POLICY debates inside the Exec branch and responding to NPRM’s, &c.

And they should be LEVERAGING their ROLODEX to do this.


Outside game.

You built the door. Hired the doorman. Now you need to create the illusion. That means running press ops.

A good COMMS leader or contractor should be able to start getting you quoted in stories, driving news cycles. They should have a plan.

Use your new THINK TANK effort to drive content.

Work w their press team to write-up your events. Send those to content-starved journalists who are looking to basically copy/paste their stories. Throw in a few juicy quotes… boom.

Read “Trust Me I’m Lying” to learn more.


Time to upgrade your earlier door to one that REVOLVES.

Now that you’ve got programs at think tanks (and you should have expanded to academia as well, creating more of an echo chamber), and your GA program, you can start to cultivate “SENIOR POLICYMAKERS.”

This can be done on the cheap as well, by having your GA staff write for DC blogs in the policy-adjacent space. Takes less than 10h a month to put out 1-2 high quality articles, this should be part of their job.


It’s cheap and effective.

As you grow, your GA staff should start living a double life, working for you, but also running the party circuit in DC.

You’ll know this is working once they start telling you what’s going to happen, before it happens. Because secrets are rarely secret in “this town🤢.”

Real SUCCESS? When one of your people (your GA director, an academic you’ve been sponsoring, a think tanker you’ve supported) gets the nod to be a “Senior Administration Official.”

“Deputy Assistant Secretary of…” at an AGENCY or “Director for…” at the WH, etc.

Soon they’ll be a policymaker. And while you can’t **exactly** tell them what to do, they’ll not forget where they came from.

PLUS, the fact that you have a “pre-existing relationship” (this is the ethics loophole) means that you can continue to socialize w them.

“Pros” won’t do more than 1-2 years in an administration, so they can get out while their contacts are still useful.

They’ll then move up again, to be a top rank lobbyist, or a VP job at a company (yours or another).

And become a think tank “non-resident fellow”.


Moving chess pieces down the board.

Real fast movers can run this play 2-3 times depending on how good they are, and how favorable the environment is for their political inclinations.

And those who are lucky create the pipeline for SENATE CONFIRMED players.

So a WORLD CLASS government affairs program will essentially have a funnel so that they have a good shot at having 1-2 senior government touch points in any given administration.

Goldman is the gold standard here. They essentially own the Treasury Department.


General long-term truth from PCR:
Who checks the “fact checkers?” There is no reason to trust a “fact checker.” Anyone can set up a “fact check” site to protect any material or ideological interest from examination. Note that “fact checkers” appeared only after the official narratives became so blatantly false that they had to be protected from examination. Never before did we have an industry of censors employed to protect official narratives.


A tweeter said:

Rules-based world order = global American Empire

and a blogger headlined it:


The Obama Foundation is hosting a forum Thursday where “disinformation” will be discussed by a group with alleged ties to spreading disinformation.
The forum will be moderated by Renee DiResta, who allegedly helped sway elections through the use of bots and is connected to the censorship of stories about Hunter Biden’s laptop.
Nikole Hannah-Jones, one of the panelists for the forum, is the author of the “1619 Project” which claims slavery was the primary cause of the American Revolution, a claim rebuked by historians and a group of college professors in a New York Times article.


The Massachusetts Public Health Department (DPH) allegedly “worked with” Google to install its COVID-19 contact tracing app onto more than one million android devices without users’ permission or knowledge, a New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA) lawsuit claims.

The app was first released in April 2021, but the DPH had a version secretly installed onto devices beginning that June after few Massachusetts residents installed it voluntarily, according to the lawsuit filed Monday in the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts. The app allegedly causes devices to emit and receive Bluetooth signals even when users do not opt into COVID-19 exposure notifications, and nearby devices that feature the app consequently exchange data that can be linked to specific device owners and locations.


Democratic Pennsylvania Governor-elect Josh Shapiro charged a former campaign consultant Wednesday with “wide scale” voter fraud, according to authorities.

