pre-Hippie Leftists

I noticed that Someone had written:

You folks with the “Blame the Boomers” mantra are actually wrong. The “blame” is universal and it goes a long way back and far before the “Boomers.”

Seriously. How naive can you get? Or intellectually lazy? The argument that all of a sudden from 1946 on all that fell were “bad seeds” that moved through rosette stage to bolt to bud to flower stage power and the madness then exploded as some sort of natural occurrence devoid of outside influence from the parent generation(s)?


1. “Hippies” evolved/devolved from the Beatnicks, the latter led by Jack Kerouac (1925) and the homo/pedophile Alan Ginsburg (1926). Further, the so-called Hippies appeared damn near out of nowhere in 1964 on the Sunset Strip at places like “Whiskey A Go-Go” when the oldest “Boomer” was a mere 18 years of age. They weren’t “Boomers.”

2. “The Pill” showed up in 1960, when the oldest Boomer female was 14. It wasn’t for “her” in particular, and since white illegitimacy was then a mere 5% it wasn’t that big of a deal. Which leads us to …

3. “Free Love”, man. In the U.S. that nutty idea came from womyn and far pre-dated the “Boomers.” In 1872 a Thomas Nash lithograph graced the cover of Harpers Magazine titled Mrs. Satan, depicting first generation rad-fem Victoria Woodhull consorting with Da’ Devil while holding a banner that read, well, “Free Love.” Google it.

Then it made its way to the Boomers via “Second Wave” feminists immediately after WWII, via books, magazines, and guess where else? in the classroom, being taught to Boomer females by “Greatest” and “Silent” generation female teachers. Now go Google “The Frankfurt School” and keep thinking how that worked out over a few generations.

4. Porn and other associated deviant garbage, starting with Hugh Hefner, born in 1926, the first year of the “Silents” who in truth, roared. “Playboy” hit the stands “behind the counter” concealed in brown paper in December of 1953, and did so without a name. It sold so well to the Greatest and Silents that in January of 1954 it came out with the name “Playboy” on it. The oldest “Boomer” turned eight that same month.

5. Drugs, man. Who popularized them? The Establishment. Timothy Leary (b. 1920), a Harvard Professor ended up on the cover of Time Magazine in’68 or so,essentially pushing the consumption of drugs, hallucinogenics in particular. It was he who came up with the saying, “Turn on, Tune in, Drop out.” That was a “Greatest” member exhorting the use of a drug by Boomers created by the C.I.A. in 1953, patented by them and produced on contract for them by Sandoz Laboratories in Switzerland. And exactly who do you think was running all that reefer, hash, cocaine and heroin into the country. Underage Boomers?

6. Don’t forget the voting age was 21 until 1972, when it was changed to 18. Exactly how much “real” political clout did a generation have that wasn’t eligible to vote in any sort of numbers? Duh? So “Who dunnit?”

7. “Roe v. Wade” – Fought by a “Silent” female attorney and heard by “Greatest” and “Silent” judges.

8. The “Civil Rights Act” of 1964, “Voting Rights Act” of 1965 along with the Hart-Cuellar Act in 1965 (Immigration law that has destroyed us as a nation) all were written and passed by “Greatests” and “Silents.” The immediate fallout was on who? The Boomers. All the other “Great Society socialism? Same suspects -same effect. It was “law.”

9. “The Chicago Seven.” Most of you don’t have a clue, so Google up the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago. “Wow, man.” Yeah. What a riot! Daley. And guess what? The ringleaders were all Greatests and Silents, the oldest being born in 1920. Again. The Weather Underground? Ditto. The Black Panthers? Ditto.

Do you see a pattern developing here?

10. Rock and Roll. Aside from the fact that it began in the 1950’s, taking off with the “Silent” Elvis, who owned those record companies? Boomers? No. Their progenitors. Johnny Cash showed up at Sun Records in the mid-1950’s to sell some gospel music in the late 1950’s and owner/producer Sam Phillips told him, “Go out and sin for a while and then bring me back something I can sell.” No “Boomers” involved.

11. Trashy movies? Darn it again! Who owned those studios? Who wrote the scripts? Who produced them? Who advertised them? Guess who it wasn’t? The Boomers. Guess who inherited the model? Yes. Just like you have.

12. There’s a helluva lot more and the evidence isn’t hard to find.

ERGO – The “Boomers” were handed wreckage and just like you, went with the flow because they were taught to. Under penalty of law. Most of their teachers were “Greatest-Silent” socialists/feminists from colleges where the curriculum was designed by those of “The Frankfurt School.”