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This is a post about the COVID panic and its use as a cover for government misconduct.

A shocking story from Natural News suggests that nanotech has been surprisingly practical for years.
Natural News wrote:

In its November-December 2001 issue, Harvard Magazine published an exposé called “Liquid Computing” that highlighted a then-new technology in which nanoparticles were able to self-assemble into a computer when exposed to liquid.

The technology was developed by none other than Charles Lieber, who in early 2020 at the start of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) scamdemic was charged alongside two Chinese nationals for aiding the People’s Republic of China in developing bioweapons in Wuhan.

Lieber was convicted in December 2021 on six felony charges related to his receipt of millions of dollars in research funding from China. In early February 2022, he filed a motion for an acquittal or a new trial that was denied. His sentencing date is scheduled for Jan. 1, 2023.

Before all this, though, Harvard praised Lieber for developing something that was new to all of us with the Operation Warp Speed “vaccines,” but that has apparently been around for more than two decades. In short, Lieber’s decades-old technology appears to have finally found a use in covid shots. (Related: Check out our earlier coverage highlighting the presence of what appear to be self-assembling “nano-octopus” microparticles inside covid injections.)

How much of Lieber’s work was incorporated into covid shots?

Harvard Magazine pointed out that Lieber’s work ran contrary to that of other scientists in the nanotechnology field. Instead of using a top-down approach, or taking something big and making it smaller, Lieber used a bottom-up approach, or taking something small and making it bigger.



Using wires only three nanometers across, Lieber was able to produce “relatively cheaply” using “a few thousand dollars’ worth of equipment” a nano-sized circuit board that when immersed in liquid and poured onto a desktop formed automatically into a computer.

“Sound like science fiction?” Harvard Magazine asked at the time.

What Lieber developed was a nanowire structure capable of forming in virtually any “flavor,” meaning he was able to make different self-assembling nanowire computers using different liquid solutions.

“The potential application in microelectronics is obvious: the minute size of these building blocks allows for higher transistor densities, which could lead, at least in principle, to more highly integrated and powerful computers,” Harvard Magazine explained.

Read the whole thing at:



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