Philadelphia political consultant Rasheen Crews was arrested Wednesday and charged with forging signatures on nomination petitions so that he could get his Democratic clients on the ballot during the 2019 primary races in the city, Shapiro’s office announced.

“In advance of the 2023 municipal elections, this arrest is an important reminder that interfering with the integrity of our elections is a serious crime,” Shapiro said in a statement. “By soliciting and organizing the wide scale forgery of signatures, the defendant undermined the democratic process and Philadelphians’ right to a free and fair election.


Holocaust denier arrested in Scottish fishing village two years after fleeing French authorities

The 53-year-old, who was reported to have been working as a private tutor while living under a false identity in the UK, had been given a four-month jail term in November 2020 and a further six-month spell in January 2021.


Rediscovered from old link list:


Al Fin thinks Russia will lose Crimea:


OD wrote:
the most expensive dinner in the 37 years of the bureau’s holiday survey. …”

If Manchin and Sinema hadn’t put the brakes on Senate Democrats, we would probably be in a hyperinflation Weimar scenario by now.

Axios: Thanksgiving Meal Prices Rise To New Record High


American politics is not kind to second acts. Pat Buchanan had a great run in 1992 but was largely ignored in 1996. Ron Paul had a similar run in 2008, but his 2012 reboot was a flop. Ross Perot is another example. Trump stands out because he won the primary and the general election, but like his populist predecessors, he will face strong headwinds from an audience not fond of reboots and sequels. That and the GOP will call in their vote counters this time around.

That is the critical question for dissidents. Is it better that they steal the 2024 election from Trump or is it better that they steal it from someone else? What happens if the GOP assembles their dream ticket of Nikki Hailey and Tim Scott only to see the magic of mail in votes hand the election to Biden? That is the other piece of the puzzle that has been ignored. It now appears likely that Joe Biden will be the first zombie to top the ballot for a major party.


Wm Briggs wrote:

Every Place On Earth Warming Faster Than Every Other Place On Earth


Neo-Ciceronian wrote a parable about stolen elections:


McNeill did a roundup, mostly about crooked cops:


Luke Ford wrote about the prison down under:


McAllister wrote about the USA as Nineveh:


Tenure leads to monoculture of ideas:


Puberty can only be slowed down at considerable cost:


Serial killers are a recognizable phenomenon:


Beware the leaven of the anti-wifely attributes:

The anti-wifely woman is more combative, seeing life as a struggle between men and women for power and status. She is more overtly sexual, in part, because she rejects the idea of serving a spouse in marriage and so, in the absence of daily gifts of service in marriage, relationships are based more squarely on the expression of sexuality. She is also more likely to cultivate a masculine energy in herself as she is too set apart from men to think of a husband providing this energy within a spousal union. And so she cultivates ambition, pursues masculine hobbies and interests, and creates within her own self an uneasy balance between masculine and feminine attributes.

What creates the anti-wifely woman? There are reasons to do with political ideology, such as the emphasis on individual autonomy within liberalism. But it goes beyond this to an ongoing potential within female nature to react against hierarchical forms of authority, particularly masculine authority. Anti-wifely women are often in a proud rebellion against the patriarchy, traditional Christianity and to serving (i.e. doing things for) a husband. It is a rebellion against the father and is triggered by fathers who were either absent or who did not model a loving form of paternal authority.


Meloni rose to power because she lacked the weaknesses of her two coalition rivals. She wasn’t an establishment conservative like Berlusconi, and she wasn’t a northern regionalist like Salvini. She was thus seen as the one who could best represent the entire country and deal with its problems, especially the existential crisis of rising immigration and falling fertility. Will Italians continue to have a homeland for themselves and their descendants? Or will they go the way of other nations that are now footnotes in history?


The advent of extreme circumstances either activates the latent abilities of the brave man, or smothers the spirit of the timid soul.

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