Tim Gielen’s documentary is worth one hour of your time.

A documentary by Tim Gielen 2021.
… a small group of super rich criminals have been buying virtually everything on earth, until they own it all. From media, health care, travel, food industry, governments… That allows them to control the whole world. Because of this they are trying to impose the New World Order.

Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, …
… the majority of our world is owned by the very same people. …

The name of the two companies who virtually owns the world’ are Vanguard and BlackRock. …

Learn more here:


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The world offers comfort … but Ron Watkins was not made for comfort

Ron Watkins is running for Congress in Arizona


Ron Watkins, long-suspected of being “Q”, the mysterious figure behind the QAnon conspiracy theory and one of the leading purveyors of the “Big Lie” that the 2020 election was stolen from President Trump, announced his candidacy for Congress in Arizona this week.

In a video posted to the social media platform Telegram, Watkins said that he was running for the Republican nomination in Arizona’s 1st Congressional District to defeat the “dirtiest Democrat in the D.C. swamp,” incumbent Congressman Tom O’Halleran, who has held the seat for four years.

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Can I find any historical precedent for today’s leaders? I wonder’d much how such a man came to be intrusted with so important a business as the conduct of a great army; but, having since seen more of the great world, and the means of obtaining, and motives for giving places, my wonder is diminished.

Benjamin Franklin provides several first-hand anecdotes of Loudon’s North American days in his Autobiography, none complimentary. The following are excerpts:

(Loudon) set out for New York before me; and, as the time for dispatching the packet-boats was at his disposition, and there were two then remaining there, one of which, he said, was to sail very soon, I requested to know the precise time, that I might not miss her by any delay of mine. His answer was, “I have given out that she is to sail on Saturday next; but I may let you know, entre nous, that if you are there by Monday morning, you will be in time, but do not delay longer.” By some accidental hindrance at a ferry, it was Monday noon before I arrived, and I was much afraid she might have sailed, as the wind was fair; but I was soon made easy by the information that she was still in the harbor, and would not move till the next day. One would imagine that I was now on the very point of departing for Europe. I thought so; but I was not then so well acquainted with his lordship’s character, of which indecision was one of the strongest features. I shall give some instances. It was about the beginning of April that I came to New York, and I think it was near the end of June before we sail’d. There were then two of the packet-boats, which had been long in port, but were detained for the general’s letters, which were always to be ready to-morrow. Another packet arriv’d; she too was detain’d; and, before we sail’d, a fourth was expected. Ours was the first to be dispatch’d, as having been there longest. Passengers were engaged in all, and some extremely impatient to be gone, and the merchants uneasy about their letters, and the orders they had given for insurance (it being war time) for fall goods; but their anxiety avail’d nothing; his lordship’s letters were not ready; and yet whoever waited on him found him always at his desk, pen in hand, and concluded he must needs write abundantly.

Going myself one morning to pay my respects, I found in his antechamber one Innis, a messenger of Philadelphia, who had come from thence express with a packet from Governor Denny for the general. He delivered to me some letters from my friends there, which occasion’d my inquiring when he was to return, and where he lodg’d, that I might send some letters by him. He told me he was order’d to call to-morrow at nine for the general’s answer to the governor, and should set off immediately. I put my letters into his hands the same day. A fortnight after I met him again in the same place. “So, you are soon return’d, Innis?” “Return’d! no, I am not gone yet.” “How so?” “I have called here by order every morning these two weeks past for his lordship’s letter, and it is not yet ready.” “Is it possible, when he is so great a writer? for I see him constantly at his escritoire.” “Yes,” says Innis, “but he is like St. George on the signs, always on horseback, and never rides on.”…

This daily expectation of sailing, and all the three packets going down to Sandy Hook, to join the fleet there, the passengers thought it best to be on board, lest by a sudden order the ships should sail, and they be left behind. There, if I remember right, we were about six weeks, consuming our sea-stores, and oblig’d to procure more. At length the fleet sail’d, the general and all his army on board, bound to Louisburg, with the intent to besiege and take that fortress; all the packet-boats in company ordered to attend the general’s ship, ready to receive his dispatches when they should be ready. We were out five days before we got a letter with leave to part, and then our ship quitted the fleet and steered for England. The other two packets he still detained, carried them with him to Halifax, where he stayed some time to exercise the men in sham attacks upon sham forts, then altered his mind as to besieging Louisburg, and returned to New York, with all his troops, together with the two packets above mentioned, and all their passengers! During his absence the French and savages had taken Fort George, on the frontier of that province, and the savages had massacred many of the garrison after capitulation….

On the whole, I wonder’d much how such a man came to be intrusted with so important a business as the conduct of a great army; but, having since seen more of the great world, and the means of obtaining, and motives for giving places, my wonder is diminished.


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Drinking from the firehose — the tide seems to be turning

By the way, if I ever mention a “legendary glowing one,” or the like, I am using a Fallout reference to allude to a government infiltrator trying to entrap ordinary American citizens in illegal behavior.

Here’s an example of a relevant story:

it’s hard to imagine Operation Cold Snap ended with the arrest of Whitmer’s would-be abductors. A more likely scenario is that Wray moved D’Antuono from Michigan to the nation’s capital just in time for what everyone knew would be a highly fraught period after Election Day. It’s only a matter of time before we learn how many “Big Dans” or Stephen Robesons were part of January 6.

read the whole thing:
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Six Weeks to Pay for a Domino’s Pizza?

