Julian Assange linked to 8ch.net



Here’s the PDF that he wants people to read:


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Stop quoting fake news, we have J-Pop!

Title: Stop quoting fake news, we have J-Pop!


For years, the established media have been spouting inconsistent claims.

On the one hand, plutocrat money pays for billboards that encourage rapists to rape Europeans (as shown above).

On the other hand, plutocrat money pays for brainwashing to convince the Europeans that immigrants never rape.

And while the established Western media have been grinding out this propaganda, the artists of Asia have been playing a different tune.

Musical theme: Morning Musume, “Brand New Morning.”
It seems that one of the most popular music groups in Asia has just released an anthem of authoritarian government.
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House linked to pizzagate burns (and other news)

Unexplained fire in house linked to pizzagate:

>A fire gutted a McLean mansion Saturday morning, sending a plume of black smoke over the Northern Virginia suburb that was seen from parts of the District and Maryland.
>Fairfax County fire officials said that six people escaped and firefighters rescued two dogs from the stately tan-brick home in the 800 block of Turkey Run Road. No one was injured.
>The home is owned by the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates, according to property records and two men who lived there.



Saudi-Owned Home Near CIA Raided for Possible Human Trafficking


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Trump didn’t mention any grenade attacks (or the looting in Rinkeby, Stockholm)

Trump tweeted:



But Trump didn’t mention any grenade attacks.

It turns out that Swedes have few guns, but criminals in Sweden (who are often NOT Swedes) use grenades to commit crimes of violence.
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Was Flynn’s resignation a “barium meal canary trap”?

President Trump has defeated Democrats in the intelligence community (IC) who were leaking classified information to the press. Such leaks have been a problem for many presidents, but Trump is the first who took a proactive approach and set up a sting operation that identified the leakers. It’s highly illegal to leak classified information. It’s also illegal to PUBLISH this information, but Trump is too smart to try and prosecute reporters.
I thought that Trump would fire members of the IC until the leaks stopped, but the president solved the problem with a much more imaginative and deadly approach: He fed the IC false information. When this information was published, Trump was able to identify individual leakers.
Each group or individual who leaked was given a different version of events. This is CLASSIC spycraft. If nine individuals are told nine different stories, and then each of those stories is published, you know the identity of each person who talked to the press.
It’s called a “barium meal,” after the medical test used to detect problems in the gastrointestinal tract. Soft tissues don’t show up on X-rays. Barium salts are “radio-opaque,” meaning that they show up in a radiograph or X-ray.

Author Tom Clancy called it a “canary trap.” You give multiple sources multiple versions of events. When the sources repeat their version word for word, you can identify each leaker individually.

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