when the mass media pushes a story about X, ask yourself what they are distracting you from

The mass media is always pushing a narrative. Ask yourself how distant their narrative is from common sense and the facts you can ascertain for yourself.

HUGE. Former EcoHealth VP Dr. Andrew Huff Reveals EcoHealth Alliance and Hunter Biden’s Metabiota Were Operating Biolabs Funded by the CIA

HERE WE GO: House GOP Issues First Subpoenas To Merrick Garland And Christopher Wray

Deborah Birx Admits Manipulating Data & Altering CDC Guidelines To Deceive Trump


Balloon distractions:

Oh Good Grief. US Military Fears China May Reach Balloon Wreckage Before They Can Get There – Proper Salvage Vessel Won’t Be There For Days


Quote [regarding use of unconscious women as sex slaves with the tissue-thin veneer of reproduction]:

The first is that children are seen as annexes to adult desires. We live in an age where the adults are not grown-ups but their selfishness makes the rules.

The second is that life has become a commodity, or a temporary assignment to be given to specifically chosen people at specifically chosen times in their lives. The right to life is given to some babies depending on whether or not their parents want them. People renting wombs of women for reproduction has become commonplace, with no thoughts given to the child’s needs and developmental requirements.

The third problem is that we understand enough of the science to play around with bodies and genes, but are neither patient nor willing to understand the long-term effects of the procedures we do or the effects of the connections we break (as we have seen in the past with lobotomies and in the present with transgender surgery, reproductive medicine, and vaccines for instance).




Jennifer Newsom’s Nonprofit Made $1.48M From Films with Porn and LGBTQ Content for Schools




The resistance:

Japanese Researchers to File Lawsuit Against Japan Government for Covering Up the Side Effects of the COVID Vaccine

Patrick Byrne Brilliantly Explains Why It’s Mathematically Impossible That Katie Hobbs Won Arizona

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