John Podesta is sick of hearing about Pizzagate

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hot musket or stale crumpet? The problem of sifting through dubious reports

Don’t get too excited. I have not been blogging much because I have not put much stock in the drivel that gets published as news. Sifting through alleged news stories is like assessing a tray of stale crumpets. None of them are so good that you want to grab them.

People in my position are highly vulnerable to deception. Any amateur can formulate a decent hoax nowadays, and a military psy-op team could run circles around me if it tried. Thus the “Operation Hot Musket” story should first be considered as a potential psy-op. The story is as follows.
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The heroes we need, the heroes we deserve, and various disconnected current events

A voat user called dark knight 111 wrote:

by darkknight111

Robert Robinson or as we know him here on voat as notorious shill PGIsDumb, has been arrested last September on CP charges.

Keep in mind, I was the first person who tipped off Augusta PD suggesting that they obtain a search warrent for his computers and his phone for illegal images.

Found out about the images July 2017 by digging into his social media. Found a youtube video in which he bragged about how he got away with taking creep shots of little girls despite being caught by routing the files to hide in a root file on his phone. Tipped off the police after that. Recall that PGIsDumb disappeared in the last quarter of last year. Probably from when he went silent after this tip got leaked to the public.

Relevance to Pizzagate: A takedown of one of the people working with “them” to supress and cover up the crimes of pizzagate.

I told him that “the bell tolls for you”. He thought I was bluffing. I was not.

Let it be known that as of September 2018, I have my first confirmed “pedo takedown” and my first confirmed “shill takedown”. We at v/pizzagate have our first confirmed kill as a direct result of our investigative work. Rejoice brothers and sisters for we have a direct triumph to celebrate.
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News items that probably will confirm your existing prejudices, to be read without prejudice

It seems to me that a lot of people involved in US politics are likely to get killed off. Some of them might be allowed to die naturally (such as Ruth B. Ginsberg) but some of the stories of unexplained death and destruction look like malicious homicide.  Don’t feel bad about doing nothing to stop these tragedies: probably there is nothing we can do but post pictures of anime catgirls.

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We can’t prove that this is not a glorious day. However, Hillary Clinton still appears to be at large.

More than a year ago, people were chanting “Lock her up” in reference to Hillary Clinton.

Some Anon- probably not a member of Q team – predicted that she would be arrested.

The first Q drop on qmap is not signed by Q, but apparently Q team endorses it. It claims that Clinton was detained. I can’t disprove that. It’s possible she was detained.

In defiance of all common sense, Amy Gardner wrote:
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