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Child abuse in Japan by hideously ugly 43-year-old woman

WankakuSankaku Complex erroneously called this hag a “milf.” I deny that claim. Via WankSank: A woman who orchestrated the gang-rape and sexual servitude of a schoolboy at the hands of the other boys and girls she kept at her home … Continue reading

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Before you look at the perpetrators, try listening to the survivors

Nowadays the term “rape” has been applied to a lot of behaviors that don’t involve sex or even physical contact. Recently I have noticed a lot of posts about actual sexual violence (as opposed to using a pronoun of the … Continue reading

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Normally, I would leave this kind of ponerological reporting to Infrakshun, but he’s on coffee break

I don’t usually report on ponerology – I leave that to http://infrakshun.wordpress.com/ but he’s on coffee break. http://wikispooks.com/wiki/The_Pedophocracy

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The unpleasant duty of studying matters about which one does not want to know

I enjoy studying almost everything from the archery tactics of the Parthian cavalry to the morphology of frozen water crystals. Very frequently, someone introduces an intriguing but half-formed question, and I reply, “I don’t know, and I am not responsible … Continue reading

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Various thoughts on child abuse involving sex

First and foremost, let me shout out to Toy Soldier, the foremost blog on this topic. http://toysoldier.wordpress.com/ It ranks up there with http://unknownmisandry.blogspot.tw/ as an important resource for people who need pertinent sociological knowledge to understand how people act. I … Continue reading

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