Fulford Against Anarchists! (Can One Be Pro-Libertarian and Anti-Anarchist?)

I have trouble understanding how anyone can be against anarchy. Look at all those pale-skinned punks in the Sex Pistols video linked above. They seem so charming! And they denounced Jimmy Saville years before anyone else did.

I understand that a lot of people hate anarchists. But hating anarchists seems like a slippery slope. You start by hating Johnny Rotten, and soon you’ll have to be hating Ex-Army. The next thing you know, you’re wearing a dark blue uniform and marching in lockstep while giving a Roman salute to a giant portrait of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Anarchists are humans, with human flaws, and it’s easy to hate any group of humans that you can label.

I don’t see any difference between the humans who call themselves “anarchists” and the humans who call themselves “libertarians.” (Theoretically, a libertarian might choose to live under a formally recognized king, whereas an anarchist would never choose to be part of a community with a formally recognized king. Of course the charismatic men who lead anarchist communities are often kings in all but name!)

I haven’t read enough Hoppe to make a serious argument about the philosophy of anarchism, so I will start off by looking at and listening to Fulford, a guy who hates anarchists.

I suspect he hates libertarians too.

Everything below is from Fulford:
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RIP Uncabob

Robert Martin Wallace Jr., 60, of Granite City, IL, passed away unexpectedly at 1:07p.m. Thurs. Mar. 30, 2017 at Gateway Regional Medical Center in Granite City.

He was born Aug. 17, 1956 in Granite City to the late Robert Martin & Glenna (Weiss) Wallace Sr.

Bob worked at the Granite City warehouses and wrote his own blog, Uncle Bob’s Treehouse.

He is survived by a sister, Dawn A. Wilkinson of Granite City and her children, Julie, Daniel and Jacob Wilkinson and their spouses and children.

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Diamonds Are For Grifters

I don’t like the idea of diamonds in jewelry.

I think they should be used for drill-bits.

I also don’t like the small number of plutocratic cartels that dominate the diamond trade.

Two leading U.S. news outlets reported on Wednesday on business ties totaling tens of millions of dollars between the family of Jared Kushner, President Trump‘s son-in-law and senior adviser, and the Steinmetz family, one of the richest families in Israel which made most of its fortune in the diamond industry in recent decades.

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More police misconduct in USA

Worth County, GA — Children feel violated, parents are furious, and a lawsuit is getting filed after the Worth County Sheriff’s office conducted an illegal search of 900 students — in the name of the war on drugs. The rights-violating intrusive and aggressive patdowns and drug dog searches yielded absolutely nothing.

On April 14, when the students of Worth County High School returned from spring break, they arrived at school to find a police state had taken over. The sheriff and his deputies — with no probable cause — detained and illegally searched every single child in the school, all 900 of them.

When kids went home that day to tell their parents what happened, naturally, they were furious as it is a gross violation of the children’s 4th Amendment rights.

“It’s essentially a fourth amendment violation,” said attorney Mark Begnaud. “It’s 900 illegal searches, suspicion-less pat downs, suspicion-less searches.”

Naturally, Sheriff Jeff Hobby is standing by this rights violation on a massive scale, noting that as long as a school administrator was present, the search of the children was legal.

Apparently, in the sheriff’s mind, school administrators can usurp the constitutional rights of children in favor of unlawful police searches.

Obnoxious autoplay video at:




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Postol’s Minor Correction, and An Open Letter regarding British interest in unexplained poison gas attacks

Postol posted a minor correction to his calculations.


Pat Lang reposted the following open letter:


A letter to the Chairs of the Commons Defence and Foreign Affairs Committees, the Rt Hon Julian Lewis MP, and Crispin Blunt MP, and their colleagues, sent on 23 April.

Dear Dr Lewis, Mr Blunt and fellow members of the Defence and Foreign Affairs Committees:

Re: the Foreign Secretary’s claims on Khan Sheikhun

In the light of the article published by the Foreign Secretary in the ‘Sunday Telegraph’ last weekend, and his remarks on Tuesday in the House, I clearly need to add some brief further observations to those I sent to you last week.

In his 5 April article in the ‘Guardian’ Martin Chulov reported that: ‘Rescue workers have gathered soil samples from the scene of a chemical weapons attack in northern Syria and sent them to western intelligence officials’. And he went on to explain that:

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