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The offense of Duffer’s Drift, or, why reasonable people hate British troops

Isegoria got to the part in Duffer’s Drift where they start kidnapping civilians. http://www.isegoria.net/2014/05/the-defence-of-duffers-drift-third-dream-outcome/ In honor of Isegoria’s reading of this classic, I present a sample of British civil liberties. The patrols returned shortly with their bag of a few … Continue reading

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USA officials make not-very-plausibly deniable comments about changes to free speech rights; other USA officials prevent prisoners from talking about torture

The USA has some reforms for free speech that it refuses to clarify, but prisoners are not allowed to talk about being tortured. Obvious Observation #1: Officials of the USA military-industrial complex, particularly those with security clearances, like making deniable … Continue reading

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