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Conspiracy theories and commentary

Top story — The NYT called election fraud a crazy conspiracy theory and then had to change its tune in 24 hours.

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Cyberpunk’s not dead

With apologies to The Exploited, I submit that Cyberpunk 2077 is not dead.

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Orange Man Rad–president-donald-trump-save-america-rally-live-in-warren-mi-10122.html believingTheirOwnIdiocy.jpg 37.8 KB deeppfizer.jpg 23.6 KB emeraldn.jpeg 92.9 KB fangfang.jpeg 78.1 KB fzllk.jpeg 54.3 KB guncontrol0v.jpeg 41.7 KB incompetentPressSec.mp4 1.9 MB lasVegasFalseFlagRD.jpeg 0.4 MB putinsays7x.jpeg 1 MB synthwaverightwingovertones.mp4 1.5 MB breadline0.jpeg 0.3 MB obviousTruth0.jpeg 0.3 MB liberty_self_defense.gif … Continue reading

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just plain dangerous (Sodom and Gomorrah edition)

    Oh, boy, oh, boy, we get to talk about accusations of deviant sexual acts! Cue the “Sodom and Gomorrah” accusations! # Inconsistency on “stolen” elections: And now the not-so-current events: # Accusations of “Sodom and Gomorrah”:

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You should be reading various cool sites

Glorious meme source:

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