Non Non Biyori has a new trailer out

If you recall the first season of the show, the school was depicted as broken down – there were many missing boards and holes in the woodwork. It is striking to see a character run down a hallway that is in such remarkably good repair. It might be a dream sequence, or perhaps the school got renovated…

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Hyperlinks for 25 May

I should give a serious reading of all of these links.

I should do a lot of things that I’m not going to do.
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World’s ugliest 9mm gun with some 3D printed parts

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CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling says that he had a meeting with a staffer for Congressman William Lacy Clay and was urged to flee the United States.

Sterling, who worked as an African American case officer, was found guilty by a jury of committing multiple Espionage Act offenses when he exposed information about “Operation Merlin,” which involved passing flawed nuclear blueprints to Iran in order to get the country to work on building a nuclear weapon that would never function.
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Have a look at FirstLook

Of course you shouldn’t trust any media story, even if I report it personally to you.

But you have to keep track of the claims that get made, and keeping track of is a decent place to start – at least for 2015.

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