The purpose of the netto uyoku is to exercise free speech by means of modern communications technologies with various levels of anonymity.


I don’t actually know a darned thing about anonymity, encryption, and all of that computer security stuff. So I mostly post animated gifs rather than shocking political manifestos.

Honestly, even if I did know about computer security, I would probably post animated gifs more often than political opinions. Opinions take more enthusiasm than I can usually muster.

This blog is an exercise in procrastination. I post here because it takes less effort than actually going out and changing the world. If I actually manage to limit myself to one post per month, that means that I’m actually using my actions productively. If you see me posting seven times a day, you know that I’m procrastinating.


This blog is meant to perch on the periphery of the manosphere, criticizing and sniping, kind of like a vulture with a scoped rifle. If I were a good manospherian, I would show my support by reading manosphere blogs and posting comments. In fact, technical glitches often prevent me from posting comments, so I usually do the easy thing and post a link from this blog. Further, time constraints often prevent me from keeping up with the numerous blog posts of the manosphere, the reactosphere, the Orthosphere, etc. I usually prefer to wait until someone else has expressed an opinion with which I disagree, and the comments have died down, whereupon I circle downwards and start pecking.

Recent clashes with pseudo-Christians and USA militarists have convinced me that I need to distance myself further from the manosphere in general. I could, in theory, configure a web/RSS reader to fine-tune my selection of manosphere and neo-reactionary blogs, but it’s more likely that I’ll just spend less time reading blogs.

Whereas most of the manosphere is concerned with very materialistic pursuits – such as sexual conquests, physical fitness, and financial security – this blog argues that spiritual concerns are the only truly important thing in life. Thus, rather than expounding on the odds of catching venereal diseases when fornicating promiscuously, this blog is supposed to expound on why the evidence for paranormal phenomena is (and should be) persuasive.

In practice, debating the paranormal takes effort and many manospherians are not a receptive audience, so this blog often forgoes its proclaimed mission of paranormal education and wanders off into trivialities such as netto uyoku jokes.

Update 2018:
Since zhai2nan2 is missing and presumed lost, this page has been updated with images that he once regarded as worthwhile.

Most of his pictures were animated GIFs of anime girls.











The following image is from Hellsing Unlimited, and apparently zhai2nan2 tended to criticize the UK:

Sometimes he suggested that the UK was dominated by sexual perversion:

However, he rarely held back criticism of Western countries, as shown by his interest in Jenny Roberts:

The famous “behavioral sink” of “mouse utopia”:

The motto of the Royal Society:



















In the event of a water landing, your cushion may be used as a Flirtation Device

For an example of flirtation, refer to the illustration above.

If flirtation doesn’t work, try handing out kittens.


Almost everybody likes kittens.


And if the kittens are in a good mood, they might enjoy being handed out.


If all else fails, channel arcane energies through your staff and fire devastating bolts of energy into the crowd.


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  1. I stumbled across this comment on the symbolism of the Vulture that I thought you might like:
    ‘The vulture is a very powerful totem. Its cycle of power is year-round. If you have a Vulture as a spirit guide or totem, it can show you how to use energy powerfully and efficiently.

    It glides effortlessly on the winds, soaring high but using little energy.

    It symbolized the distribution of energy so that gravity (or cares) do not weigh it down.’
    (Source: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/cienciareal/esp_chaman_08.htm)


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