Fields of Fire

Jim is surprised that Wagner Group is not using drones for battlefield recon.

This account is fictionalized but was produced by people who waded through blood, and is consistent in detail with the real life tactics, weapons systems, and terrible costs summarized in the military summary channel. We may conclude that though fictionalized, it accurately depicts war as it is being fought today.

It depicts a battle for a nine story building, which they need so that they can put spotters on top. A whole lot of good men die, and a whole lot of very expensive military equipment gets blown up. Enormous amounts of expensive ammunition are expended.

What the &@%&? My drone can fly nine stories up. For the cost of one of the heavy weapons that gets blown up in the movie, you could give every grunt in the movie a pile of drones and computers like mine.

The Russians are continually fighting for the high ground, for observation. This should not be happening in the information epoch. Every grunt should have his own small drone, and teams should have larger drones. The sky above the battlefield should be thick with drones, and an AI should weave their data into a big google style map using Postgis rather than messages going up and down the chain of command. Getting the top of a nine story building should not matter. Every grunt should be able to look at google style map with live images from his drone and his platoon’s drones showing up the map.

What happens in the movie is that a drone spots a target, the spotter calls the commander, the commander calls the artillery. The first shots go wild, so the spotter calls the commander again, the commander calls the artillery crew again The artillery crew should be able to see their target on a google earth style map, and see their shots land on a live window into that map.

Still fighting 1913 war in the information epoch

The comments are highly informative.

It is possible that Russia’s government has voluntarily embraced low-tech approaches to avoid the fragility of high-tech supply lines.

Re the Ukraine conflict, Luttwak has opinions:

And further on those lines:

The United States and Europe mistakenly believe that any bilateral relationship between China and Russia is lopsided in favor of China and that Russia has little to offer its behemoth of a neighbor to the south. The truth of the matter, as Andrei points out, is that China needs Russia as much, if not more, than Russia needs China.

Why China Needs Russia — Andrei Martyanov Explains


We’re rich.

Or so we tell ourselves.

Consider the supermarkets. At a glance, their shelves groan with abundance. Aisle after aisle packed with a dizzying variety of ultrapalatable foods, ringed with a perimeter of cheeses, breads, meats, vegetables, and fruits obtained out of season from distant lands with friendly climates.

Yet, peer behind the curtain, and it’s a mirage. The processed foods stocking the aisles are almost entirely built from derivatives of corn and soybean oil, laced with generous quantities of artificial flavouring, preservatives, emulsifiers, and other chemical agents rubberstamped into the food supply by captured regulators. For all that they are calorically dense, these packaged items are not in any meaningful sense ‘food’. They are addictive drugs shot through with poisons.


Comment: That blog gets pretty poetic, as with:

“The performative femininity in the cyborg era is a low-rez screenshot of a photoshopped photocopy of a photocopy of a fax from a number that’s no longer in service.”


Larry Johnson talks to Rasheed Mohammed:


BoerBurgerBeweging (Farmer-Citizen Movement)

Biden Admin Makes Shocking Admission About Banking Crisis


Israel Introduces Bill to Outlaw Teaching The Gospel of Jesus Christ, Sentence Violators to Prison


The USA, ladies and gentlemen:

BREAKING: Rand Paul Calls for the Arrest of NY District Attorney Alvin Bragg

UNBELIEVABLE: Federal Judge Hands Over Trump’s Lawyer’s Notes to DOJ

Biden Regime Now Releasing Hordes of Chinese Illegal Aliens Into US (VIDEO)

Defunding various police forces:

DOJ-Employed Attorney Secretly Met with Chinese Ambassador



Pharma Graft:

Marine Major General ordered to ‘keep his mouth shut’ about personal vaccine injury so that other Marines would not decline the vax

Bank Graft:

The SVB Takes

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis takes a stand against digital currency: Here’s why he’s pushing for a CBDC ban

“With the Blink of a Silicon Valley Casino Eye, the FED Completely Reverses Policy Without Telling People” – Dr. Peter Navarro

Sex mutiliation:


Propaganda Topics:

Torturing the data until a fiction seems plausible:

An Instance Of How “The Science” Is Produced: Gender Equality Edition

The billionaire founder of Craigslist, Craig Newmark, is using his fortune to further shape journalism into partisan activism to help Democrats win elections. He is the nation’s leading financier of the “mis”- and “disinformation” industries and is now the largest private stakeholder in America’s legacy journalism schools.

9-11 propaganda:


Intentional Q boost:

Accidental Q boost:



Warning: every dollar you donate to the Red Cross is bringing America to her knees…

the WEF declares itself to be the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation. This declaration in itself is already problematic. I, and many others, see in the co-mingling of private and public goals dichotomies that arise from the simple reasoning about whose interests and goals will be achieved and whose will be thwarted by this forum? Already at this point, one can foretell that the private interests with their small elites will define and control the wants and wishes of the large public entities.

The Forum states: The forum engages the foremost political, business, cultural and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas. Really! In whose names were these leaders given permission to shape our global, regional and industrial agendas? They are a self-appointed bunch of illuminati who have their self-interests at heart. Nowhere in the world did people, or nations, hold elections or plebiscites to appoint these people!

Although, the members of the foundation want us to believe that the Forum was established in 1917 as a non-profit foundation that is “independent, impartial and not tied to any special interests. Moral and intellectual integrity is at the heart of everything it does.” Really? Who is sitting in oversight of “The Forum” and ascertains that it acts in ways benefitting all the people it is trying to control. Since I, and my fellow Americans have not been consulted by the Forum, I must assume that they look upon us as hapless sheep that must be led and controlled by our special elite shepherds, which they envision themselves to be.

The World, As Seen By The Elites


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