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Sociopaths get more social rewards

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Once Aryan Skynet becomes self-aware, pro-cop sentiments will result

I generally have a very skeptical attitude toward police. Elusive Wapiti said a lot of things about police at:

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Citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as the basic purpose of their daily life

The police officer is supposed to supplant Dad, just as Prime Minister displaces King (minister of ministers being more important than first among fathers). The legal theorist is supposed to supplant the backwards mystic traditions that informed old laws. – … Continue reading

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Grammar in the comments: “Your wrong. Deuteronomy clear states …”

*Your You’re *clear clearly You *seam to have a problem… seem

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Where does Christianity get its legitimacy from?

Lots of people seem to think that Christianity has some degree of legitimacy. Where does that legitimacy come from? I think many self-appointed authorities will disagree on the nature and origin of that legitimacy!

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