Greece has failed to pay the IMF

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Bob Wallace, Taxi Driver

Hey everybody, go comment at Unca Bob’s blog until he tells us more stories about how he used to sell taxis and manage employees. I can’t wait to hear his money-management tips.


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A selection of psychopathically ambitious books that might not suck (but then again maybe they might suck)

I dislike the culture that glorifies self-made man, because I think far too many self-made men are unethical psychopaths.


I present a long quote from a website below.  Understand that the original website praises these books, but I present them with great caution, because I suspect that they teach various unethical approaches to ambition.

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Unconstitutional TPP invades USA, but not every domino has fallen


The TPP is the yet-to-be-fulfilled economic aspect of the US rebalance to Asia.

A TPP failure would have been a massive blow to the US and its allies and a gift to the rising China, which signed a free trade deal with Australia last week and is jostling with the US for influence in Asia.

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History and Analysis: the “Abrahamic” propagandists


History and Analysis: the “Abrahamic” propagandists

B’Man wrote:

the “historical truth” that “all” German synagogues were destroyed is a lie.

In 1938 there were approximately 1,400 synagogues in Germany, of which only about 180 were destroyed or damaged. Furthermore, Jews owned approximately 100,000 shops and department stores in Germany in 1938. Of this number, only about 7,500 had their windows broken. These figures show just how much the so-called “historical truth” differs from what actually happened. The damage and destruction that did actually occur was, of course, a terrible shame, but the exaggerations, especially by German historians who use them to condemn their own people, are also a shame. Continue reading

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