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i have given up on writing thought-provoking pieces, so here are two stories about sex:
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Westerners have noticed their politics, and Saudis have noticed their patronage: thank you, Captain Obvious (and notes on Rooster Cockburn)


First Captain Obvious saved the day at the Rutherford Institute:

John Whitehead wrote:
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Serbians need to work on their 3-D animation

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Spurdo totet Deir ez-Zor (according the audio logs)

Middle East

15:19 26.09.2016(updated 21:23 26.09.2016) Get short URL 79270431984 The Syrian intelligence possesses an audio recording of conversation between Daesh terrorists and US military prior to the Washington-led coalition’s airstrikes on the government troops near Deir ez-Zor on September 17
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How will the families of the future manage their resources? Patriarchy? Religion? Race?

I wanted to write a tongue-in-cheek article about marijuana making you stupid, and I got distracted by a whites-only food bank in Glasgow, and inevitably, I ended up pondering the depths of political economy. This kind of thing happens to me a lot.
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