Sometimes “dead presidents” doesn’t mean paper money, it means actual dead heads of state

I had wanted to go for a month without posting, but dead heads of state might be even more important than John McAfee (who might or might not really be dead).

There is also a song called “Dead Presidents” by Jay-Z but I don’t listen to rap as a rule, so here is some weeb silliness:

The top story should probably be an assassinated head of state.

Martial law declared in Haiti after President’s assassination

8kun commented:

Only 5 countries have not yet started vaccinating against Covid19.

North Korea, Eritrea, Burundi, Haiti, Tanzania.

Since last year, the presidents of 3 of these 5 countries have died.

There is certainly no correlation….

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Many People Make Unproven Claims About John McAfee


Watch from the 1:29 mark. McAfee claims that he spied on the US government
and had evidence of drug trafficking and human trafficking.


I had been hoping to avoid posting for a good long time.


Prison officials claim that John McAfee committed suicide in prison. The usual sources are skeptical of those claims.


I would not have bothered to comment, but it looks like the Trump family noticed:


Did John McAfee kill himself?
[end quote]





CM wrote:


McAfee will have surely utilized a blockchain’s immutability attribute to activate his deadman’s switch.


Look carefully through BTC’s OP_RETURN transactions in the next few days and also the equivalent type of transaction on other crypto coins.




8ch reminded us of 2015:
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Chewing on the old news, as a vulture might chew


I have not been keeping up with news analysis. The situation has been fluid and will probably continue to be fluid for several days or weeks.


But in case you have not been reminded lately, I do try to stay up to date. Sometimes that means chewing on stories that are more than 24 hours old. Continue reading
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The 8th of June is the anniversary of the attack on the USS Liberty

And because of my organizational choices, this post is going out late.

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Red States and Loyal Patriots Speak During Lunar Eclipse

A few voices are still speaking on behalf of democracy, the rule of law, and patriotism.

Rand Paul is demonstrating some degree of leadership:

Note the Fauci lied regarding official statements to Congress; thus he can be charged with perjury.

Let us hope that others follow him.

Some grass-roots Republican action:
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