further inquiry to examine possible bias and wrongdoing within the FBI and the Justice Department

The chans are buzzing with speculation regarding how the various tech-wizards in the spook establishment are managing release of the information. It seems likely that the pro-Trump spooks could dump a lot all at once, but they prefer to dribble out a selection of the facts – starting with the adulterous lovers, Strzok and Page, and leading up to Obama and the Clinton Crime Family.

Then, too, there are reports from squares who are almost certainly NOT techno-wizards, but who have been investigating.

An Interim Report
A Majority Staff Report of the
Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs

Over the course of almost three years, since March 2015, Chairman Johnson has
diligently utilized oversight letters in the Committee’s attempt to obtain relevant information.
The Committee has never held a hearing because the Chairman was not interested in creating a
media frenzy show trial. Chairman Johnson simply wanted to get the facts, establish the truth,
and hold people accountable.

The Committee was not notified of the text messages between Strzok and Page by an
official federal government source, but only learned of them from news reports.

Strzok and Page also exchanged views about the investigation
on possible Russian collusion with the Trump campaign—calling it “unfinished business” and
“an investigation leading to impeachment,” drawing parallels to Watergate, and expressing
Strzok’s “gut sense and concern there’s no big there there.”
The text messages raise several important questions that deserve further examination:
• Whether, and the extent to which, any personal animus and/or political bias
influenced the FBI’s investigation;
• Whether, and the extent to which, the Obama Department of Justice or White
House influenced the FBI’s investigation; and
• Whether, and the extent to which, any personal animus and/or political bias
influenced the FBI’s actions with respect to President Trump.
This report is not intended to answer these questions, but to demonstrate that the
information received warrants further inquiry to examine possible bias and wrongdoing within
the FBI and the Justice Department. Any serious and impartial reader of this material should
find it hard to deny the need for further inquiry.


Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ), a leading conservative member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, told Breitbart News Daily on Wednesday that he believes that there is an interconnectivity between various high-profile Barack Obama-era scandals and the latest revelations about corruption at the Department of Justice and FBI.
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Conservative Treehouse infers: Carter Page was working as an “under-cover employee” (UCE) of the FBI

The following inferences were drawn by the Conservative Treehouse:

In March 2016 Carter Page Was an FBI Employee – In October 2016 FBI Told FISA Court He’s a Spy…

In 2013 Carter Page was working as an “under-cover employee” (UCE) of the FBI, helping them to build a case against “Evgeny Buryakov”.  In March 2016 Carter Page remained their informant pre-trial leading to a pleading of guilty from Buryakov.

[Note – Pay close attention to dates, names in descriptions amid all citations]

Sources:  ♦ In 2013 the U.S. Department of Justice, Southern District of New York, announced an indictment against a Russian Operative Evgeny Buryakov.  LINK HERE In March of 2016Buryakov pleaded GUILTY:

Preet Bharara, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and John P. Carlin, Assistant Attorney General for National Security, announced that EVGENY BURYAKOV, a/k/a “Zhenya,” pled guilty today to conspiring to act in the United States as an agent of the Russian Federation, without providing prior notice to the Attorney General.
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Gosar will seek the criminal prosecution of “traitors to our nation.”

Some Internet writers have called the FBI’s actions sedition or high treason, and have claimed that some kinds of treason charges only apply during wartime. (But isn’t the USA perpetually at war?) The legal distinctions are much less important than the fact that a respectable public office-holder has accused the FBI of TREASON.

Thirty years ago, there were people saying that un-Constitutional conduct by government officials WAS treasonous, but those people usually added, “But people are asleep, they don’t allow themselves to realize that it is treason.”

Now we have a moment of open confrontation. The elected officials have the opportunity to say that treason is wrong, even when the head of the FBI does it. (If only someone had said something while J. Edgar Hoover was conducting his reign of terror!)

It looks like this particular conspiracy extends to the Department of Justice and the Department of State.

…current and former members of the FBI and the Department of Justice who signed off on applications to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court will likely face contempt of court charges. Who? James Comey, Andy McCabe, Sally Yates, Dana Boente and Rob Rosenstein. The effectively lied to a Federal judge. That is not only stupid but illegal.

Here are the critical points from the Nunes memo that you should commit to memory.:

The Steele Dossier played a critical role in obtaining approval from the FISA court to carry out surveillance of Carter Page according to former FBI Deputy Director Andy McCabe.

Christopher Steele was getting paid by the DNC and the FBI for the same information.

No one at either the FBI nor the DOJ disclosed to the court that the Steele dossier was paid for by an opposition political campaign.

The first FISA warrant was obtained on 21 October 2016 based on a story written by Michael Isikoff for Yahoo News based on information he received directly from Christopher Steele–THE FBI DID NOT DISCLOSE IN THE FISA APPLICATION THAT STEELE WAS THE ORIGINAL SOURCE OF THE INFORMATION.

Christopher Steele was a long standing FBI “source” but was terminated as a source after telling Mother Jones reporter David Corn that he had a relationship with the FBI.

The FBI signers of the FISA applications/renewals were James Comey and Andy McCabe.

The DOJ signers of the FISA applications/renewals were Sally Yates, Dana Boente and Rod Rosenstein

Even after Steele was terminated by the FBI, he remained in contact with Deputy Attorney General Bruce Our, whose wife worked for FUSION GPS and was involved with the Steele dossier.
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While we are waiting for Congress to demand answers from Comey and Podesta, there are several sideshows to distract us

“If you think your viewers want to know whether or not the dossier was used in court proceedings, whether or not it was vetted before it was used, whether or not it’s ever been vetted — if you are interested in who paid for the dossier, if you are interested in Christopher Steele’s relationship with Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee, then, yes, you will want the memo to come out,”

-Trey Gowdy

The most relevant story is the following investigation:
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Chuck Ross appears to be the most active journo covering the Strzok-Page scandal

2017-12-13 DOJ IG to Grassley, Johnson – Strzok Text Messages

Chuck Ross wrote the following:


Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee are warming up to the idea of voting to release a four-page memo that alleges FBI and Justice Department abuses related to the infamous Steele dossier and secret surveillance warrants obtained by the Obama administration.
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