Petersons here, grabbing pills – (da da my darling da da da – this used to be a nice neighborhood)

Even if you have never played any Left for Dead games – and I haven’t – you have got to recognize the “pills here” meme:

Generally I support individual autonomy when it comes to taking medicines … but perhaps when Big Pharma is involved, I ought to be more skeptical

Jordan Peterson may have trusted Big Pharma a little too much.


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channers are the suspects for improper placement of “Islam is right about women” signs

I am shocked, do you hear, shocked, to discover that channers are being blamed for this.

In other news,
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Notes on cannibal women in modern societies

You should always read “Unknown Misandry”:

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Looking back it all seems so strange Roll me over and turn me around Let me keep spinning ’til I hit the ground Roll me over and let me go

Yes, they are hoping to disarm the whites but to leave MS-13 armed:
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a reasoned response to systematic academic malpractice

“What does the evidence say about the claims of the Black Lives Matter movement?”

“Is the criminal justice system really systematically racist?”

“Is there really a rape epidemic on our college campuses?”

“What was that you were saying about white privilege?”

“What was that you were saying about patriarchal oppression?”

These are some of the study prompts for a new class to be offered at the University of North Carolina Wilmington called “Issues in Criminal Justice.” Were these topics taught by a left-leaning scholar, the classroom conversations and readings might have gone one way.

But the class is the brainchild of one of the most well-known and outspoken Christian conservative scholars in the nation – criminology Professor Mike Adams – and he promises that students will finally get a chance to hear how those on the right would answer these questions, and more.
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