If zombies symbolize gluttony and avarice, do guns symbolize discipline and fascist values?


There is a short article at the link below that argues that Romero-style zombies represent the decadence of the modern age – gluttony, avarice, materialism, distractions, etc. Romero-style zombies always appear in large crowds; Romero-style zombies have no individual personalities;  they are not just conformists – they are not just herd animals – they are mindless, like swarming insects with no capacity for creativity.  The original Haitian legends spoke of zombies with no individual willpower to resist commands, but such zombies were rare, individual victims of the witch doctor’s machinations.  Also, I have not found any Haitian zombies that ate human flesh – Romero may have added that from stories of ghouls or vampires.

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We were told everything outside was bad

The title quote is from:


However, 28 Sherman recently had a relevant piece about how this attitude in a minority culture can affect the host culture:


It is sheer speculation to connect this cultural phenomenon to political phenomena like Rahm Emmanuel’s black site:




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John Vibes writes about Planted evidence

Palm Beach County, Florida – Journalists at the DC Post were looking through message boards that are frequented by law enforcement officers, when they found a post where one officer was causally talking about planting evidence on “mouthy drivers” and “street lawyers.” Continue reading

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Back doors in hard drives and Israeli ISIS, Zero-day STUXNETs and trust meltdown crisis, brown paper packages tied up with strings…

Kaspersky Labs reported that many, many hard drives have back doors-

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Querulous Quibbles

The post at:


has framed the question wrongly.

Men are expendable because a tribe can survive extensive male casualties while maintaining high pregnancy rates caused by surviving males impregnating surviving females. The issue isn’t whether sperm are cheap; the issue is whether primitive human evolution was characterized by tribes that survived extensive male casualties.

However, the post at:


is beautiful and flawless.

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Choosing your own identity versus getting brainwashed by advertising

‘Companies fill the space now with their hideous brands, waging the same frenzied battle as the jungle species in order to appropriate the public space and attention with images and words, like animals with their screams and piss’ – Michel Serres

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Delicious Poison



In response to:
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