The Globalization Backlash Is Reverberating Through Boardrooms



Evidence of de-globalization — think Brexit and other attacks on international interdependence — is everywhere.  This has significant and far-reaching implications for corporate decision making.

Boards of directors of global corporations will increasingly face strategic choices and capital allocation decisions framed by mounting geo-political risks.  Three trends characterize the environment within which global businesses must contend: rising trade protectionism and a concomitant fall in global trade volumes, declining cross border capital flows, and mounting regulatory requirements.  As a practical matter, for example, these changes in the global policy regime are forcing multinational corporations to scale back and sell parts of their international operations.
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A group of close friends, it seems in our midst, one or two traitors are present


Richard Thieme has “confronted the face of evil,” but apparently he can’t recognize that it is his own face. “The dehumanization of others leads to the dehumanization of self.” The USA tortures people – usually innocent people – and the torturers feel really bad about it. He appears to admit that the USA breaks the Nuremberg conventions but he doesn’t appear to understand what he is saying. He seems to have compartmentalized his mind in a way that idolizes whatever the national security state demands from him.

Richard Thieme wants us to feel sorry for the torturers, but to support the business of torture. He encourages secret agents to practice meditation so that they will be calm and effective when they order drone strikes, assassinations, sexual torture, and all the rest of “the game” of secret operations. He talks about how the USA can manage its drone pilots more efficiently, but he never suggests that perhaps the USA could stop blowing up hundreds of people with a single drone strike in order to get one targeted “person of interest” who might or might not be a terrorist. He expresses disdain in passing for the moral posturing of whistleblowers.

There have been many secrets leaking this year.



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So many Clinton scandals, I don’t know where to start

is the latest O’Keefe video. It will be interesting to see if YouTube takes it down or impedes its viewing in any way.

The Wall Street Journal says:
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Here I am, I’m a man without rants, all I need are some beautiful bantz

But clearly, sometimes the rant is given in musical form, at which point I can no longer claim to be without rants.

The abovelinked song is a parody of “Ice Cream Man,” sung by David Lee Roth. Normally I think Roth has a horrible voice. The original studio version actually has some mellifluous singing by Roth, at least for the first minute or so.

WordPress makes it perilously easy to link to youtube videos. On the one hand, I like giving away music. On the other hand, I’m not thrilled that wordpress won’t let me embed video without going through youtube. (I know this could be done on some paid wordpress setups, but there’s no way I’m going to pay to add features to this blog. I get enough spam in the comments section. If I start paying for stuff, the spammers will find ways to locate me and send me more unwanted advertisements for fake Louis Vuitton handbags, golf clubs, and JetSkis.)

If you’re in the mood for something without David Lee Roth vocals, I can recommend some fine synthwave:

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Dalrock brings the bantz

This has got to be one of the funnier parodies I have seen based on the Downfall scene where Hiter shouts at his generals.

This is the banter we need to see on the chans. Too many channers are so preoccupied trying to be chan-traditional and goon-friendly with their bantz that they forget to be funny.

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