Why surveillance is not OK

Why surveillance is not OK,

written by anon

I live in a country generally assumed to be a dictatorship. One of the Arab spring countries. I have lived through curfews and have seen the outcomes of the sort of surveillance now being revealed in the US. People here talking about curfews aren’t realizing what that actually FEELS like. It isn’t about having to go inside, and the practicality of that. It’s about creating the feeling that everyone, everything is watching. A few points:
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Brock and Clinton and many other malefactors appear to be colluding

A channer wrote:
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Clinton-Obama Close-up

There are various stories involving the Clinton-Obama power configuration. It is difficult to figure out who is pretending to be an idiot and who is not pretending. For example, Flynn made a small lie to the FBI. Some say this was an honest mistake. Others say Flynn intentionally made a small, insignificant false statement in order to be released from a previous non-disclosure agreement. If the second version is true, then Flynn is a master strategist!

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Feldman, Limeys, Jon Heely (the longtime director of music publishing at Disney), Nassar, Sandusky’s son, Pastor Harry L. Thomas

To make a long story short: the psychopaths who misrule the world’s big governments are also sex perverts. Thus, although I don’t like reading about perverts, I feel I should keep informed about the high-profile pedophilia scandals that are currently bursting out.

The following post takes approximately 1800 words to inform the reader about recent criminal cases.  It’s like hearing about cancer patients getting their tumors cut out; one is not happy to hear about tumors in general, but it’s better to have them cut out then to leave them alone to probably get worse.

Has Corey Feldman been vindicated?

The former child actor claimed in October that he had given the names of sexual predators in Hollywood to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office in 1993 during their investigation into Michael Jackson’s molestation charges. The Sheriff’s Office denied those claims, saying they had no records of Feldman revealing such information, until now.

Corey Feldman slick in silver at Premiere Club in Los Angeles on December 2, 2010 in New York City.  X17online.com



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silly people calling themselves “Dumbledore’s Army,” and other stories


A channer wrote:

I just found proof that ShareBlue / CTR / Brock are connected to a coup / subversion attempt within government agencies.
They are using the same encrypted Slack Channels (“Dumbledore’s Army”) that were discovered in the CFPB case a few days ago.
I am certain that this is proof of a line being crossed. We need FOIA requests for “Voldemort” and “Dumbledore” done in every government agency.
I’ve only posted this here and on T_D. If anyone knows who to send this information to or has connections, then please take the lead from here, Im not even in USA.
PLEASE spread this. Nobody has made this connection until now, and it could be huge.
CFPB Dumbledore Army info: https://twitter.com/RandyEBarnett/status/938255818742468609
ShareBlue insider (legit, look at all their posts (3 pages)):
CoA FOIA investigation:


There are much more important stories about criminality, sedition, and treason linked to the Clinton family, so I don’t think the “Dumbledore’s Army” story will turn out to be a big story.

And in other news:
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