I have been trying to limit my junk food calories lately. My physician tells me to eat more vegetables and drink less alcohol. But for many decades, American-style pizza has been a low-cost junk food that is sometimes healthier than fried food or cheeseburgers.

Now, in 2021, apparently it takes normal Americans SIX WEEKS to pay for a pizza.


Miraculously, it seems that even mainstream media are admitting that the Biden administration is bad for ordinary Americans.


Not all of these are the most recent stories, but they all seem relevant to me.


TRAGIC: Suicides in US Army Up 46% in 2021 Under Surrender Joe #BidenEffect

MERRICK GARLAND Threat Against Parent’s 1st Amendment Right Backfires…Dad Serves Stunned School Board With $200 Million Lawsuit In Middle of Meeting [VIDEO]

EXCLUSIVE: Maricopa County Officials Claim They DID NOT Delete Elections Data – They Just Archived It and Withheld It from the Senate Auditors

President Trump Releases Three Statements Regarding the 2020 Election and the Fraud That Ensued

“I Never Expected to Be a Prisoner of War in My Own Country” – Jan. 6 Political Prisoner Jeremy Brown Calls Gateway Pundit from Florida Jail — AUDIO

SICKENING: Loudoun County Schools Covered Up Rape of a 14-Year-Old Girl and Prosecuted Her Father To Protect Male Transgender Student Who Was Permitted to Use Ladies Bathrooms

“Do You Miss Me Yet?” Trump Releases Statement on Joe Biden’s Cratering Poll Numbers

“Why Can’t the Public See the Ballots?” – President Trump Releases Statement on Georgia Judge’s Decision Dismissing Inspection of Fraudulent Fulton County Ballots

“Why Can’t the Public See the Ballots?” – President Trump Releases Statement on Georgia Judge’s Decision Dismissing Inspection of Fraudulent Fulton County Ballots

Dr Shiva’s Open Forum on Maricopa County Audit: “Why Are There 6,545 MORE Early Voting Ballots Than The Images? That’s A Question” (VIDEO)

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai: 6,545 mail-in ballots with No Envelope, 2,580 Bad Signatures, 1,919 mail-in ballots with no signature, Same person with two Voter IDs

“Sinking Like the Titanic” – Joe Biden’s Approval Rating Drops to a Dangerous New Low




I am inclined to think the Clintons’ pal McAuliffe will win.

“This is bad news for Joe Biden.” CNN/Cilizza


Internal Police Documents Reveal What Was Obvious – Shooting of Ashli Babbitt Was for “No Good Reason” and Yet Her Killer Walks Free

WATCH: Oklahoma Governor Stands Against Biden’s Vaccine Mandates, Says Shots Are a ‘Personal Choice’

A Delaware official responsible for rooting out government fraud and abuse has been indicted on public corruption charges.

Delaware state auditor indicted on public corruption charges

An indictment issued Monday charges 58-year-old Kathleen McGuiness with felony counts of theft and witness intimidation. She also faces misdemeanor charges of official misconduct, conflict of interest and noncompliance with procurement laws.

The charges include allegations that McGuiness hired her daughter last year even after other employees had to leave because of the lack of available work amid the coronavirus pandemic. McGuiness also is charged with orchestrating a 2019 no-bid contract for a company she had used as a campaign consultant when running for lieutenant governor in 2016.

ABC Brian Willams caught lying about helicopter being shot down and everything else…






ABC Brian Ross suspended for erroneous (aka fake news lies) about Michael Flynn….







CBS caught in “mistake” (aka fake news lies) using Italian hospital footage TWICE passing it off as a NY hospital “warzone”…







CNN and WashingtonPost both caught savagely attacking teen Trump supporter – as sued and both had to settle…

https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/24/media/washington-post-sandmann-settlement-lawsuit/index.html lolz






ABC caught using Kentucky gun range footage TWICE and passing it off as a “new Trump Syrian war”…

VIDEO: ABC News caught twice using KY gun range footage as Turkish attack on Kurds


ABC News Used Footage From a Kentucky Gun Show and Said It Was Syrian Warfare




CNN – the original fake news channel – broadcasts a fake Iraq war from sound stage….devastating




Norway Terror Update — White Muslim convert kills 5 with bow and arrow…

Lt Col Stuart Scheller sentenced to reprimand, forfeiture of one month salary…





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Supply chain woes, ethical hackers, and a whole lots of virus panic stories


John Deere may be in trouble.

Regarding labor, in addition to the air travel labor strike, note:

SMART, the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers, is one of North America’s most dynamic and diverse unions with 203,000 members. The union consists of sheet metal workers, service technicians, bus operators, engineers, conductors, sign workers, welders, production employees and more. SMART is the largest railroad operating union in North America, with more than 500 Transportation locals.

On Thursday SMART Union General Chairperson Roy Davis sent a letter to advise Union Pacific Company that the SMART Union strongly disagrees with the company’s “unilateral” requirement for COVID vaccinations.

SMART demanded an immediate response and demands that Carrier negotiate in good faith.

This is a huge move by America’s transportation employees union.

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