Pfertility problems and Bloons defense

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You’ve heard about the supposedly Chinese balloon. You may not have heard about “Bloons” so the joke above might not make sense. Here’s what Sseth has to say about Bloons:

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Biden scandals:

Adam Kinzinger Warns Republicans: ‘Really Dangerous’ to Investigate Hunter Biden’s Laptop

It would be dangerous to whom, exactly? To RINOs? To the military? To the overclass?

Hunter’s Business Partner Eric Schwerin Moved Joe Biden’s Documents from White House to UDel – Not the Only Time Schwerin Handled Government Docs

OH NO – FBI Agent Recently Arrested for Receiving Bribes from Russian Oligarch Also Ran Unit that May Have Investigated Hunter Biden’s Activities with Chinese Spy Patrick Ho

Major Dem Donor Linked to Biden Indicted On Embezzlement Charges



Report 54: Infants and Children Under 12 Given the Pfizer mRNA COVID “Vaccine” Seven Months BEFORE Pediatric Approval. 71% of Adverse Event Cases Classified as Serious.

Vitamin D Cuts COVID-19 Risk of Death in Half, New Study Finds. So Why Isn’t it Recommended?

The Alarming Trend in Core Mortality Since the Vaccine Rollout

The Inside Story of How UsForThem Held Pfizer to Account for Misleading Parents about Covid Vaccine Safety

Pfizer’s Business Model is Actual Fascism

UK gov’t refuses to play fair:

94% of Claims to the Government’s Vaccine Injury Payment Scheme Are Rejected, Many Because They Are Not “60% Disabled”. Mark Kerry is One of Them

Other medical body horror:

Busting That Chinese Spy Balloon Is Harder Than You Think (Updated)

David HamblingContributor

In fact, bringing down this type of balloon may be extremely difficult, as it is likely to be highly resistant to the available weapons. It may look fragile, but the sheer size and construction of a stratospheric balloon makes it all but invulnerable.

There is also the problem of getting to it. Such balloons ride high in the stratosphere, far above the airliners. They do this to take advantage of the change in wind direction with altitude to steer themselves to where they are needed like sailing ships, then circling above a point of interest. The U.S. military has its own stratospheric spy balloon program with project like COLD STAR – short for COvert Long Dwell STratospheric ARchitecture, designed to lurk undetected in enemy airspace.

Such balloons typically fly at 80,000 feet or more – NASA’s version cruises at 120,000 feet.. The U.S. Air Force’s F-15 Eagle and F-22 Raptor both have a stated operating altitude of around 65,000 feet. While they might be able to get close enough to fire a missile, the balloon may be too high for them to shoot.

We know that large balloons are hard to shoot down from previous experience. In 1998 a rogue Canadian weather balloon drifted towards Russian airspace. Fighter jets from Canada, Norway and Sweden attempted to bring it down without success. Two Canadian air force CF-18 fighters hit the balloon with more than 1,000 rounds of 20mm cannon fire off the coast of Newfoundland, riddling it with holes. This was not enough to let a significant amount of gas out, and the balloon continued drifting.

How do stratospheric balloons work? Here’s a visual guide.

By Derek Hawkins, William Neff and Dylan Moriarty

If the Chinese balloon over the United States is in fact a spy balloon, James Lewis, director of the Strategic Technologies Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said there might also be cameras or telecommunications equipment potentially capable of relaying information back to other nations. But it’s difficult to tell exactly what the balloon is being used for without getting a hold of the device itself.

“If you really wanted to know what it was, you’d shoot it down,” Lewis said. “You’d get the sensor package and you’d see — does it collect intelligence? Does it collect weather data?”

U.S. military leaders said they advised against shooting it down because they worried about civilians getting injured by debris.

This is probably not the destruction of the balloon:

MASSIVE EXPLOSION Over Billings, Montana – Military Helicopters Have Been Activated – Montana Governor Weighs In

JUST IN: Pilots Are Now Reporting Chinese Spy Balloon Floating a Few Thousand Feet Above Them, “DERELICT BALLOON ADRIFT”

Jimmy Dore versus Bill Gates:



Snyder also:


Government behavior:

“The FBI Isn’t Hunting Down Public Enemy #1…The FBI’s Become Public Enemy #1” – Chanel Rion on OAN (VIDEO)

REPORT: FBI Planning to Build New Headquarters Building TWICE THE SIZE of Pentagon – Republicans Need to Stop This

Biden task force unites more than 600 migrant children with parents

John Durham Makes Blockbuster Move That Should Have Biden Nervous

The article mentions 11 Feb, by which it presumably means 11 Feb 2022.

“Significant Threat To National Security”: US Air Force Warns Over Chinese Corn Mill In North Dakota

Cops might actually be doing their jobs:

What Is Anarcho-Tyranny and Are We Living in It?

Heretical history:

These Socialist Memes Actually Have a Shred of Truth

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