government misconduct in the news

Paul Pelosi Bodycam Video is Finally Released — It Shows the Assailant’s Graphic Attack with a Hammer

Paul Pelosi Bodycam Footage Vindicates NBC News Report That Was Mysteriously Scrubbed After It Aired

Listen: Strange Paul Pelosi 911 Call Released, Alleged Attacker Says He’s a ‘Friend’

BREAKING: San Francisco Court Releases Footage Of Paul Pelosi Hammer Attack- WARNING: GRAPHIC

Mike Pompeo Drops Hammer: John Bolton Should ‘Be in Jail for Spilling Classified Information’

‘It’s as If There Became 2 FBIs’: Ex-Agent Reveals the Moment Everything Became Politically Weaponized

The 600 influential Russian Twitter bots narrative was pushed by mainstream media. Twitter executives knew it was false.



City of Memphis surveillance cameras.


Swedes are free to burn Quran copies, but are not free to burn Torah copies. Interesting.

A week after a Quran burning in Stockholm, Israel’s envoy to Sweden said Tel Aviv and the local Jewish community had prevented a burning of the Torah, in coordination with Swedish officials. Ziv Nevo Kulman announced on Twitter that the Torah burning was planned to take place in front of Israeli Embassy in Stockholm but was prevented with the help of Swedish authorities. This came after Rasmus Paludan, a far-right Swedish-Danish politician, burned a copy of the Quran last Saturday outside the Turkish Embassy in the Nordic country under police protection and with permission from the authorities.

Newly Leaked Video Appears to Show Ray Epps Orchestrating Breach at the U.S. Capitol on January 6
Newly released video appears to show January 6 agitator Ray Epps from an angle previously unseen before.
The video, played at a Proud Boys’ trial and leaked to Gateway Pundit, tracks prior footage of Epps that has been verified by fact checkers. It appears to show Epps working the crowd behind the gates prior to the initial breach of the Capitol building grounds.

Newly Leaked Video Appears to Show Ray Epps Orchestrating Breach at the U.S. Capitol on January 6


Former CIA Director Mike Pompeo Says Adam Schiff Leaked Classified Information During His Time As House Intelligence Chair, McCarthy Was Right To Remove Him [Video]

The FBI Carried Out ‘Raid’ on Joe Biden’s Delaware Home, But Did Not Use Warrant or Subpoena

Joe Biden Appears to Be Nailed Discussing Hunter Biden Business Deal to Sell Natural Gas to China


U.S. Politicians Who Pimped America To The WEF/Davos Cult

Snyder: Has The WEF Just Reached “Peak Creepy”?

BREAKING: Kemp Activates National Guard, Anticipating Violence After Police Shooting

Nation Braces for Release of Memphis Police Video Showing 'Acts That Defy Humanity,' Chief Says

Army Vet’s Life Ruined By Soros-Backed DA On Bogus Murder Charge: Self Defense Case


SHOCK POLL: MI GOP Delegates Overwhelmingly Oppose Re-Election of Michigan Resident Ronna Romney-McDaniel…Here’s Why We Think Mike Lindell Would Do The Best Job

Another Israeli Exploit Developer Caught Selling Malware To Blacklisted Countries

Sarah Palin is more trustworthy than RINOs


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