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Top Searches of 2017

Why are there so few people searching for smug anime girls? Top Searches (May 2017) nazi anime girls, how i ended ip being asex slave to the most beautiful man, end of white civilization, bogs gays [That should probably be … Continue reading

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Various people predict various disasters for 2018; various other people INCITE actions that would be disastrous

Here is an example of inciting mischief that would be disastrous if it were carried out. During Israeli offensive on Gaza in 2014, an Israeli soldier called on Netanyahu to rape all Palestinian mothers in Gaza.

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Collapsnik hopes that 2018 will see a black swan

The status quo is like a bad case of gangrene. It will be fatal eventually, but meanwhile it causes a lot of suffering, and thus collapsniks look forward to the merciful release of death.  If you idolize the free market … Continue reading

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For seven decades they owned the narrative by harassing UFOlogists; now they want to own the narrative by limited hangouts

By now you’ve probably read the New York Times article detailing a UFO research program run by the Pentagon which received $22 million — a tiny amount by Defense Department standards — from 2007 to at least 2012. The disclosure of the … Continue reading

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Christus est natus

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