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WordPress gives me this space for free.


It’s not that I don’t have enough cash.


It’s that I can’t figure out how to deal with credit cards online.  Customer service leaves a lot to be desired. Also, if I use a credit card to pay for hosting space on this blog, anyone who wants to harass me will have an easier time.


So to clear space, I am going to archive and delete the posts that look irrelevant:


The difficulty of mythologizing one’s oppositional, postmodern coolness
Posted on 2015/12/27 by gaikokumaniakku
Swedenborg’s dreams, Cellini’s occultism, white men playing jazz in 1917, and other fascinating silliness


MSF claims sarin symptoms, Swedes chide, and bionerd Denis O’Brien goes postOl (with gratuitous Origa soundtrack)


Going postOl with scrambled figure numbering


16 Jan 2022
This one might get censored because the joke (hosted offsite) is pretty saucy.

archived 11 Feb 2022:

Sunday Morning coming down:

Free Crack Pipes:


Those who know cannot sleep: a few points of happy news — 08 Feb 2022 edition

The real way to lose is to grow addicted to fear – and other thoughts from the manosphere – part 1 of 2 (a 2019 repost of something originally from 2014)

(part 2):

Excluding women from the manosphere:

Feb 2022