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The burial shroud of involuntary centralization versus the crazy quilt of voluntary decentralization

The Roman Empire and the Muslim world have both been notorious for conquering, enslaving, and centralizing. In all time periods, slaves have had to suffer the tension between their instincts and their circumstances. The instinct of a slave is to … Continue reading

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Channers accuse Tommy Robinson of collaboration with Israel

The provocative Tommy Robinson, recently arrested in an Orwellian suppression of free speech by the UK regime, has been photographed collaborating with Israelis in the past. The following is from the chan archived below: >I haven’t said a word…I’ve done … Continue reading

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Chelsea’s suicidal toenails, Rothschild versus Musk, and other details of civilizational decline

Roseanne has confronted Wikileaks:   Elon Musk has confronted the media: Chelsea Manning has apparently confronted her death wish:

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The UK government wants to exterminate white people: the attack on Tommy Robinson symbolizes an attack on the white gene pool

Arrested, tried, and sentenced within an hour: Tommy Robinson gets 13 months for livestreaming outside courthouse  

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Wikipedia was always horrid, but now Philip Cross is forcing people to recognize the situation

By now, everyone has heard that Wikipedia is a psyop, and Philip Cross is the latest operative to be named. However, this was never much of a secret. Wikipedia has always been awful. Jimmy Wales was a horrible person when … Continue reading

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