Kinsey was a fraud

I shouldn’t have to explain to manospherians that the Kinsey Reports were fraudulent, but in various corners of the manosphere, people are quoting them as if they were fact.

Here’s a debunking:

Establishing that fraud took place in this research is not particularly difficult. The trick is to try and explain how this major piece of deception was passed off as valid science for more than 40 years. However, the answer to this puzzle is becoming more obvious through, ironically, the efforts of those now rallying to the defence of the original project and its authors. There is an identifiable ideological tie binding this phony science’s defenders and true believers. In 1948 a Harvard-trained zoologist, who had gained a reputation classifying gall wasps, suddenly became an international scientific celebrity – perhaps the first truly media-manufactured science icon of the 20th century. His name was Alfred Kinsey. …
Less well known is the role of Kinsey’s research in support of the proliferating paedophile movement.

Here’s another debunking:

Several researchers took issue with Kinsey’s work saying it was not science, as contended, and the statistics were flawed if not fraud. Dr. Kinsey obtained much of his data by interviewing prisoners, hardly a normal population. His interviewing techniques were biased. He used reports from pedophiles, for example, to hypothesize childhood sexual behavior.

Kinsey’s estimated 38.7% in males ages 36 to 40, engaged in homosexual behavior, but the work was not validated in subsequent studies. In contrast, the Batelle Report found that 2.3% of men reported having sex with another man and in many cases these were one-time incidents or criminal attacks.

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