Does the USA government represent the people? Here’s what Princeton researchers claim.

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Riffing on Voltaire and other atrocities

For a post-industrial riff on Voltaire, go to:

For medieval Catholicism, go to:

No matter how much you hate jarheads, you don’t hate them as much as their government hates them:

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Reed has shown how to get both sides to talk past each other

Reed has shown how to get both sides to talk past each other.

Formal logic proceeds in a well-defined system.

Informal logic proceeds without any kind of defined system, but it proceeds in the hope that all parties will be able to find enough common ground to support debate.

In fact, the parties frequently do not find common ground, and frequently affairs that are supposed to be debates turn into useless verbal altercations.

If Reed could have defined the question more rigorously, there might have been some hope of productive debate.

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Ex-Angel, Ex-Ape, or Ex-Army?

Ex-Army is up to his usual high jinks:


The graphical response is just too obvious.


In other news, I think WordPress is refusing to cooperate with my computer, and thus I should probably fix my computer before attempting to blather, bloviate, and blog. Knowing me, of course, you shouldn’t place any bets on responsible behavior.

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Sometimes cultural appropriation can be unintentionally hilarious

Remember how “Gangam Style” was kind of meaningless, but it had a lot of energy and cute girls in the video, so it went viral?

Here’s what it looks like when Taiwanese people try to rip off both “Gangnam Style” and Western culture simultaneously.

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