They Were White and They Were Slaves

White people often forget that slavery existed prior to 1800, and that sometimes white people were enslaved by whites or non-whites!

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If you have windows, disable telemetry

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Dampier’s searing indictment of overcivilized degenerates

Dampier wrote:

What’s important about developing a bureaucrat is creating the correct emotional temperament. It doesn’t have much to do with cultivating excellence, because the presence of excellence tends to be disruptive to any bureaucratic setting, as excellence tends to be unpredictable and challenging to account for. Adult bureaucrats tend to complain a lot about ‘stress,’ in part because they have been trained from an early age to respond to distress resulting from verbal disapproval by authorities and peers.

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to paraphrase Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the “permanent lie [has become] the only safe form of existence”

Financial institutions and activity dominate many economies.
The official policy is “extend and pretend”, whereby everybody conspires to ignore the underlying problem, cover it up, or devise deferral strategies to kick the can down the road.

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Melamine dinnerware has been linked to a number of significant health risks because the chemicals it’s made from can leach into the food that is in them.

Public Service Announcement:

when finances permit, repurpose the melamine and replace it with dinnerware products that are eco friendly. These include:

Stainless steel
And even bamboo.

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